Pampers Diapers FAQ (Diapers 101)

Pampers Diapers FAQ (Diapers 101)

Selecting a diaper brand for your new little bundle can be tricky for many families. While many parents choose to find a diaper through trial and error by purchasing different brands and seeing which their baby (and their wallet) likes best. 

Pampers is one of the most well-loved diaper brands in the industry, and for good reason. Since the 1960s, Pampers has been keeping babies dry, cozy, and secure in their many diaper styles. Here are some of the important things you should know about Pampers.

Pampers Diapers FAQ

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How do you know what size Pampers to get?

Like many diaper brands, Pampers bases the sizing of its diapers on weight rather than age or gender. Weight measurements allow for the best-fitting diaper that provides comfort and security for your baby. 

Following the Pampers sizing chart can help guide parents in choosing the right size for their growing baby.

When should I move up in diaper size?

The standard rule of thumb for sizing up with diapers is when you can no longer comfortably fit two fingers beneath the waistband of your baby’s diaper. 

If the diaper no longer fully covers your baby’s bottom, this is another indicator that it’s time to size up. Additionally, it’s probably too tight if you notice red marks on your baby’s tummy where the diaper sits or around their thighs.

Pampers size by weight

Pampers provides a convenient diaper sizing chart on its website (and usually on the diaper boxes) that can help parents and caregivers buy the best size for their little one and plan ahead for when they’ll need to size up.

Pampers Diapers FAQ

Here’s the Pampers size chart:

Pampers Diaper SizeBaby Weight (pounds)
Preemie or P1 <6 pounds
Newborn or N<10 pounds
Size 18-14 pounds
Size 212-18 pounds
Size 316-28 pounds
Size 422-37 pounds
Size 527+ pounds
Size 635+ pounds
Size 741+pounds

Where can I buy Pampers diapers?

Pampers diapers can be purchased at most grocery chains, including Vons, Albertsons Safeway, Stater Brothers, and ALDI. 

You can find Pampers at major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Buy Buy Baby. Pampers are also sold at most chain drugstores, including CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens.

Lastly, Pampers diapers can be purchased on Amazon. They have every size available and also sell wipes, Pull-Ups, swim diapers, and other products.

Can I buy Pampers at Costco?

Pampers Swaddlers are available at select Costco warehouses around the country. However, Pampers are not available for purchase on Costco’s website. Historically, Costco has only sold the Huggies brand alongside its in-house Kirkland brand. 

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Can I buy Pampers at Sam’s Club?

Pampers are available at Sam’s Club and on their website. Sam’s Club carries Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers, and Easy-Ups. 

How do you get free stuff from Pampers?

Pampers has a loyalty club called Pampers Rewards that families can use to save money, get cash back on diaper purchases, and receive discounts on products. 

By downloading the free Pampers Club App, parents and caregivers can scan codes on the diaper boxes they purchase, collect Pampers Cash, and turn the cash into rewards. 

Rewards include major discounts on popular baby brands like Ergo and toys from popular brands including Little Tikes, Melissa & Doug, and many more. 

Pampers Club members also receive personalized gifts, DVDs, and other small items with points. The more you spend on Pampers diapers and wipes, the more Pampers Cash you’ll be able to collect. 

It’s a great rewards program that gives back to families who have trusted Pampers for decades, making it one of the largest diaper brands in the industry.

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What company owns Pampers?

Pampers is owned by Procter & Gamble, a large consumer goods corporation in the United States.

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Who owns Pampers?

Procter & Gamble owns Pampers. 

Are Pampers and Huggies made by the same company?

Pampers is owned and manufactured by Procter & Gamble, while Huggies is owned by Kimberly Clark. The two consumer goods brands have a historic competition between baby products, making them the largest two baby brands in the diaper industry. 

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What diaper brand is closest to Pampers?

For years, Pampers and Huggies have dominated the diaper industry. They compete on pricing, quality, and absorbency. 

Additionally, Luvs is the budget brand variation of Pampers. They are both manufactured by Procter & Gamble and have many similarities in terms of diaper material and absorbency. The tabs are slightly different, and Luvs feels slightly more plastic than Pampers.

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When did Pampers come out?

Pampers began selling on retail shelves in 1961 after months of testing, product redesigns, and developments in manufacturing. 

How much are Pampers?

On Amazon, Pampers prices range from $0.28 to $0.37 per diaper, depending on the size and which styles of diapers you choose. Pampers is an average-priced brand, with many natural brands running up to $0.85 per diaper and higher. 

Pampers is a great brand to shop for your family for quality, absorbency, comfort, and cost. 

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When were Pampers invented?

In 1955, Procter & Gamble Researcher Vic Mills set out to create a better diapering option as he grew frustrated with the cloth diapers used for his new grandson. The Procter & Gamble team developed a high-quality, affordable disposable diaper, and the rest is history. By 1961, Pampers’ superior disposable market was available for consumer purchase.

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Final Thoughts on Pampers

There’s a reason Pampers has been a brand trusted by families for over 50 years. If you are looking for a reputable company and a trusted diaper brand, Pampers checks every box.

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