Childproof Dog Doors | How to Keep Your Child Safe and Your Pet Mobile

If you ask any parent what the most important thing is to them, they would say ” Keeping my child safe.” That’s understandable in the world we live in. There are all kinds of dangers you have to be aware of. From “stranger danger” to fall injuries, keeping your child out of toxic chemicals in your home, and more, the last thing you want to worry about is your child slipping out of the house through a pet door.

Pet doors are necessary to allow your pets to be mobile and to go outside the house when necessary. But children often follow your doggie around and they will try to go anywhere your dog does! This can be dangerous unless you have a dog door that children cannot go through.

We reviewed the best childproof dog doors for you. Look at the pros and cons of each and decide which one is best for you. We will look at child-proof dog doors and electronic dog doors. 

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Summary- the best childproof dog doors

Here’s a quick overview of our favorite childproof dog doors. Or keep scrolling for more in-depth reviews of each childproof dog door!

Best Electronic Dog Door- Power Pet Electronic Door

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For those who want sophisticated protection, an electronic dog door may be what you’re looking for. Most electronic dog doors work like this- your dog wears a microchip on their collar. When the door detects your pet is nearby, it opens. So your child won’t be able to wander out on their own!

The Power Pet door (available on Amazon) goes beyond that. It detects when your pet is actively moving towards the door, not just when they’re laying nearby or wandering past. That way, if Fluffy is sleeping near the dog door, your child can’t slip out!


  • Electronic access means your child can’t get out unless your dog is also going out the door
  • Up to 5 pets can have their collars keyed to the electronic door
  • Electronic closure keeps the weather out
  • Keeps out stray animals and intruders
  • Optional wall-mounting kit
  • Also comes in options that include windows above the door


  • You may need to buy an extra set of batteries for the collar- they can wear out quickly
  • Very noticeable when installed
  • The motor that opens the door can be a bit noisy


This is the best electronic dog door out there. It opens automatically when your pet is nearby, and won’t unlock if your dog is sleeping near the door. That means your child will not be able to get out on their own!

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Best Non-Electronic Dog Door- Endura Flap Pet Door

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The Endura Flap Pet Door is a well-built dog door that allows you to choose the size that is best for your pet. Magnetic flaps hold the door closed to deter children from trying to open it and to keep the wind and rain out. Plus, you can easily lock it to prevent your child from trying to use it.

It is a simply-constructed door and features a no-hassle installation. It comes in 4 sizes:

  • Small Flap (6″x10″)
  • Medium Flap (8″x14″)
  • Large Flap (10″x18″)
  • Extra Large Flap (12″x22″)

The flexibility in size may help you choose a size that will allow your pet to use the door, while avoiding your baby or toddler from doing the same. These doors are also made more narrow than some pet doors, which usually keeps children from being able to go through. This doggie door is a bit high in price but well worth it if you want the best quality construction and operation.


  • Comes in many different sizes and colors
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Easy to install out of the box
  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather ready (hot or cold)
  • 15-year warranty included


  • Fairly high price point
  • Some installation necessary
  • Only works with doors that are at least 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″ thick


I recommend the Endura child-proof dog door (click to view on Amazon) because it is made with strong aluminum, made to withstand wind and extreme temperatures. It also allows you to choose from a variety of sizes so that you can choose the one right for your pet without jeopardizing the safety of your child. The price is a bit high, but well worth it if you need a solution that keeps both children and pets free to explore but safe.

Best alarm against intruders- Ideal Pet Products Alarm Alert Pet Door

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Another impressive child-proof dog door is the Ideal Pet Production Designer Ruff Weather Alarm Alert Pet Door. This door allows you to have an alarm sound when the outside “lock-out” sliding panel is removed. This gives you a bit of extra security that may indicate when someone is messing with the locking mechanism to attempt to gain access to your home. Rough weather or hard winds or hail may also trigger the alarm, giving you a heads up on the weather situation.

As for child-proofing, this dog door can be installed in a wall or a door. That means you have more options of where to put it to prevent your child from accessing it. In addition, you can lock the dog door from the outside to keep your child in.

This electronic dog door comes in 2 sizes

  • 9.75″x17″ (Extra Large)
  • 15″x23.5″ (Super Large)

This door is more inexpensive than others on this list.


  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Can be installed in wall or door
  • Electronic door with alarm system


  • A bit harder to install and test
  • Alarm system does not keep child from exiting through the door


I recommend the Ideal Products pet door (click to view on Amazon) for anyone who is looking for lockable dog doors or electronic dog doors which help you increase security while allowing your pet to come and go safely while protecting your child from accidentally getting lost outside. The price is quite reasonable, considering what you get and the high level of technology it involves. 

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Best Budget Childproof Dog Door- Ideal Pet Products Plastic Doggie Door

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How can you childproof dog doors without any fancy bells and whistles on the doors themselves? If you buy a basic dog door, you can take some steps to keep your child from exploring it. Choose the smallest door your dog will fit through so that your child can’t fit through the opening. Install the door in a part of the house the child doesn’t have access to, or isn’t interesting to the child. More on that in a bit.

Ideal Pet Products (click to view on Amazon) has a pet-safe and child-proof dog door without all the bells and whistles. This simple child-proof dog door has a special feature that allows you to adjust the width of the door so to accommodate various sizes. This feature can help when you are wanting to allow just enough room for your dog to get in and out while barring your toddler or infant from doing the same! 


  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit any pet
  • Adjustable width
  • Low price
  • Easy to install
  • See through panels


  • Not as many “bells and whistles” as other options
  • No security alarm or electronic monitor
  • Less durable material than the aluminum or metal doors


For those who don’t want to pay the highest prices for a pet door, this may be the perfect solution. The easy-to-see-through plastic material allows you to watch what your dog is doing and the ability to change the width protects your infant from crawling through the opening. 

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How do you child-proof a dog door?

There are a few different ways you can child-proof a dog door. First, you can change the width of the door so that only your dog (and not your child) can get through it.

Or, you can keep your baby away from the door, which brings us to… 

What about baby gates?

baby crawling near long-coated brown dog near door
Listen… just let me follow you outside! I’ll throw some food off my high chair for you later!

Baby gates are a good option to keep your child from entering certain areas of the house, but they would not be practical surrounding the dog door, since your dog would not be able to access the doggie door either. However, when used in combination with a child-proof dog door, baby gates could be that extra layer of security where the gates are located away from the doggie door where your dog (but not your child) gains access to it. 

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Wrap – up – the best childproof dog doors

the best childproof dog doors pin

When thinking about how to child-proof a dog door, consider these options:

  • Accessibility
  • Alert or security systems (electronic doors)
  • The proximity of baby to pet door (use child gates)
  • Cost

The level of accessibility of your dog and your child are equally important. In short, you want your pet to be able to access it anytime, but not your child! Having a vigilant eye helps. You could also install a security camera and/or a baby gates to keep your child “under surveillance” to make sure they don’t gain access to the doggie door. Remember, you won’t have to be the “doggie door police” forever!

Think about your needs, the age and size of your child, and other factors when deciding on the best way to child-proof your dog door. . Can you keep your eye on your child most of the time? Or do you want the peace of mind that comes with a high-tech dog door?

Use your best judgment and choose based on you and our child (and fur baby’s needs).

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