GoodNites Review Roundup

Once your child has mastered the initial stages of potty training, the hunt for the perfect pull-up, training pants, or overnight underwear begins. 

It’s no easy feat to find the right products for our kids; they grow and change so fast, and one child is never exactly like their sibling, making it essential to trial and error different products. But that can get expensive! 

GoodNites nighttime bedwetting underwear is designed specifically for children who are successfully potty trained during the day but are still mastering overnights. 

Rather than a diaper or pull-up style training pants, GoodNites are disposable, highly-absorbent underwear that children can put on before bed and toss in the garbage when they wake up.

Short Version: GoodNites Review

Designed for children 3 and older, GoodNites is a fantastic tool for parents to have on deck when traditional diapers and training pants stop working effectively. 

From leaks to full-blown accidents and bedwetting catastrophes, other products don’t seem to offer the same level of protection and absorbency that GoodNites do for older children. 

GoodNites is one of the highest-rated underwear products on the market for children. In this article, we’ll highlight the pros, cons, and features that are commonly discussed on review sites by families who use underwear for their children, ranging from ages 3 into the early teens. 

Our goal with this post is to help you find an alternative to training pants or Pull-Ups, particularly if those products have not been working for your child, regardless of what phase of development they are in. 

Pros and Cons: GoodNites Review

Every diaper product has pros and cons; it’s important for families to know what these are before purchasing a new product. Keep reading for the most significant pros and cons of GoodNites bedwetting underwear. 

Pros of GoodNites Underwear

Here are a few of the benefits of GoodNites underwear that influence families to purchase this brand. 


You can’t expect your child to sleep through the night in an uncomfortable pair of underwear (or diaper, for that matter). Fortunately, GoodNites uses the softest cotton materials to keep your child comfortable, dry, and cozy every night. 

For wild sleepers and cuddlers alike, GoodNites hug a child’s body tight and keep them feeling secure all night long. Whether your child is a deep sleeper or tosses and turns, parents around the world have peace of mind knowing their kids are comfortable and the underwear isn’t going to budge.

Tailored Fit

With such a wide age range that can wear this type of underwear, one might assume that GoodNites would not offer a custom fit for each child. But boy, do they! 

The fit of GoodNites is heralded by many parents as the main reason they continue purchasing this product; from a tall and slim 5-year-old to a stocky 12-year-old, the fit works consistently for both children and many other body types. 

Such a tailored fit can only be achieved with extremely stretchy sides and a waistband that moves perfectly with a child of any size or weight. 


As children phase out of diapers and into training pants, many parents notice that pull up styles don’t absorb as efficiently as diapers do, and leaks become more common. What a headache! Some families admit to doubling up on pull-ups for overnights to beef up absorbency and avoid bedwetting. 

GoodNites’ five-layer absorbency protection combats any potential leaks or spills that may occur, particularly if your child is known to go more frequently while sleeping. In the underwear, GoodNites offer zoned protection for both boys and girls, which absorbs more in the areas that each gender needs most. 

In a video on their website, GoodNites show how their ultra-absorbing underwear holds two 8-ounce bottles of liquid without any leaks. It’s pretty impressive and shows just how much liquid the underwear can hold without a drop in sight. Bravo! 


GoodNites is a highly affordable product that is easy to find in major retailers and online. 

They won’t break the bank like many diaper brands do these days, making this brand a great choice for families with multiple children who are working on staying dry overnight and need support to prevent accidents. 

Great for children with mental or physical impairments

For families who are looking for bedwetting support for children with disabilities, GoodNites is the cream of the crop. They’re easy to put on, offer 12-hour leak protection, and keep children comfortable and dry throughout the night, with minimal wake-ups and no accidents. 

They also promote children’s independence and confidence by keeping them dry and odor-free and allowing them to enjoy sleepovers with friends without worrying about leaks or accidents.

Cons of GoodNites Underwear

As with any diaper or underwear product, there are some drawbacks of using GoodNites that may be helpful for families to know prior to purchasing. 


GoodNites are designed for older children who are already potty trained but need extra support during nighttime.

Because of its primary function, sizing recommendations for GoodNites begin around 28 pounds or 3 years of age. These underwear are not meant for young toddlers that are in the process of potty training; they will most likely be too big and will cause leaks while children are sleeping. 

Some reviewers have described a need for a larger size for their older children who struggle with bedwetting, and GoodNites now offers an XL size that fits up to 140 pounds. 


If it’s clean, eco-friendly underwear you’re after, GoodNites may not be your first choice. While Kimberly Clark is taking admirable steps to offer cleaner products for babies and families, they have a long way to go. 

Nighttime Only

It says so in the name – GoodNites – are designed specifically for nighttime use. Many reviewers who have larger toddlers claim their children wear GoodNites during the day as well, and they are just as effective. 

We assume GoodNites are recommended for nighttime use only because potty-trained children don’t need heavy absorbency abilities while they’re awake and are able to head to the bathroom when they need to pee. Save the absorbency power for the overnights, parents!

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Key Features: GoodNites Review

The key features of GoodNites have created loyal families around the country who continue to buy these products for their children. Here are some of the most important features of GoodNites underwear, according to families who have used these diapers time and time again: 

Material Softness

Parents and children alike are vocal about the softness of GoodNites underwear on review boards. The super-soft and absorbent material achieved in GoodNites is thanks to polypropylene, a common ingredient used for softness, durability, and comfort in many baby products. 

Underwear Fit 

For children over 3 or 28 pounds, GoodNites fit like a dream! 

Your child could be tall and skinny or short and curvy, and the fit remains tailored to any figure. The surface area of GoodNites is also wider than other training pants, making absorption more effective on a wider area for your child. 

The underwear fits slim and is not bulky or cumbersome; it fits nicely under pajamas, shorts, and pants without being noticeable at all. 

Additionally, GoodNites underwear slides right on and off just like normal underwear, making it easy to put on and take off. This is helpful for older children at sleepovers or overnight camps that need extra support at night but want to be discreet about what they’re wearing. 

Many reviewers wish the underwear had tabs on the sides so they could be fastened and re-fastened, so we’re crossing our fingers that it will be a new feature we’ll see in future products! 

Leg Barriers

GoodNites’ reinforced double leg barriers work overtime to ensure no accidents or leaks occur in this area. 

Many parents note in reviews that leg cuffs are often faulty in standard diapers and don’t offer any level of protection against leaks; it seems that GoodNites prioritized leg barriers as a key feature to help prevent embarrassing leakage for kids of all ages. A job well done! 


The waistband on GoodNites is super stretchy and comfortable, allowing children to move around and be the wild sleepers that they are without any risk of leaks. The waistband also helps to secure any liquid from the back of the underwear and contains it all as your child sleeps. 

For a level of discretion for your child at sleepovers, the waistband on GoodNites is lower than standard training pants or diapers, so it sits below the waist of your child’s pajamas. 


How can underwear be so absorbent, slim-fitting, and comfortable to wear all at once? All we can say is this – it’s the magic of GoodNites. 

Absorbency is most parents’ number one concern when purchasing an overnight diaper or training pants for their toddler. No parent on earth wants to be woken up by a grumpy child with soaked bedding. Any steps we can take to avoid this situation, we do! 

Absorbency seems to be GoodNites’ bread and butter, particularly for overnight settings where children tend to expel more liquid as they sleep. 

5 layers of absorbency protection will keep your child dry and comfortable as they sleep while locking in wetness and absorbing any unwanted odors. Not only do these underwear prevent any wetness from seeping out onto clothing, but the moisture-wicking functionality also keeps wetness off your child’s skin, preventing rash or irritation. 

Leak Prevention

Featuring 5-layer leak protection, GoodNites has changed the game when it comes to keeping your child dry for over 12 hours. 

This brand claims to offer 40% more absorption than other training pants, and parents agree. Many reviewers describe the impressive amounts of liquid these underwear hold, even for older children who wet the bed more often during the night. 

Odor Control

Particularly for older children who need a little help with overnights, GoodNites offers discreet odor absorption so your child won’t be worried about any unwanted odors when they wake up.

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Verdict: GoodNites Review

So, what’s the verdict on GoodNites? 

As always, it depends on what your child needs, your lifestyle, and where they are developmentally with potty training. 

For toddlers and children who have mastered daytime potty training but still pee frequently overnight, GoodNites are a solid choice. The level of absorbency and odor control will give you the confidence to send them to sleepovers with friends or at Grandma’s house without an impending mess or a middle-of-the-night wake-up.

For babies or young toddlers still in the midst of potty training, GoodNites likely won’t fit right and aren’t designed for this developmental phase of life. You’ll likely miss the convenience of the wetness indicator and adjustable tabs that most diapers offer for younger children. 

Give your child another year of diapers and training pants, then make the transition to GoodNites as you see fit. 

For children with special needs, families rant and rave about GoodNites for the independence and confidence it provides in situations where parents can’t be around to help. We highly recommend exploring GoodNites if your child has a disability and needs assistance with the bathroom but is ready to have some independence as they grow up.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Goodnites review

Here are commonly asked questions about GoodNites overnight underwear for bedwetting.

What ingredients are used in GoodNites diapers?

Here are the following ingredients we could find that are used in GoodNites overnight underwear:
Sodium polyacrylate
Wood pulp
Printing inks

What ingredients are GoodNites diapers free from?

GoodNites are free of phthalates, parabens, and fragrances. They also do not include BPAs, heavy metals, and natural rubber latex. 

Where are GoodNites diapers made?

GoodNites underwear, made by Kimberly Clark, is made in the United States in various manufacturing locations around the country. 

Who manufactures GoodNites diapers? 

GoodNites diapers are manufactured by Kimberly Clark, one of the largest baby product manufacturers in the United States.

Where can I buy GoodNites diapers? 

GoodNites diapers can be purchased from popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart and on their online websites.

They’re also available in major drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid, along with grocery stores including Albertsons, Vons, Kroger, and many more in the United States and Canada.

What sizes do GoodNites diapers come in?  

GoodNites come in the following sizes:

3 to 5 years6 to 8 years10 to 12 years14 to 20 years
28 to 43 pounds43 to 68 pounds68 to 95 pounds95 to 140+ pounds

Are GoodNites considered diapers?

While GoodNites offer nighttime protection against accidents the same way diapers do, they are not considered diapers as their primary function.

GoodNites function to keep toddlers and children who are already potty trained dry at night if they have trouble with bedwetting while asleep.

What’s the difference between GoodNites and Pull-Ups?

GoodNites are bedwetting underwear designed to keep potty-trained children dry at night. Children who have no problems using the toilet during the day but occasionally (or often) wet the bed at night will benefit from using GoodNites bedwetting underwear.

Pull-Ups, on the other hand, are designed for toddlers and children who are still in the process of potty training. Pull-Ups can be worn during the day and night and are similar to diapers but are easier to take off and put on, often with side fasteners and a wetness indicator. 

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