Stop your dog from reacting to a crying baby with these 8 simple ideas!

A crying baby might be the norm for parents, but it’s an entirely different story for our dogs. The introduction of a baby into the home is unusual for any dog. Babies look different, behave differently, and smell differently. It’s almost as if our pet is trying to figure out if the baby is human. So if your dog has been Buck Wild at the sound of a crying baby, you’re not alone in the world. However, don’t stress. A dog reacting to a crying baby can be a positive experience- if you play your cards right.

My Dog Is Anxious Around Crying Babies

dog anxious around babies

The reason our dogs might seem anxious around a crying baby can be an instinctual or learned behavior. Dogs are inherently curious creatures, but these new sounds could be a source of anxiety. While some dogs exhibit a higher level of nervousness than others, there are a few ways to reduce stress around your baby. First, it’s imperative to establish a designated space where our dogs can go should we notice increased anxiety. 

Secondly, we must remain aware of our tranquility. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to stay calm when our baby is crying erratically. However, dogs are more likely to remain peaceful if we can keep a level head as the decibel level of our baby starts to increase. 

Normalizing our dog as much as possible around the baby is also important to consider. Include the dog in daily activities such as walks or even when it’s time for lunch. If a crying outburst happens, don’t draw any extra attention to it. 

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My Dog Shakes When the Baby Cries

dog shakes when baby cries
Reassure and pet your dog if possible when they are anxious

Most pet owners already know that a dog is a sensitive animal. The anxiety they’re experiencing from a crying baby can lead them to have tremors or shakes. Here are a few tips to try to help reduce or eliminate the shakes.

  • Reassure our pet in a soft tone, repeating as necessary.
  • Use the palm and fingers to pet the dog from head to tail slowly, from the fur to the skin.
  • Utilize the safe space as mentioned earlier if they get too overwhelmed

My Dog Cries Or Howls When the Baby Cries

dog reacting to crying baby by howling
A beagle hound breed dog barking outdoors. Shallow depth of field.

A dog cries when baby cries sound like a recipe for a mental breakdown. While taking a proactive approach will undoubtedly test our patience, the reward is well worth it. There’s no single answer that will work for every dog, but the willingness to try different things is most important.

One strategy is to desensitize our dogs to crying sounds. The way to do this method is to either use crying baby sounds (perhaps from Youtube- here’s a one hour video of a baby crying!) or record our baby crying. It’s best to play baby crying sounds at random times because that reflects what happens in real life. Start in smaller increments to gradually get the dog used to a new environment. If a dog howls when baby cries, don’t forget to give our furry companions plenty of attention. Praise positive behavior consistently. An otherwise stressful experience can turn into a positive one for your pet, and they will accept crying as a “normal thing.” 

There’s also the power of distraction. A distracted dog is also a busy one, not worried about the world around it. Try giving the dog a treat that they need to work at to unveil the reward, or provide a chew toy that keeps their attention. 

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Do Dogs Hate When Babies Cry?

dog resting

It might seem that dogs hate the sounds of crying babies, but it’s an outward expression of fear or anxiety. If a baby hasn’t been in the house before, we must understand it’s a strange experience for our dogs. Over time, our dogs will grow to love our babies, but it takes diligence. It’s always a good idea to give attention to your pet and baby simultaneously because that allows them to bond together. Down times let our dogs know there are instances of when the house should be quiet.

Adjusting To Life With Our Dog And A Crying Baby

A new baby is a blessing for parents, but we still can’t forget about our other “family members.” Babies will cry- it’s a fact of life. However, our dogs will learn to accept everything about the baby ( even the unpleasant things) with a little bit of patience and training. No two dogs are alike, so don’t give up if success isn’t an instant thing. 

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Summary of Tips to Stop A Dog From Reacting To A Crying Baby

tips to stop your dog from reacting to a crying baby
  1. Give your dog their own space they can retreat to
  2. Stay calm when the baby is crying
  3. Include the dog in daily activities like walks
  4. Don’t draw extra attention to the baby when she’s crying
  5. Reassure your pet in a soft tone
  6. Use your palm and fingers to pet the dog from head to tail
  7. Desensitize the dog with recordings of a crying baby
  8. Distract your dog with a treat or chew toy that will keep them busy

Now you have eight simple tips in your toolbox to stop your dog from reacting to a crying baby! Try them based on your pet and how he reacts to the baby. After all, you know your dog the best and

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