Baby Registry Greeting Message Guide | Put together the perfect wording

Baby Registry Greeting Message Guide | Put together the perfect wording

Writing a baby registry greeting message is just one more thing for parents-to-be to figure out. Along with the right stroller, car seat, and baby name of course! 

But I’ve put everything you need to easily craft the perfect baby registry greeting! Then, just mix and match your favorite parts to make one that suits your style.

Baby Registry Greeting Message

Step by Step Baby Registry Greeting Message

You only need two key things in your baby registry greeting message: to thank your guests and give them a little information on the baby. 

If you’d like, you can put in something fun, like a rhyme or a joke. And if you have preferences for what you do (or don’t) want. It’s that simple! 

Okay, it’s not really quite that simple. We want to sound polite and thankful. Not rude, greedy, or demanding. 

That’s why I’ve put together phrasing for each part of the message. Pick and choose what you’d like to build the perfect greeting. 

Step 1: Thank your guests

First, acknowledge your guests and their generosity! And if you’d like, share your excitement for them to meet your baby.  Feel free to choose more than one! 

If you aren’t ready to share a name, feel free to change the wording to “our baby,” “our little boy,” or even “Baby Smith” (or whatever your last name is. 

  • Thank you so much for visiting our registry.
  • We are so excited to meet Baby Emma, and grateful that she is already so loved by all of you. 
  • Thank you so much for visiting our baby registry, and helping us get ready for Baby Liam. 
  • We can’t wait to finally introduce Baby Oliver to you!
  • We are beyond excited to meet our little bundle of joy, and can’t wait to introduce him or her to you as well. 
  • We’re so grateful for you.
  • More than anything, we are just so grateful for your love and support. 
  • Our baby girl, Sophia, can’t wait to meet all our friends and family! 
  • Thank you for showing so much love to our new family member already. 
  • We are so grateful for your love and support and can’t wait to introduce you to our baby boy. 
  • We’re so excited to share our baby journey with you!
  • We are so very excited to share this wonderful experience with our loving family and friends.
  • Thank you for sharing this exciting time with us! We sincerely appreciate your loving kindness.
  • Thank you for your special gift for this little someone new!
  • We appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness so much! 
  • Thank you so much for helping to celebrate our new baby boy! 
  • We truly appreciate you and the love we know you’re sending our way
  • We are so excited about welcoming our baby into the world. Have fun with our list of ideas on our baby registry. 

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Step 2: Funny Baby Registry Messages (optional) 

Here’s a bunch of rhyming, fun, and funny baby registry messages. I’ve included a wide variety for different tastes and styles. Choose one you like and work it into the rest of your registry message. 

  • Parenthood: the scariest hood you’ll ever go through.
  • We’re celebrating the bun in our oven!
  • Can’t wait to welcome our new tiny Overlord!
  • Having kids is a walk in the park. Jurassic Park, that is. 
  • Did you know the stork was the first drone delivery?
  • Parenthood: Where going to the grocery store by myself is now considered a vacation.
  • Hitting the bottle is about to take on a whole new meaning.
  • Bottoms up doesn’t have the same meaning anymore!
  • We made a tiny human!
  • Goodbye tummy, hello Mummy!
  • Mom’s tummy is growing and soon our family will grow!
  • Here comes trouble! 
  • Sleep is overrated. Babies are not. 
  • Getting ready to be milked for all we’re worth. 
  • We can’t wait for you to meet our brand new fun size human
  • Here’s to our greatest adventure yet! Snot suckers and butt paste, here we come! 
  • Our home is about to be enlarged… by two feet!
  • We can’t wait to see you at our baby shower! One of the last showers we’ll enjoy in peace!

Here are a few cute ideas for poems:

Once we were two

Soon we’ll be three

A new member is joining our family!

This next one is my favorite!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Our baby will cry

And we’ll have to clean poo

And every parent knows this one is 100% accurate!

Little hands

Little feet

Hello baby

Goodbye sleep

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Step 3: Share information about the baby

Baby Registry Greeting Message

Next, share details about your baby and nursery, if you haven’t already. You can work them into the thank you message. Or add a separate line. 

You may want to include whether the baby is a boy or girl, their name, and any nursery colors or theme. 


  • A few details: We are having a little girl named Olivia. And the nursery colors are gray and pink.
  • All of the items listed are gender-neutral, because we’re waiting to be surprised on the big day.
  • Her nursery is cheerful and bright, pink, yellow and purple.
  • If you’re wondering: his room is blue and gray with a nautical theme.
  • Baby’s nursery colors are sea foam green with white and gray chevrons.
  • Gender neutral or non-gender items are preferred.
  • We want to keep it simple so it’s gender-neutral and minimalistic. We’re going to need to save some space!

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Step 4: The parents’ preferences (optional) 

Baby Registry Greeting Message

Next, if you’d like, share your preferences regarding toys, books, and clothes. Some parents choose to skip this since they feel it can sound ungrateful. 

Other parents like to request books for their child. Or that you do not want disposable diapers 

  • You might notice that we haven’t added any books to our registry- that’s because we would love for you to help us by picking your favorites to add to Benjamin’s library.
  •  We would love to grow her library with all the favorite children’ classics plus your favorite books
  • Please keep in mind that all diapering and potty items reflect our choice to use cloth diapers.
  • Baby will be using cloth diapers, so we’re playing a twist on the classic game: Bring one bottle of baby shampoo or baby lotion in order to enter to win the raffle!
  • If you have any questions about gifts, please contact Grandma 1 or Grandma 2. 

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How To announce your baby registry 

How do you put a registry on a baby shower invitation? Without sounding greedy or pushy, that is? 

Use these ideas for sharing your registry on your baby shower invitations. 

We are so excited to be sharing our special day with friends and family at our baby shower. Your presence means the world to us as well as your support and love. That’s all we would ask of you. However, if you are thinking of bringing a gift to celebrate the arrival of our baby girl, then please visit our baby registry listed on Amazon. 

The next one is short and simple:

If you wish to join in our celebration of baby Victoria’s pending arrival with a gift, we have a baby registry listed with the following stores: Amazon, Babylist and Target. You can view these lists online.

Another option:

It’s time to celebrate, there’s a little girl on the way! We can not think of a greater gift than to have you share with us in welcoming her. We have been asked what we need for the baby and we thought this baby registry would be an easy solution for answering that question. Thank you so much for your support and love.

And one last idea:

As you all know we are expecting a new addition to our family. We are very excited and can’t wait to meet our little one. I have been asked what we need for the baby and I thought this baby registry would be an easy solution for answering that question. Thank you so much for your support and love. 

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I’m not having a baby shower. How should I share my registry? 

If someone asks if you need anything for the baby, you can direct them to the registry.

If you’d like to email close friends and family, consider sending a message along these lines:

A few people have been asking me what I still need for my one, so I thought I’d make it easy and make a small registry on Amazon.

Find more ways on how to announce a baby registry without baby shower in our in-depth post about it!


Is it okay to ask for gift cards in my baby registry?

It is okay to register for gift cards. However, there is no need to mention that you’re registering for gift cards. Guests who want to purchase a gift card will see it on your registry.

Is it rude to put big ticket items on my baby registry? 

It is not rude to put big ticket items on your baby registry. Some guests may want to purchase a big ticket item, or pool their money. However, it is important to put items at a variety of price points on your registry. 

Will I receive only items from my registry?

According to various sources, only about half of guests will purchase items from your registry. 
You’ll likely receive diapers, wipes and clothes off-registry.

Is there a polite way to ask guests to only buy items from my registry? 

No, there is not a polite way to ask guests to only buy items from your registry. 
A registry is a guide to help your guests choose what gifts they’d like to purchase. If you receive off-registry items, you can return them for store credit after the shower. And after sending a thank you note of course! 

I didn’t put any clothes on my baby registry because I want people to choose ones they think are cute. Should I add a note to my registry?

A note is unnecessary. Many guests will purchase clothes without prompting.

Other Tips

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

  • Keep your message short and simple. Some guests may not even read or notice it.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to leave your baby registry greeting message blank! 
  • Amazon limits your message to 500 characters
  • You can create an Amazon registry here

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Wrap up- Baby Registry Greeting Messages 

Now you’re loaded with ideas for baby registry greeting messages! Best of luck with creating your registry! 

how to create the perfect baby registry greeting message

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