What’s your state’s favorite diaper brand? | Intriguing Statistics for all 50 States

Pampers vs Huggies

favorite diaper brand by state - pampers

Huggies vs Pampers: red versus blue. Pampers is the most popular diaper brand in most states, but there are exceptions, especially out west. 

These states prefer Huggies 

huggies diaper popularity
  • Arkansas 
  • Colorado 
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada 
  • New Mexico 
  • Oregon 
  • Utah
  • Washington 
  • Wyoming 

Who loves Luvs? 

luvs diaper popularity

While Pampers and Huggies are the most popular brands, budget diaper Luvs is definitely a contender.

Although Luvs are manufactured by Procter and Gamble, just like Pampers, Luvs are about half the price of Pampers. That definitely explains their small but loyal following.

Luvs are most popular in these states:

  • Alaska
  • West Virginia 
  • Montana
  • Michigan 

What’s your state’s favorite diaper?

Across the US, five out of ten people prefer Pampers, four out of ten like Huggies, and one out of ten likes Luvs.

Let’s dive into each state! More graphs at the bottom!


We start our list off with Alabama, which has an average interest in all three brands. The typical state goes for about 52% Pampers, 38% Huggies and 10% Luvs.


The Last Frontier State is also the last frontier for Huggies. Only 29% of parents are interested in Huggies, versus an average of 38% across the whole US. 

But Alaska loves Luvs! They are tied for most popular in Alaska and West Virginia at a whopping 20%!

Did you know Alaska doesn’t tax diapers? They actually have no sales tax at all! This saves parents hundreds of dollars per year! 


Another pretty run-of-the-mill state, Arizona has average interest in all three brands.


Surprisingly, Arkansas is the most popular state for Huggies, yet has no interest in Luvs! All of its neighboring states are just fine with Luvs and are about average when it comes to Huggies. 

California, Colorado Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia

These 6 states are split nearly 50-50 on their interest in Huggies and Pampers, with just a sprinkle of folks who prefer Luvs.

That’s surprising to me, especially given their different demographics and geographic locations!

In Connecticut diapers are not subject to sales tax. 

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The good people of the Aloha State are so-so on Luvs. They’re the fourth least popular state for these budget diapers.


The Gemstone state treasures Huggies and isn’t so hot on Pampers! In fact, Idaho is the state most interested in Huggies and least interested in Pampers. They have an average interest in Luvs compared to other states.


The Land of Lincoln has average interest in all three brands!


Similar to their neighbor Illinois, Indiana dislikes Huggies a bit more, and likes Pampers and Luvs more strongly.


Iowa is average for all three brands of diapers.


Kansas prefers Huggies a bit more than Pampers compared to their neighbor, Iowa. But they like Luvs just as much! 


Likewise, the neighboring Bluegrass State is about average when it comes to diaper preferences. 


Heading south, we get to Louisiana where we see they are right on par with Iowa and Indiana!


Despite Maine’s location far to the northeast, they’re above average.  They prefer Pampers a bit more and are less keen on Luvs than the average state


Maryland is the 2nd most popular state for Pampers, a ways behind DC and just ahead of Massachusetts.


Massachusetts is the 3rd most popular state for Pampers. In Massachusetts, diapers are not taxed.


Those Wolverines prefer Luvs! Everyone’s favorite mitten-shaped state is the third most popular state for Luvs


The Land of 1000 Lakes is nothing special when it comes to diapers. They’re a little less interested in Huggies than average, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Did you know Minnesota doesn’t tax diapers? 


Surprisingly, Mississippi is one of the less-popular states for Luvs. Even more so since their neighbors Louisiana and Alabama are more interested in the budget brand.


The Show Me state shows us that they’re perfectly average when it comes to diapers! They fall right in the middle of the pack when it comes to diaper brand popularity. 

Proctor and Gamble has a Luvs and Pampers plant in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (source)

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Out in Big Sky Country, people like Huggies- it’s the fifth-most popular state for them. Surprisingly, they don’t particularly like Pampers, and are the fourth most popular state for Luvs


Nebraska is tied for 4th most popular state for Pampers, along with Oklahoma 

Yet they’re the least popular state for Huggies! That’s surprising since their neighbors in Colorado and Wyoming love Huggies!


Nevada loves Huggies! Maybe Pampers should put their diapers up as a jackpot prize in Las Vegas!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state with average diaper purchases. 

New Jersey

Not surprisingly, New York and New Jersey’s diaper buying trends are almost identical! Both buy a bit less Luvs than average. 

Diapers are not taxed in New Jersey.

New Mexico

Sunny New Mexico likes Huggies the fourth most of all the sates in the US. But New Mexico doesn’t like Pampers

New York

Not surprisingly, New York and New Jersey’s diaper buying trends are almost identical! Both buy a bit less Luvs than average.

In New York, like New Jersey, diapers are not subject to sales tax. 

North Carolina

North Carolina is the fourth least popular state to find Huggies.

North Dakota

North Dakota is about average when it comes to Huggies, but they really like Pampers and aren’t fans of Luvs

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Ohio, my home state! In The Heart of It All, we like Pampers, though I’m personally a fan of Huggies.

Maybe it’s because the manufacturer of Pampers and Luvs, Procter and Gamble, is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio!


Parents in the Sooner State would sooner see Pampers than any other diaper! They are tied for 4th place for the most popular state for Pampers along with Nebraska.


Meet Huggies, Oregon’s favorite diapers

Our writer Stacey weighs in on her state’s most popular brand of diapers.

I live in Oregon.  Out-of-state relatives refer to us as “the Granolas”.   Admittedly, there are a large number of people in Oregon who have clung to the hippie ideology, so much so that one might be surprised to learn that diapers for our babies are not made from recycled bicycle tires.  No, Oregon is a Huggies state.  

Who is the competition?

In a survey conducted by the website, “My Moms a Nerd”, Huggies were found to be the number one best-selling diaper, with Pampers running a close second place.  Luvs came in third.

Why Huggies?

Oregon is arguably one of the most politically correct states in the union.  Despite this fact, loyalty to Huggies did not waver when the company posted a misguided advertisement that portrayed fathers being barely able to care for their babies. The gist of the ad was that these diapers were so good that even dads could get the hang of using them.  The company pulled the ad when Oregon dads and moms strongly declared that dads were equally as capable of caring for their babies as the moms.  Huggies must have been considered very good diapers for them to survive that debacle, so there must be some other reason they are considered Oregon’s #1 favorite diapers. 

Good Housekeeping 

Good Housekeeping magazine conducted research that would determine the best choices for disposable diapers and compare them to their 8 other competitors.  The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Huggies diapers.  

The overall construction and speed of absorbency are the biggest selling points in favor of Huggies, and this fits right in with an Oregon lifestyle.  Situated along the Pacific Ocean with a plethora of major rivers and mountain ranges, Oregon encourages a lot of outdoor activities.  Portland, Oregon, in fact, has more bike commuters than any other large city in the United States. With high levels of physical activity among its citizens, it stands to reason that a diaper noted for its construction and speed of absorbency would be the favorite choice in Oregon. 

But wait, there’s more

It is not unusual to see babies riding on the same bicycles as their parents in specially-designed contraptions that hold them safely in place.  For this reason, the construction of Huggies diapers is perfect for the duo-wheeled enthusiast.  They are noted for being able to soak up fluids quickly and efficiently and can do so from different angles.  The liquid is immediately absorbed into the core of the diaper, which keeps it away from the baby’s skin.  In fact, the company touts its dedication to keeping baby skin healthy.

The diapers are extra lightweight, so are naturally comfortable,  and they feature elastic stretch bands at the waist to give them a secure fit.  This helps prevent leaks and dreaded blowouts. 


With all of the beauty of natural resources in the state of Oregon, residents are understandably conscious about what goes into the landfills and whether or not the diapers they buy are worthy of the moniker, “eco-friendly”.  According to Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of Huggies,  these diapers are a great example of eco-friendly diapers.  Huggies makes a point of using manufacturing practices that support the eco-friendly consciousness of nature-loving Oregonians.  They do this by taking broad steps toward a goal of sustainability and protection of the earth in general. 

With materials that are 70% plant-based, Huggies fits right in with the Oregonian dedication to using more earth-friendly products. Not only that, but the paper used in the manufacture of Huggies diapers is fully recyclable, which keeps them away from the state’s landfills.   This environmentally conscious company even uses 100% renewable energy resources in the manufacturing process.  

The Kimberly-Clark corporation has made a commitment to convert its manufacturing process to include at least 75% biodegradable, recoverable, or recyclable materials by the year 2030.  The company is also committed to reaching a 50% reduction in the use of plastics that are made from fossil fuels.  Even the packaging for Huggies is starting to be made from recyclable, reusable, or compostable materials, with a full conversion expected by the year 2025.  

More about Huggies diapers 

According to the Oregon Health Authority, there were 39,817 births in Oregon last year.  The fact that Kimberly-Clark makes a special newborn diaper that is noted for its extra softness might play a role in the diaper’s popularity in Oregon. 

Huggies Special Delivery diapers are made for a newborn’s skin health.  The diapers are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic and are not manufactured with any harsh ingredients.  They have even been dermatologist-tested to assure their safety for delicate newborn skin. 

They feature a small wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper that changes color to inform parents when their baby needs a change without their having to disturb a sleeping newborn, which can help prevent diaper rash.  

The crotch width of these newborn diapers is narrow and contains a special wick liner that draws liquid away from the baby’s body and helps the skin in that area stay dry. The diapers were made with a contoured design that provides a perfect fit that is leak-resistant, and, to appeal to the Oregonian’s typical love of nature, the newborn diapers are made with 20% plant-based materials.  

The company plans to come out with cute Disney designs for the exterior of the diapers soon.  They are available for purchase in sizes N-6.

Little Snugglers

As Oregon parents raise their little snugglers, they quickly realize that their newborns are ready for a larger size.  Coincidentally, Huggies Little Snugglers diapers feature all of the great skin-protecting features as the newborn sizes, but rather than the wick liner, the next larger size compensates for the increase in fluid with a GentleABsorb® Liner that utilizes a design that includes hundreds of tiny, absorbent chambers (or pillows) to draw fluids and solid waste away from baby’s skin. 

Economy matters 

In the year 2020, the US census reported that the average income of an Oregon resident was $32,071.  This modest number coincides with the reasonable cost of Huggies diapers.  Not only that, but to further their value these diapers require less changing, less frequently, which makes them a sensible, economical choice for babies in Oregon.  

Oregon is definitely a family-oriented state.

Huggies has special programs available that are geared toward families.  For instance, each year, the company makes an impressive diaper donation to the National Diaper Bank to help families in need, and their Project Hug program does even more than that.  Is it any wonder then, why Huggies are the #1 diaper in the state of Oregon?  Oregonian parents love them. 


My neighbors in Pennsylvania have similar diaper preferences to Ohio. 

Did you know that Proctor and Gamble has diaper manufacturing plants for Luvs and Pampers in Mehoopany, PA? (Source)

And in PA, diapers are not taxed!

Rhode Island

It may be hard to see on the map, but Rhode Island is the fourth least popular state to find Huggies. They do like their Luvs there though! 

Like many states in the northeast, diapers are not taxed in Rhode Island 

South Carolina

The folks in the Palmetto State do not like Huggies. They’d much prefer Pampers and Luvs.

South Dakota

The people living near Mount Rushmore don’t like Pampers, they prefer Luvs and Huggies.


Tennessee likes Luvs more than average! 


The Lone Star State is not alone in that they like Pampers and Huggies equally!

Kimberly Clark, the manufacturer of Huggies, has been headquartered in Irving, Texas since 1985


Utah likes Huggies- they’re the fifth most interested state. But they don’t like Pampers


Vermont has average interest in all three brands!

And Vermont does not tax diapers.

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Virginia likes Pampers a bit more and Huggies a bit less than average. 


Washington state is a fan of Huggies and not so much a fan of Pampers.

West Virginia

West Virginia is tied for first place with Alaska for their interest in Luvs.


America’s Dairyland has average interest in all three brands.

Kimberly Clark, the manufacturer of Huggies, was founded in Neenah, Wisconsin, and some of their products are still produced there today! 


Wyoming is the 4th most popular place for Huggies 

And they are the least popular state for Luvs along with Arkansas and DC 


DC is the most popular ‘state’ for Pampers by a long shot, and one of the less popular places to find Huggies. Yet no one in the nation’s capital is interested in Luvs!

Wrap up- what’s the most popular diaper in your state?

whats your states favorite diaper - graph for each state

We hope you enjoyed reading diaper statistics! Have more ideas for fun graphs, data, or infographics? Let me know and I’ll dig up the data!

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