Names That Mean Soul – 81 Great Ideas for Girls and Boys

81 Names That Mean Soul

Are you trying to name a child, pet, or character in a story and want a name with a lot of spirit or soul? Well, we have 80+ names that you’re going to love! We found male, female, and unisex names that mean spirit, soul, ghost, and other similar terms. You should have no trouble finding an option that you love if you look through this list and see what it has to offer you!

names that mean soul

Boys’ Names That Mean Soul

The following boys’ names either mean soul or a word similar to it, such as spirit, ghost, or wisp. They are popular throughout many different naming traditions and can be used in multiple situations to produce a fantastic array of options for your child, pet, or character.

Angra Mainyu

A Persian name from a deep mythological background, it means “evil spirit” by combining angra (evil) and mainiiu (spirit), mind. It refers to the Zoroastrian god of darkness, death, and destruction.


A name from the Jewish and Islamic religious traditions. It refers to the Angel of Death or the spirit that takes the soul from the body on its death and transports it to heaven or hell.

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Beetlejuice is the name of a ghost from the popular movie and television show “Beetlejuice.” The name is properly spelled as Betelgeuse but was simplified for the movie.


This medieval Irish name is derived from the word “bradach”, which means “spirited,” though typically it refers to someone with a spirited or excited personality. It may also refer to an ethereal spirit.


This Turkish name comes from the Persian language and means “soul or life” but is also considered a term of endearment for a romantic partner.


Caner is a Turkish name that means “brave soul” by combining the previously mentioned name “Can” with the phrase “er,” which means “brave man” in ancient Turkish.


A Dutch and Scandinavian variation of Jasper, it has a similar name but has come to mean “ghostly” or “spiritual” since 1945 with the popularity of the Casper the Friendly Ghost series.


Deriving from multiple languages throughout India, including Hindi and Kannada, Chetan means “visible, conscious soul” and is often a popular name for younger boys.


This beautiful Sino-Vietnamese name became very popular after the success of Ho Chi Minh in the Vietnam War. It means “will” or “spirit.”


An African word that means “the great god” or “spiritual being,” it refers to the great spirit that controls and created the universe. Christian Africans may use it to refer to the Christian God.


An archaic Norman name that likely derived from the Gothic dragon or Old Saxon drog, it can mean “ghost “ or “illusion” and may also refer to a person’s soul.


Deriving from the Slavic word duscha, which means “soul, spirit,” this name is used throughout the Slavic region, including Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Macedonia.


Ercan is an inversion of the Turkish name “Caner” formed by changing the two syllables of the name. It has the meaning “brave soul” and is a particularly masculine name in Turkish.


A Latinized Greek name, Euthymius means “good spirits” and “generous” and is the name of many early saints throughout Biblical history.


A name that derives from Japanese mythology, Fujin means “god” or “spirit” and is traditionally the name of the Japanese wind god who carries wind over his shoulder.


An English name that comes from the Old French word gaillard, which means “spirited” and “boisterous,” it is rarely used in modern times.


This German word means “grave mind” but can also mean “spirit” or “mind.” It is the name of a character in the medieval German epic poem Kudrun.


Hauke is a shortened form of an Old German name that means “mind, thought” as well as “spirit,” and may refer to a person’s inner soul.


A popular German name that combines the word for helmet with the word for mind to create a name that means “strong or capable spirit.”


Hubert is an Old German name that means “bright heart” when combining of “mind” and “spirit” with “bright.” It’s the name of a popular Saint from the 700s.


An English name derived from the Germanic name Hugo, it means “mind, thought, spirit” and is the name of several kings, including various crusaders throughout Jerusalem.


A Germanic name that comes from the word “hugu” which means “mind, thought, spirit,” or the phrase that provides meaning to all names that begin with “hugh.”


Imamu is an East African name in Swahili that derives from Arabic words. It means “spiritual leader” and is a common word shared among many nations in Africa.


Juan is the Spanish name of John and has a similar name but can also refer to ghosts or spirits thanks to its connection to Don Juan, a Spanish mythological character who is dragged to hell by his father’s spirit.


A common Indian title that means “great soul,” it is given out to those who do good things, such as the peaceful protester Mahatma Gandhi.

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This Indian name comes from multiple languages throughout the subcontinent and means “mind” or “spirit” in Sanskrit, referring mostly to the intellect.


In Hinduism, this name means “born of the mind” and is another name for the Hindu god Kama. It also means “born” and “spirit,” as in a new soul created.


A native legend from the Ojibwe trive refers to a trickster spirit or rabbit with this name, giving it a name full of rich connotations.


This Egyptian name means “the soul of Ra is beautiful” and is a combination of names meaning “beautiful, perfect” with the word for “soul.” Many pharaohs rocked this name.

names that mean soul


The masculine version of a popular Kazakh name, Nurzhan means “light soul” or “beautiful soul” in Persian and is a popular name for the youngest boy in a family.


From Japanese mythology, this name refers to the god of thunder and storms in Japan and means “thunder god” in kanji.


Ruh means “spirit” in Arabic and is a popular name for boys, particularly as a nickname for those with a more thoughtful disposition..


An ancient Roman name that meant “servant” in Latin, Sergius took on a unique connotation after several patron Christian saints took this name.


Spyridon is a Greek name that combines the words for “basket” and “spirit” to refer to someone with a deep soul. Saint Spyridon was an early Christian martyr.


A Japanese name that means “water spirit,” it combines several kanji and is used in many different Japanese mythological traditions.


A well-known Shawnee name that means “panther passing across,” it has strong spiritual connotations due to its connection with an important Native leader.

Girls Names That Mean Soul

Girls names often have fairly positive connotations, particularly when connected to the soul and the spiritual realm. The following options should give you plenty of choices from which to choose and ensure that you find a spirited name that suits your needs.

names that mean soul


A popular English name that comes from the Latin word “almus,” which means “nourishing.” It is also close to the Spanish word for “soul” and became popular after the 1854 Battle of Alma.


A beautiful female name from the Latin for “soul, spirit,” it was used by Jungian psychiatrists to refer to a person’s true or inner self, i.e. their soul.


Kazakhstan has many beautiful names, including Aruzhan. It means “beautiful soul” in the Kazakh language and is one of the most popular names in the language.


A Hebrew name used in many traditions, it means “lion of God” and also refers to various spirits, souls, and wisps. It grew in popularity in the early 1990s thanks to the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.”


This Turkish word combines the terms “Can” and “su,” which creates a name that means “water spirit” or “water of life,” depending on your interpretation.


In ancient Greek mythology, this term refers to the spirit of “hope” that is the only one to remain in the jar after Pandora accidentally unleashes all the world’s evils.


A Welsh name that derives from the word enaid, this name means “soul, spirit, life” and is the name of an Arthurian character, as well as the name of a poem by Alfred Tennyson.


This Yiddish name means “pious” or “soulful person” and is the popular name of a character in the musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” referring to someone who appears as a ghost, soul, or spirit in the play.


Janan means “heart” or “soul” in Arabic and refers not necessarily to ethereal spirits but a person’s core self. In this sense, it is similar to many other soul names.


This Japanese name comes from several kanji that can be combined in several ways. It typically means “heart, mind, soul” and is a great name for an only child.


A rare name in the Azerbaijani language, it means “heart, soul, desire” and is a great option if you want a name that’s a bit outside of the normal range.


A Lavtian name with an uncertain meaning, it does refer to a forest spirit connected with childbirth in Latvian mythology.

names that mean soul


An indigenous name that means “stone flower,” it also refers to a maiden who sacrifices herself to stop an evil volcano spirit and becomes a spirit herself.


Lilith is a fascinating name that means “spirit,” “demon,” or “of the night,” and comes from several different myths. The most famous is her connection to Christianity as Adam’s first wife.

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Magdalene refers to an important character from the New Testament, one who has been Jesus’ wife in modern Biblical traditions and even an apostle, as a Gospel bearing her name exists.


A very common English variation on Maria, this name means “spirited one” or “beautiful spirit” and is the name of Jesus Christ’s mother in the New Testament.


A Hebrew name meaning “damagers” or “harmful spirit,” it has become popular in recent years due to its connection with the “Lucifer” television series.


The name of a traditional demon or great queen in Old Irish mythology, can also mean “demon” or “evil spirit,” depending on the naming tradition.


Nurcan is a popular Turkish name that derives from the Arabic language and means “bright soul.” In some traditions, it might even mean “angel” or something similar.

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A Portuguese variation of Osun, this Afro-American name is used heavily by religious followers in Brazil, who believe in a spirit of fertility and wealth with this name.


Pandora is a name that refers to the first mortal woman in Greek mythology and is connected with spirits due to her accidentally opening the box that unleashed all the world’s evil spirits.


This name derives from the Greek language for the word for “to breath.” It refers to the soul because the ancient Greeks thought the breath was the soul and is also the name of a maiden in mythology.

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This beautiful Indian name technically means “accomplishment, success” but is used in context of obtaining spiritual enlightenment and cleansing the soul.


Rarely used in modern times, this name refers to a person’s soul or spirit and derives from the Latin word for “breath, energy.”


Though rarely used beyond the few areas that speak Esperanto, it means “witty, lively, spirited” and comes from the Latin word for “breath, energy,” which also gives it a soulful connotation.


Teresa is a name from many Latin-based languages and refers to several saints and spirits, giving it a very important connotation for many religions.

names that mean soul


A Hungarian name created for a novel in 1873, it is based on the Greek word euthymia, which means “good spirits” and “soulful.”


Trinity is an English word based on the spiritual idea that God has three distinct expressions of being. This gives it a very rich spiritual and soulful importance.


A literary name created for a Swiss novel, it refers to female water spirits and is used to this day in fantasy novels, movies, and other stories.


Vesna is a Croatian and Serbian name that means “spring” but is also connected to a Slavic spirit that helps bring in spring every year. It has become popular in the 1900s and beyond.


A Finnish name that means “will o’ the wisp,” a term that refers to a spiritual creature that appears as a floating ball of light over water in many different cultural traditions.

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Unisex Names That Mean Soul

names that mean soul

There are many names with no gender specification that mean soul, spirit, ghost, or something similar. Let’s take a look at several of these names to help you find one that suits you. These names are a great choice if you aren’t sure what gender you might get for a child or pet or if you want a more androgynous name for a character in your book. These varying names include:

  • Columba: This late Roman means “dove,” which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity.
  • Jing: A Chinese name, Jing means “quiet” and “spirit,” giving it a very gentle name.
  • Ling: Ling is a Chinese name that means “spirit” or “bell,” depending on your preference.
  • Linh: A Vietnamese name, Linh means “spirit” or “soul.”
  • Mandeep: A Sanskrit name that means “mind, intellect, spirit.”
  • Maninder: This Sikh name means “mind, intellect, spirit” and is related to the Hindu god Indra.
  • Manjeet: Another Sikh name that means “mind, intellect, spirit” it also means “victory.”
  • Manpreet: Like other “man” Sikh name, this name has a spiritual connotation but also means joy.
  • Nergüi: A Mongolian name given to help keep bad spirits away from someone.
  • Puck: A name of uncertain origin, it means mischievous spirit after being used in a Shakespeare play.
  • Xinyi:This name combines characters to mean “delightful, soulful, happy.”
  • Xquenda: Xquenda is an indigenous name that means “spirit, soul, essence.”
  • Yolotl: Yolotl is a Native American name that means “spirit, heart” in Nahuatl.
  • Yurena: This name comes from Canarian Spanish and means “demon, evil, spirit.”

Wrap Up- Names That Mean Soul

names that mean soul

We hope you’ve found our list of names that mean soul to be full of heart, life, spirit, and vitality! Capture the essence and thought of your ideas with these gorgeous name ideas!

Resource: We use Behind the Name to research name meanings, history, and popularity.

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