All About Peejamas Potty Training Pajamas (Review Roundup)

Overnight potty training can be daunting for parents, no matter how great their toddler has done daytime potty training. 

Many pediatricians and potty training experts recommend treating nighttime training as its own beast. Once your child has mastered daytime training, move on to the nighttime, as both day and nighttime require practice and trial and error, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed (for both parents and toddlers) when trying to conquer both simultaneously. 

Once your child is nearly potty trained during the day, you may be curious about what kinds of solutions and tools are available for nighttime potty training. If you don’t want to put your child in diapers or pull-ups for nighttime sleeping, Peejamas Potty Training Pants are one of the solutions you can try instead. 

Let’s dive into Peejamas Potty Training Pants and what they offer for potty training toddlers. 

Do Peejamas work?

Peejamas Potty training pajamas

Peejamas are cotton toddler pajamas that come with a highly absorbent non-removable cloth diaper insert inside the pants. 

The cloth insert allows your child to wear underwear overnight rather than a diaper or pull-up. Oftentimes, when children are mastering potty training during the day but still wearing diapers at night, more accidents happen because they feel the comfort of the diaper while sleeping.

Peejamas absorb some liquid and prevent leaks on bed sheets, but your child will still feel wet if they do have an accident. 

The Peejamas encourage your child to wake up and go to the bathroom rather than fully absorb the liquid as your child sleeps through the night (the way diapers do!).

Peejamas’ cloth insert is made from a blend of polyester and bamboo, with moisture-wicking materials that will keep any accidents off your child’s skin, should they have any accidents while sleeping. 

For toddlers who have nearly mastered daytime potty training but still need support during overnights, Peejamas is a fantastic solution that is definitely worth trying. 

If you have a baby or pre-toddler (anywhere from 14-24 months) who is a heavy bedwetter and needs extra absorbency for overnights, Peejamas can help prevent bedwetting, leaks, and extra loads of laundry. 

It’s important to follow the recommendation of five wash and dry cycles before using Peejamas. The more you wash them, the better the absorbency power is, so be sure not to skip this step! 

Are Peejamas worth it?

Peejamas Potty Training Pajamas

For toddlers who are getting through potty training but need extra help at night, Peejamas are definitely worth trying! 

They instill confidence in your child by encouraging them to wear their big kid underwear to bed but prevent major leaks and bedwetting wake-ups or middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

If you are in the midst of potty training but have to do a lot of extra laundry from nighttime bedwetting and leaks, Peejamas are a great solution that will drastically reduce laundry and nighttime wake-ups.

Here are some of the most important pros and cons about Peejamas that are worth knowing before you buy.

Pros of Peejamas Potty Training Pants

1. Drastically decreases bedwetting and overnight leaks 

2. The cloth insert is made from bamboo and polyester, which are eco-friendly materials, safe, and gentle on children’s skin

3. Peejamas have received an Oeko-100 certification, a standard for testing harmful materials or substances in textiles. 

4. Environmentally conscious, fewer diapers and pull-ups going into landfills 

5. Save money on purchasing pull-ups or overnight diapers, which are significantly more expensive than regular diapers

6. Machine washable and can be dried on a low setting

7. Pajamas are super-soft and comfortable 

8. Sizing ranges up to 8/9, so your child can practice with Peejamas for several years without having to wear a Pull-Up 

9. Peejamas can also be worn for road trips or other occasions where a bathroom may not be readily available for your child

Cons of Peejamas Potty Training Pants

1. Peejamas are not 100% leakproof. If your child is just beginning to learn potty training or is still a heavy bedwetter, you may still experience leaks and bedwetting with Peejamas. 

2. The pants are leakproof, but the shirt is not. However, you can purchase pants only on the Peejamas website rather than the full PJ set.

3. Peejamas fit super tight and snug to prevent leaks, but many parents have said their children have woken up with red marks on their legs from the bottoms. It’s highly recommended to size up at least one size, so the Peejamas fit your child properly and comfortably. 

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4. Peejamas are expensive. The pants alone are between $25 and $40, while the full PJ set is between $35 and 50. The website runs sales often, so keep an eye out to get a more affordable price. Or you can even buy just the underwear, which is even available on Amazon.

5. Sizing starts at 2T, so if you have a smaller toddler, Peejamas may not fit right in order to offer their absorbency power.

6. Used pajamas can’t be returned if you aren’t satisfied with their performance 

7. Speaking of Amazon, most of Peejamas products are only available on the Peejamas website. If you were hoping to save on shipping by ordering with your Amazon Prime account, you will be disappointed.

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How do you use Peejamas?

Before using Peejamas, it’s recommended to wash them at least 5 times to power up their absorbency. The more times they are washed, the better the absorbency power will be. 

Once they are washed and dried the recommended number of times, simply put the pajamas on your child as normal, put them to bed, and let the Peejamas do the rest!  

Most families start their children by wearing just Peejamas for sleep. As your child has fewer accidents at night, begin having them wear underwear and Peejamas, so they can practice sleeping in undies and learning how to wake up before they have to use the potty.

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When should you start potty training at night?

Nighttime potty training readiness varies from child to child. 

The general rule of thumb is once your child has mastered daytime potty training, with infrequent accidents throughout the day, you can begin introducing the concept of nighttime potty training. 

As we mentioned earlier, nighttime potty training should be approached separately from the daytime, particularly once your child is very confident during the day and is staying dry with very few accidents. 

Peejamas can help your child transition from diapers or pull-ups overnight to wearing underwear or just PJs. The cloth diaper insert in Peejamas pants will absorb any urine from leaks or accidents, supporting your child in feeling like a big kid.

Peejamas Size Chart

The Peejamas size chart is as follows:

2T2 Years33.5-35″30-32 lbs
3T3 Years35-38″32-35 lbs
4T4 Years38-41″35-39 lbs
5T5 Years41-44″39-45 lbs
6/76-7 Years44-50.5″45-58 lbs
8/98-9 Years50-57″59-86 lbs

Make sure to size up at least one size, as Peejamas do run small.

List of Peejama alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to Peejamas to try if you aren’t ready to take the plunge or spend the money. 

Training Pants are underwear that have absorbency pads sewn in to help absorb any leaks or accidents during sleep. Starting at size 2T, training pants are a close alternative to Peejamas because they are underwear and will wake your child up if they get wet. 

Disposable nighttime underwear like Pampers Ninjamas and Goodnites for bedwetting kids who need extra support and absorbency overnight.

Pull-Ups are ideal for toddlers who have not mastered overnight potty training and have regular accidents but whose parents want to transition to that phase.

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Wrap Up – Peejamas Potty Training Pajamas Review

We hope this guide has helped you decide if Peejamas are right for your family to try based on your potty-training journey.

If in doubt, buy a small box and give it a go!

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