18 Names That Mean Sad or Sadness

18 Names That Mean Sad or Sadness

Choosing the perfect name for your child, pet, or story character requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. For example, you may want to create a melancholy feeling with a name or one with a touch of sadness. Thankfully, there are many different names with this underlying meaning, which ensures you’ll have more than enough to choose from when seeking out a suitable choice.

Boys’ Names That Mean Sad or Sadness

The concept of sadness is universal throughout the world and is often heavily connected to mythological names. That’s because many of these stories are very sad and include very tragic backgrounds. Modern names meaning melancholy or sadness are a bit less deep in their definition but remain interesting for your child, pet, or character.


This ancient Greek name means “no grief” or “no sad,” which gives it a positive connotation of happiness. However, depending on its use, it can also mean “grief, pain, sorrow” in certain circumstances. For example, “Lypos” has a far more negative meaning.


A Late Roman name of some importance, Maesus likely connects to the Latin term maereo. This word means “to grieve, mourn, or be sad” and also connects to the Latin maestus, which means “sad, dejected, sad, gloomy.” It is often used in many late Roman novels and poems.


Though often used as a surname in many Persian areas, Pejman may also be used as a first name. It means “sad, dejected, remorseful” and is a meaningful name in Persian. It is also the name of various musicians and businesspeople from the extensive Pejman family in modern America.

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Sisebald is a Germanic name derived from the word “sis” and is likely a contraction of “sigis.” It probably comes from the Old Swedish word sisu, which means “solemn lament.” Interestingly, the second part of the name “bald” means “bold, brave,” giving this a warrior-like connotation.


Like Sisebald, this name comes from the Old Swedish word “sisu,” which means “solemn lament.” However, the second part of the name derives from the Old High Germanic “beraht,” which means “bright.” This combination again gives this name a slightly more positive connotation.


Another Germanic name deriving from the Swedish “sisu,” this name may also mean “sad song” as it shares roots with the German sisesang. However, the second part of the name, “bod,” means “to offer” or “bid, offer,” and likely refers to a type of sad song sung by madrigals many years ago.


Sisemund derives from the Germanic “siseang” and the Old Swedish “sisu,” which mean “sad song” and “solemn lament,” respectively. The second element, “mund,” represents “protection.” As a result, this name could mean the sad song warriors sing for protection before a battle.

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Girls’ Names That Mean Sad or Sadness

While many parents are excited when they have a girl baby, history has produced many girls’ names that mean sad or sadness. They work well not only for babies but for pets and book characters, especially if it’s a tragic story. There were fewer names to choose from on this list, but there should be more than enough for anyone interested in a beautiful girl’s name with a mournful meaning.


The author Harry Martinson invented this rare Swedish name for a science fiction poem. It refers to the spaceship of the poem and means “sad” or “sadness.” While not commonly used today, it was once prevalent after the popularity of Martinson’s poem.


Heonae is the name of a first-century Korean queen and has multiple complex meanings. For example, the “heon” part of the name means “offer, display, present,” while the “ae” means “sad, sorrow, grief.” That gives it the meaning of a sad present or message delivered to someone at an inopportune time.


A beautiful Japanese name, Iyu contains many deep meanings, including “reliant upon,” “love, affection,” “fear, majestic apprehension,” and even “strawberry.” However, it also means “grieve, lament, sad, unhappy, melancholy,” which gives it the trademark depth typical to a Japanese name.


Coming from Lithuanian literature, Juzapota refers to a character from “Sad Story” by J. Billunas. Since the book’s publication, Lithuania has seen an increase in this name, which in the story is connected to a tragic and unfortunate person,

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Tristia is a relatively rare modern English name used as an alternative name for Trista, Triste, or even Krista in some countries. It derives from the Latin “tristis,” which means “sad.” This word is also the root of the French tristesse, which means “sad.”

Unisex Names That Mean Sad or Sadness

While there aren’t nearly as many unisex names that mean sad or sad, a few are worth pointing out here. Each option suits male or female children, pets, or characters. They are an exciting pen name to create a little mystery about yourself. So carefully read through each listing to learn more about what each means.


This Japanese name combines multiple different kanji to produce a significant name. Its kanji contains means as diverse as “love, affection,” and “flatter, fawn upon,” but it also has negative connotations. These include “pathos, pity, sympathize,” and “sorrow.”


A widespread Chinese name, Daoping has referred to multiple leaders throughout Chinese history and combines various character combinations to mean “lament, mourn, grieve,” and “level, even, peaceful.” That makes it a popular name for people who want to raise intelligent and even-keeled children.


This name comes from the Venda or Tshivenda language of South Africa, a Bantu language. It is spoken by people in the northern part of the Limpopo province, though it has become broader spread in recent years. It means “make me sad” in this language and is commonly used when changing names.


Originating in Middle English, Pity derives from the Latin word “pietas,” which means “piety.” Over the years, the original meaning has changed to “pity,” as in “the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by other people’s sufferings.” This links it heavily to sadness.


Sagynysh comes from the Kazakh language from Kazakhstan, though this Turkish language is also spoken heavily in certain parts of China. It means “sadness, longing, languor” and is used in many parts of Kazakhstan for girls. However, it’s often a male name in some districts of the country.


As a Japanese name, Yuriya contains kanji that means “swing, shake, sway, rock, tremble,” “archery bow,” “tie, bind, organize, join,” as well as “exist.” However, sadness, melancholy, and unhappiness also have deeper meanings. That makes it a popular name for creative people and poets.

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Wrap Up – Names that mean Sad or Sadness

We hope our list relieved you from the melancholy of looking for names that mean sad or sadness.

Resource: We use behindthename.com to research the origin and meaning of these names.

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