Pampers Ninjamas Review (All About the Bedwetting Pajamas)

Every child is on their own path when it comes to physical and emotional growth and development. While one child is easily potty trained in a single weekend and has no issues with bedwetting, another may take years to master the potty or stop wetting the bed. There are also children of all sizes in need of comfortable nighttime underwear that absorb those late-night accidents.

This world is blessed with a beautiful spectrum of children, teens, and adults who deserve support when it comes to sensitive topics like bedwetting. That’s why Ninjamas were created.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver to a great kid struggling to handle nighttime or even daytime accidents, Ninjamas are worth considering. This honest review will answer all your questions because we know that spending money on nighttime diapers or underwear is a big deal to your budget.

Let’s see if Ninjamas are right for your family. We’ll start with a simple question that a lot of people ask and then move to more details about the quality and absorbency of these nighttime pants for the bravest little ninjas.

Pampers Ninjamas Review

What Brand is Ninjamas?

Ninjamas are a product by Proctor & Gamble. They market the nighttime underwear as discreet garments for boys and girls who want to wake up confident, even if an accident occurs before morning. They’re easy to recognize on store shelves because each box is black with neon green, pink, and purple accents.

The packaging also includes an image of a child-sized ninja jump kicking with a sly grin. Those ninjas are part of the “the squad,” which is a creative group of animated sidekicks dedicated to helping all brave ninjas sleep better and wake up ready for a new day.

While the characters make the packaging fun, caregivers can also use the sidekicks as a fun way to help children feel supported as they overcome the embarrassment and shame that can sometimes come with nighttime accidents.

Are Pampers Underjams Discontinued?

Pampers Underjams were discontinued in 2020. Ninjamas were introduced as an alternative. Some parents and caregivers are thrilled about the new designs and bold packaging, while others have some complaints about the limited designs and sizing of the newer product. We’ll talk more about how Ninjamas are sized in a moment.

How Much Do Ninjamas Hold?

Ninjamas hit the market with some big advantages over competitors. They offer all-night leak protection, which is expected of nighttime underwear designed to help with bedwetting. What sets them apart is their “lockaway channels.”

The channels are designed to quickly absorb wetness and lock them away from the surface of the undergarment. The result is improved absorbency with a dryer feel on the surface. This technology is one of the most talked about features in online forums because it helps anyone struggling with nighttime accidents to wake up feeling dryer and more confident.

Other Ninjamas Advantages

Those advanced channels for improved absorbency are a big win for Ninjamas, but that’s not the end of advanced features packed into this absorbent underwear for boys and girls. Let’s look at a couple of the biggest selling points for the brand.

OdorMask Technology

Let’s face it. Bedwetting comes with some unpleasant odors. Those odors may not bother parents and caregivers, but they can affect the confidence and comfort level of the person wearing the undergarments. Understanding the potential discomfort and psychological impact of bedwetting odors, Pampers created an advanced system to mask the smell.

Odor Mask technology makes bedwetting a little less noticeable for everyone involved. Combined with the super absorbent channels inside each garment, the overall design makes waking up wet a little less unpleasant.

Quiet Cloth

The material used for Ninjamas is referred to as QuietCloth. It was designed to reduce the diaper-like sound that comes with many nighttime disposable undergarments for kids and adults. It also feels a bit more like the cloth of regular underwear, so it helps all wearers feel a bit more like big boys or girls.

This material is also more breathable than some competing absorbent overnight garments. It adds to the overall comfort throughout the night.

What is the Difference Between Boys and Girls Ninjamas?

While many diapers and nighttime absorbent underwear offer different designs for boys and girls, that’s not the case for Ninjamas. The boy and girl underwear are the exact same in design. The only difference is in the colors and prints. Boys can easily wear the girl’s undergarments and vice versa.

Many competitors adjust the absorbent zones to match the natural anatomy of boys and girls. Pampers may have decided to do away with that idea because they improved the absorbency of the overall product. Instead of having increased absorbency in specific zones, they created a super absorbent nighttime underwear that keeps the bed completely dry regardless of gender.

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What Sizes are Ninjamas Available in?

Ninjamas were originally available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. The larger size is now labeled Large, and it remains to be seen whether they will release a larger size labeled X-Large. There is a market for X-Large nighttime absorbent underwear as many caregivers have older kids or even teenagers who are struggling with bedwetting due to medical conditions and other factors.

Do Ninjamas Fit True to Size?

One of the biggest complaints from parents and caregivers is that Ninjamas run a bit smaller than many brands currently on the market. With a limitation of just two sizes and the characteristic of a slimmer cut, some potential users find them too tight or simply too small for functional use. The size of your child and their preferred fit will determine whether you find Ninjamas a great pick or a bit too tight for comfort.

Pampers Ninjamas Size Chart

The following weight guidelines will help select the right Ninjamas size for your little ninja:

  • S/M – 38-65 pounds
  • L – 64-95 pounds

The new sizing is a bit discouraging for some users because the original L/XL Ninjamas covered users up to 125 pounds. Many were forced to switch to other brands and are waiting to see if Proctor & Gamble will come out with an XL size to fulfill demand for larger nighttime undergarments that are fun for kids and adults with childlike hearts.

Keep in mind that Ninjamas may fit a bit smaller than other nighttime undergarments. We recommend starting with a small pack to check the fit before investing in a larger box of Ninjamas.

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Are Ninjamas Scented?

Ninjamas are scented, and some users find the scent a little too overpowering. That may come as a result of the Odor Mask technology, which is activated when the garments get wet. The goal is to mask some odors that come naturally with bedwetting.

If you or your loved one are sensitive to perfumes and fragrances, then you may also find Ninjamas a bit too overwhelming in the smell department. If you aren’t, then you may like that the garments overcome the strong smell of urine in the morning.

Where Can I Buy Ninjamas?

You can buy Ninjamas in most local stores that carry diapers and absorbent overnight disposable undergarments. That includes stores like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens. They’re usually available for in-store and online shopping, and you may take advantage of delivery services now offered by most local big box stores.

You can also purchase Ninjamas online through marketplaces like Amazon. Pay attention to sizing to make sure you receive the most up-to-date undergarments. If you see the L/XL sizing, know that those products were replaced by the L size. Many caregivers are seeking those out from online sellers because they need the larger sizing that was available with the L/XL Ninjamas.

To see where Ninjamas are available in your local area, visit the Ninjamas website. Select the product you want to buy and hit the blue “buy now” link. It will use your current location to show local stores offering that product. You can always shop online if you can’t find them locally.

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Is Ninjamas the Best Pick for You?

If you’re looking for overnight bedwetting solutions for children or teens who need a more comfortable solution than diapers can offer, Ninjamas may look quite attractive. They have fun packaging and advanced technology that eliminates wet sheets when fitted properly. They’re also more comfortable due to the choice of material and the ability to lock much of the moisture away from the surface.

The limitations are the sizing options and perhaps the slightly slimmer fit than some competing brands. That may rule them out if you have a larger child or teen in need of overnight undergarments. There are also some complaints about the lack of attractive designs, but that isn’t an issue if you’re more interested in the functionality of the undergarments.

The best way to know if Ninjamas will work for you is to buy a small pack and compare them to other brands you love. The quality may surprise you.

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Wrap up- Pampers Ninjamas Review

We hope we’ve given you enough information in our Pampers Ninjamas review to decide if they’re right for you and your family. They can be beneficial for older children who experience bedwetting, and give them the confidence to attend camp, sleepovers, or even just spend the night at a relative’s house.

As we mentioned, if you’re not sure, buy a small pack and give them a try!

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