40+ Names That Mean Forgotten

40+ Names That Mean Forgotten

Coming up with a unique name for your child, character, or pet often includes picking some that others might not expect. For instance, you may choose a name that means “forgotten” or something similar to create a meaningful and powerful name for a character that says a lot about their lives. Here are several names that mean forgotten, including a bit of history behind each of them.

names that mean forgotten

Male Names That Mean Forgotten

Over the centuries, many cultures have chosen or created names that mean “forgotten” or something very similar to it. Often, these names come from important mythological or religious traditions and refer to characters who have struggled or were left alone. Here are several of the most popular male names with this meaning, including their background and more details.


Akol comes from Uganda and means “one who fights alone,” typically referring to a warrior who has died a noble death defending his people.


The Hebrew name from which “Eric” and other variations arise means “mountains of strength,” but it also refers to someone who is alone, forgotten, and isolated from others.


This male name comes from the Basque language and means “alone,” deriving specifically from the word “bakarrik,” which means “lonely, isolated.”

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Bijendu comes from India and means “solitary moon.” It can also refer to someone who is isolated or forgotten, particularly someone who prefers to walk alone in life.

names that mean forgotten

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Cassiel is a Hebrew name that comes directly from the Bible. It refers to a critical archangel who watches over the Capricorns and protects them.


While Diggory is rarely used these days, it means “lost one” and likely comes from the French Degare. In medieval Brittany, a Sir Degare was the subject of a lengthy poem.


Einar comes from Estonian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, and Danish traditions and derives from the word “einherjar,” which refers to slain warriors in Valhalla. It means “lonely” or “forgotten.”


Norwegian combines the elements “einn” and “rioa” into the name Eindride, which means “lonely ride,” but can also have a feeling of isolation or being forgotten.


This unique name comes directly from the Elvish language in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy work. It means “he that is alone” and is a popular name for fans of his work.


Manasseh is a Biblical Hebrew name that refers to Joseph and Asenath’s oldest son or one of the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel. It means “causing to forget.”


An Ancient Greek name that means “gladiator” but which also means “one who fights alone.” It typically refers to a victorious warrior but one who feels forgotten and isolated later in their life.

names that mean forgotten

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An ancient Indian name that means “one whose life is lived alone” may also refer to being forgotten or isolated by loved ones.


This Tumbuka name means “he who is alone” and is often used in various stories, myths, and religious concepts. It can refer to a warrior who fights alone to protect his people and keep them safe.


Sennacherib comes from Anglicized Assyrian, is used in the Bible (particularly the Latin Biblical tradition), and refers to an Assyrian king who appears in the Bible.


Wehid comes directly from the Quran and means “one who is alone” or “peerless.” It may also refer to an only child, particularly in families that only have a son.

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Female Names That Mean Forgotten

There are many female names that mean “forgotten” or which have similar meanings because there are many tragic women and girl characters in mythology, religion, and history. However, many of these names are undoubtedly beautiful and provide you with plenty of options for your book, pet, child, or even if you want to give yourself a new name for whatever reason suits you.

names that mean forgotten


Aline is a Dutch name that means “alone” and is likely connected to names with similar phonetic sounds, such as Lane or even Alice, depending on the context.


This Biblical name means “forsaken” or “forgotten” in Hebrew and refers to Caleb’s wife, a character that plays an essential role in many stories.


Chardy comes from India and means “one that desires love but who is alone.” It has a tragic connotation and is often given to characters in Indian literature who can’t find love.

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A Spanish name, Desamparados, comes from a term that refers to the Virgin Mary. It means “helpless, forsaken, and defenseless” in Spanish.


This name comes from Ngoni and means “left alone” or “forgotten.” It has a powerful range of meanings that make it a good option for many girls, pets, or characters.


Though not used often after the plane, Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. It is the word “alone” spelled backwards.


A Muslim name in many different languages, Khalwat means “solitude” and has been used with many religious and mythological connotations, particularly when referring to important Quaran figures.


Leto comes directly from Ancient Greek Mythology and refers to the mother of Apollo and Artemis. It means “hidden” or “forgotten,” as Leto was often ignored by Zeus.

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Lorna is a Celtic name that means “alone” or “solitude” and is commonly used in many Celtic tales and throughout areas interested in this unique mythology.

names that mean forgotten


Another Spanish name with connections to the Virgin Mary, it means “Mary of Solitude” and is often used in many religious contexts in Spanish culture.


This Spanish name means “forgetting” or “oblivion” and comes from a different Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, which means “Our Lady of Oblivion, Triumph, and Mercies.”


Shakespeare invented this name for his play “The Winter’s Tale” in 1610. He derived it from the Latin word for “lost” and used it for an important character.


Spomenka is a Croatian name that means “forget-me-not flower,” which is also tied into deeper meanings of isolation and loneliness, as well as beauty and wonder.


Suha is an Arabic name that means “forgotten” or “overlooked.” It is used to name a star in the constellation Ursa Major or the Big Bear.

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Unisex Names That Mean Forgotten

Multiple unisex names can mean “forgotten” or have a similar definition. The nice thing about unisex names is that they can work well for males or females, giving you plenty of options for your naming needs. Often, you can use unisex names in multiple contexts, such as characters with an uncertain gender or when naming a child early if you are choosing to learn their gender.

names that mean forgotten


This Scottish and English name likely derives from a place name and typically means “alone” or “solitary”, but can also refer to a clearing in the woods in some contexts.

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An old Norse name that means “one who rules alone,” is likely the origin of the Anglicized name “Eric” and its variations, as well as “Erica,” the female version. The original name is unisex.


A Biblical name that is commonly used throughout many stories, it means “alone” or “solitary” and may refer to someone who has isolated themselves from God’s grace.


Though typically used more as a male name, Dominic can be a female name. It has been used as both in the Roman Catholic tradition, in which it means “belonging to God” or alone in faith. 


Ekaanta is an Indian name that means “loneliness” or “solitude,” it is a name often given to characters in literature, television, movies, and poetry. Usually, it refers to someone unlucky in love.

names that mean forgotten


Hitori is a trendy Japanese name that means “alone.” It is used very often for only children, a prevalent situation in Japan. Hitori is also the name of a popular band in Japan.


A Korean name, Honja, means “alone” and is derived from the Korean word honja. It has been used in many different Korean mythologies and religions and recently had a resurgence in popularity.


A Sanskrit name, Kaivalya, means “released self” or “released soul” and can also refer to someone who is alone, isolated, or forgotten. Typically, it refers to a soul that has lost its connection to the spiritual realm.

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Kissimmi is a Native American name that translates to “alone.” Many tribes have used this name or a variation of it over the years, particularly in parts of the Midwest. It also refers to various areas in that region.


This beautiful Native American name means “lonely wind” and can also refer to someone who has been forgotten or isolated. You may use this name in many different contexts.

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A Chinese name that means “ambitious, independent, or self-confident,” this name often refers to someone whose success or genius has isolated them from other people or made it hard to connect with others.


Another Chinese name that means “alone” also refers to an innovator, inventor, or someone who works best alone. Often, it can indicate someone who is forgotten in their workplace due to their career.

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Wrap Up – Names That Mean Forgotten

We hope you remember to list down your favorites among these names. Do you know other names that mean forgotten? Let us know in the comments!

names that mean forgotten

Resource: The website Behind the Name is a fantastic resource for finding more names based on uniqueness, similarity to other names, and meaning.

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