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So, you discovered you’re pregnant again! Congratulations! As a second-time mother, you should be a professional at this by now but just in case you don’t feel like one yet, it’s okay to stop and take a breath. 

Now that you are pregnant with your second child, you are going to be raising a newborn all over again. The joy you are feeling is immense, but it can also be overwhelming. It is time to make some practical considerations for how you are going to tackle getting things ready for baby number two.

One of the biggest mistakes second time parents make is assuming that they already have everything they need, while not thinking about the fact that they must continue to raise their first child alongside their second. 

You can avoid this mistake by making a second registry for the many items you will need for your second child. This is by no means a comprehensive list of registry items for a second child, but we put together some of the most overlooked but useful items for second-time parents.

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New Clothes & Burp Cloths

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While some of your first child’s hand-me-downs may still be available and clean enough to wear, your new child will need a wardrobe for themselves. This is especially true if your older child is still not old enough to be fully out of their baby clothes just yet. 

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I certainly forgot how quickly babies, especially newborns, go through clothes and burp cloths! Between spit up, diaper leaks, and spilled milk, you can never have too many clothes or burp cloths on hand!

A New Car Seat 

The Graco SnugRide infant seat is great for newborns! Image courtesy of Amazon

When thinking about what to register for a second baby, a car seat is one of the most important items to consider! 

If your children will be close in age, then you’ll definitely need a second car seat for the new addition to the family. Or you can register for a different car seat for your older child. 

I love the convertible Chicco NextFit ZIP car seat- it can last your child for 8 or more years! Image courtesy of Amazon

If your children are not close in age, you may still need a new car seat. They expire after 10 years due to new safety regulations. On the plus side, newer car seats tend to have better features like improved safety ratings, tangle-proof harnesses, more comfortable positions for your baby, and are often easier to install than older models. 

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Double Stroller

If you select a car seat like the Graco SnugRide, you can easily snap it into a double stroller like the Graco Ready2Grow. Image courtesy of Amazon

Unfortunately, your old stroller may be obsolete if your first child is still young. You can, of course, skip this item if your first child is old enough to walk on their own. 

Otherwise, you’ll need a stroller that can carry two children at a time, or, at the very least, a second stroller that your significant other can push alongside you. 

Having a double stroller allows you to keep an eye on both children at the same time. Additionally, one double stroller is easier to maneuver and takes up less space when it’s not being used, when compared to two single strollers.

White Noise Machine 

Many parents love the Hatch Sound Machine since you can also use it as a night light and toddler wake clock! Image courtesy of Amazon

One of the most challenging obstacles to having two children is putting one to sleep while keeping an eye on the second. A white noise machine will help drown out the noise of your older child while your younger is trying to sleep. 

These machines produce a constant stream of white noise which distracts and soothes your newborn even if your older child is in full-swing play mode. There are also apps you can download on your phone to create the same effect.

Even if you already have a white noise machine, a second one is still useful so that you do not have to move it around from room to room. Having one for each child can help put the kids to sleep and keep them asleep. 

Personally, I use the Skip Hop white noise machine! Image courtesy of Amazon


Pampers are the most popular brand of diapers in the US! Image courtesy of Amazon

Yep, the time has come to reload on diapers. You can never have too many diapers. Always be prepared and have enough for whenever you need them, at any time. 

Your friends and family are usually more than willing to buy diapers. Some of the best brands are Pampers and Huggies, though any diapers will do when you need them in a pinch!

Huggies are also great, high quality diapers! Image courtesy of Amazon

It might seem silly to add diapers to your registry, but it helps remind people that they’re one of the most important and expensive things you’ll need as a second- time parent! You may wish to register for a few different sizes to start your diaper stockpile too.

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Baby Wipes

Yep, you’ll need a lot of wipes! Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition to diapers, you’ll need wipes for your baby when you change them, though you already know this. These should be put on the registry along with the diapers. 

You know by now that you need an endless number of wipes for your baby. Wipes aren’t just useful at changing time; they can also be used to wipe down a messy face or hands. 

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Baby Soap, Lotion, and Bath time Essentials

I love the scent of Aveeno baby soap and lotion! Image courtesy of Amazon

Although it can feel like an extravagance, baby soap and lotions on a registry absolutely makes sense. Babies need gentle soap and lotion for their delicate skin, and putting them on the registry will save you money!

These hooded bath towels are adorable! Image courtesy of Amazon

You might want to consider re-stocking some other bath-time essentials such as a bath sponge or baby towels too. 

Another Baby Monitor

Some baby monitors even come with 2 cameras so you can see both kids easily! Image courtesy of Amazon

It should come without saying that baby monitors are essential. If your first child is still young and uses a baby monitor then you absolutely need a second one. 

Baby monitors provide peace of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on both children at the same time. It’s like having a set of eyes in the back of your head. Putting one child down for a nap is easier when you can watch the other one from the monitor. 


Black and white books like Look Look! can help babies develop their eyesight! Image courtesy of Amazon

It can seem silly to ask for more baby books after you’ve had one baby already, but the books you currently own and that your first child ready are probably chewed beyond repair. I know mine are! 

Or teach your kid something scientific with books like Quantum Physics for Babies! Image courtesy of Amazon

A child’s education is incredibly important! And you can never have too many books! Your firstborn can benefit from new books as well, because they will have fresh bedtime reading material. New books are an absolute must for a second baby registry. 

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Pacifiers and Teething Toys

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Finally, the items you shouldn’t reuse. Teething toys and pacifiers are important for the development of any child. But it’s best to throw away the items you’ve used for your first child and get new ones. 

Tips for creating a registry for a second baby

What “regular” items didn’t you like with your first baby? 

And for some items, you might want a second one so your children don’t have to share. Do you need a new nasal aspirator, humidifier, or nail clippers? 

Did any of your other baby items get lost, damaged, or you just don’t have them anymore? This is the perfect opportunity to add them to your registry! 

Did you know you can register for stuff for your older child too?

Add some larger size diapers or baby clothes for your older child. You’ll get a discount on them if no one purchases them for you (see next section below).

Where should I create my second baby registry? 

My two favorite places for baby registries are Amazon and Target! 

Amazon has millions of options to add to your registry. Plus, they give you a discount on any baby items remaining on your registry once you’re close to your due date! Click here to create a registry on Amazon.

Target also has quite a few options and provides a discount on anything left on your registry close to your due date! That means you can register for groceries, furniture, or stuff for yourself and get a discount too! Click here to create a registry at Target.

Wrap up- What to register for a second baby

what to register for a second baby

Having a second child is a thrilling new adventure that you should be excited for. Yes, it can be scary at times, but there is so much to look forward to again. 

Use your baby registry to take advantage of what you learned as a first time parent and get the few necessities you’ll need for baby number two! 

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