BJs Diaper Review | Are Berkley Jensen Diapers any good?

For parents looking to save money on one of their biggest monthly expenses, there are several diaper brands that offer more affordable diapers that are worth trying. 

However, purchasing cheaper diapers that you’ve never tried before can be frustrating. If a certain brand of diapers doesn’t work for your baby, it’s like throwing money down the drain. That’s why we love reviews! 

Consumers rely on reviews when shopping for household products, clothing, personal care items, and much more. 

Reviews have become a huge part of research for the everyday parent who is trying to find the best diaper for their baby. We tend to trust parents’ feedback and opinions when it comes to baby products; sharing personal experiences can save other families lots of frustration and headache. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and combed the internet for honest reviews from real parents on Berkley Jensen premium diapers. 

Short Version: BJs Diaper Review

Berkley Jensen diapers are made and sold by BJ’s, a wholesale store similar to Costco or Sam’s Club. Berkeley Jensen is one of BJ’s private label brands, and their diapers are hailed by parents as a reliable and cost-effective product for families of all sizes.

In this post, we’ve collected honest BJs diaper reviews from parents on various websites online, including the manufacturer’s website and popular diaper review sites. This post is a compilation of the feedback and reviews left by real parents. 

By reading the highlights and drawbacks of these diapers from a wide range parents who have used them firsthand, we hope that you’ll be confident to decide whether BJs diapers are right for your baby.

Pros and Cons: Berkley Jensen Diapers 

Here are a few pros and cons of Berkley Jensen diapers; we selected the most commonly listed pros and cons from various review sites. 

Pros of Berkley Jensen Diapers

1. Made for daily wear

With 12-hour leak prevention and moisture-wicking material to keep babies’ skin dry, Berkley Jensen diapers hold up well for most babies throughout the day, but seem to miss the mark for most babies who wear them overnight. 

Many parents shared that they experienced leaks when their babies slept in them overnight or for longer periods of time. 

2. Ingredients

Berkley Jensen diapers are made without perfumes, lotions, or latex and the inner liner is hypoallergenic. 

While some families prefer to use diapers made with eco-friendly materials and clean ingredients, Berkley Jensen has taken the initial steps to offer diapers that are free of harsh chemicals that are known to cause diaper rash and irritation on babies’ skin. 

3. Material 

Featuring stretchy materials in the waist and sides, these diapers support active babies as they explore their environment without parents worrying about the diaper falling down. 

Most parents seem to love the softness of this diaper, particularly the inner liner and waistband. While the waistband is elastic, it’s still comfortably soft and won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

The outer cover is breathable and soft, preventing any skin irritation around your baby’s thighs and waist.

4. Cost savings

As far as cost goes, Berkley Jensen offers a highly competitive cost per diaper when compared to similar products and brands. Even if you don’t have a BJ’s membership, they are available at other retail stores and online for a great price. 

If cost is your highest priority when shopping for diapers, Berkley Jensen offers a quality option that will help you save a lot of money along the way.

5. Quantity per box

For parents with several children in diapers or for those who prefer shopping in bulk, Berkley Jensen diapers make it easy to stock up on diapers without breaking the bank. 

Their standard boxes of diapers sold in-store and online range in quantities of 112 up to 210 diapers per box. 

If your baby goes through diapers quickly and you don’t have the time to constantly run to the store to stock up, Berkley Jensen’s large quantities per box will save you a lot of time.

6. Sizing

Berkley Jensen diapers fit babies of all sizes; whether your baby is tall and lean, short and stocky, pudgy and lanky… you can rest assured that the sizing of these diapers gives your baby room to grow while still fitting comfortably. 

The weight recommendation per diaper leaves a decent amount of wiggle room before needing to size up. For example, size 3 diapers are recommended for babies weighing 16-28 pounds, and size 4 begins at 22 pounds. 

This way, your baby has some room to grow in either size they wear. As they gain weight, you’ll still be able to finish off your current pack of diapers before sizing up. No wasted diapers, no problem! 

Cons of BJs Diapers 

1. Leaks are common

The most common problem with Berkley Jensen diapers reported by parents is absorbency. While they may be fantastic for daily wear when you can keep an eye on your baby’s diaper and how full it gets, overnight is a different story. 

The majority of parents who used these diapers and wrote a review shared that the Berkley Jensen diapers leaked through their baby’s clothes and onto the crib at some point during use. 

Claiming to have 12-hour leak prevention is bold when the majority of the reviews on the Berkley Jensen site are about parents expressing frustration about the leaks they’ve had to deal with when their children sleep in these diapers. 

2. Lack of ingredient transparency 

I couldn’t find a proper ingredients list anywhere on the Berkley Jensen website or any review sites. This is concerning for several reasons, mainly because it makes me wonder what ingredients they aren’t sharing with consumers.

As environmentally-friendly products become more mainstream, companies prioritize transparency in their manufacturing processes and their ingredients. When companies use clean ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing, they make sure to list it on their website and packaging. 

In my opinion, the fact that Berkley Jensen has minimal information on the ingredients used is not a positive indication of the material used in their diapers.

3. May cause diaper rash

Poor absorbency can often lead to diaper rash or irritation on your baby’s skin. When a diaper doesn’t absorb liquid properly, it can sit on your baby’s skin for an extended period of time and cause irritation. 

Many parents described how their babies woke up with leaks or blowouts accompanied by a rash or red skin. If your baby wakes up with full diapers or is prone to diaper rash, Berkeley Jensen may not be the brand for your child.

Key Features of Berkley Jensen Diapers

Here are the key features that parents love about Berkely Jensen diapers and a few features that seem to fall short in terms of quality, absorbency, and material. 

Diaper Design

Wetness indicators

These diapers have a helpful wetness indicator that is yellow when the diaper is dry and turns blue as the baby pees in them. The wetness indicator helps let parents know when it’s time for a change. 

Diaper tabs

Many parents have complaints about the diaper tabs on these diapers; as the diaper fills up and becomes heavy, the diaper tabs are stretched thin, and struggle to keep the diaper secure and up high on the baby’s waist. 

If the diaper needs to be adjusted, the tabs are mediocre at best. Once you’ve removed the tabs to pull up the diaper and try to reseal it, you’ll notice the tabs are much less sticky and struggle to hold on to the diaper.

Leg cuffs

The majority of parents who commented on the leg cuffs of these diapers were pleased with the leg cuffs and their functionality. 

As a whole, leg cuffs are designed to be one more feature to prevent leaks, and the leg cuffs on these Berkely Jensen diapers seem to do their job effectively. 


The waistband of these diapers sits right under the baby’s belly button and is held closed with diaper tabs. The elastic waistband is stretchy and gives the baby plenty of room to wiggle and move around while staying in place.

A few parents mentioned that when the diaper becomes full, the waistband begins to sag, and the tabs struggle to hold the diaper up around the baby’s waist.

Diaper fit and feel 

Berkley Jensen diapers seem to fit well, regardless of the baby’s size or stature. They are thinner diapers, so they fit slim and snug, hugging the waist and thighs to prevent any leaks. 

These diapers are very stretchy and flexible; the waist and sides have a lot of give, so your baby can be as active as they want without the diaper sliding down their waist or gaping at the sides.

The breathable outer cover of Berkley Jensen’s diapers is soft and breathable, helping to keep baby’s skin dry and clean.

Bjs Diaper Review

Diaper slimness

The general consensus seems to agree that Berkley Jensen diapers are on the thinner side. 

Parents prefer the contoured fit that these diapers offer, so their babies aren’t struggling to move in a bulky, sagging diaper. 

Diaper Absorbency

Berkley Jensen describes their diaper absorbency as having “advanced leak protection for up to 12 hours.”

For daytime wear, most parents swear by Berkley Jensen. When the diaper starts to get full, the blue wetness indicator lets parents know that their baby needs to be changed.

With that said, the majority of reviews about these diapers were disappointed by the lack of absorbency for overnight use, and many shared that their babies had experienced skin irritation and rashes from the wetness. 

VERDICT: BJs Diaper Review

For parents of babies that are transitioning into the exploration phase of their lives, whether they’re rolling, sitting up, or crawling, Berkley Jensen diapers are a great option for the price tag. 

These diapers seem to fall short in the overnight setting when babies begin to sleep for longer periods of time and don’t wake up to feed during the night. While they claim to have 12-hour leak prevention, the most common complaint about Berkley Jensen diapers is the lack of absorbency for overnights.

Many parents claim to have experienced leaks and blowouts when their babies wore these diapers for more than a few hours. 

So, if your baby is still waking up during the night to feed and get his diaper changed, these diapers are a worthy choice for you. However, if your baby is sleeping for longer periods at night (for 6+ hours), you will likely experience leaks and messes like the rest of the families did. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve seen about Berkley Jensen diapers. 

What ingredients are used in Berkley Jensen diapers?

Berkley Jensen says their diapers are “formulated for sensitive skin” without providing any actual ingredient information on their website. We can gather that they probably use common chemicals during manufacturing, as many other diaper brands do as well. 

What ingredients are Berkley Jensen diapers free from?

Berkley Jensen diapers are free of fragrance, lotion, and latex.

Are Berkley Jensen diapers non-toxic?

While they are hypoallergenic and free of a few chemicals, these diapers are not considered non-toxic. 
Berkley Jensen diapers don’t contain any biodegradable materials, and while they may not contain some harmful ingredients like fragrance and latex, they don’t make any mention of their use of phthalates, parabens, and TBT (Tributyltin).

Where are Berkley Jensen diapers made?

We know that BJ’s Wholesale Club stores are primarily on the East Coast, including Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Michigan.  
Their website is not clear where Berkley Jensen diapers are manufactured, but we can assume it is somewhere on the East Coast.

Who manufactures Berkley Jensen diapers?

BJ’s Warehouse manufactures Berkley Jensen diapers. Berkley Jensen is one of BJ’s private-label products. 

Where can I buy Berkley Jensen diapers? 

Berkley Jensen diapers can be purchased in-store at BJ’s warehouse, online at,, and Amazon. 

What sizes does Berkley Jensen diaper come in? 

Berkley Jensen diapers come in the following sizes:
Size 2: 12-18 pounds
Size 3: 16-28 pounds
Size 4: 22-37 pounds
Size 5: 27+ pounds
Size 6: 35+ pounds

Berkley Jensen Diaper Size Chart

Are BJ’s diapers any good?

If your baby is becoming active during the day and you’re on the hunt for a semi-absorbent, slim-fit diaper that won’t cost a fortune, BJ’s diaper line Berkley Jensen is definitely worth a shot. 
While the overnight absorbency lacks quality and power, most parents highly recommend this diaper line for daytime wear.

What brand makes BJ’s diapers?

BJ’s Wholesale Club makes Berkley Jensen diapers.

What diaper brands can I buy at BJ’s?

Those with a membership can shop at BJ’s for diapers and many other baby products. Currently, BJ’s offers the following diaper brands on their website:
Honest Company

Berkley Jensen diapers vs Kirkland

When compared to Kirkland diapers, Berkley Jensen can hold its own in terms of affordability, comfort, ingredients, and material softness. 

Kirkland is the supreme brand when it comes to absorbency. Kirkland diapers are one of the most absorbent diapers on the market and can be worn all day and night with virtually zero leaks. Kirkland’s fit is bulkier than Berkley Jensen, with diaper sag as a common complaint from parents using Kirkland.

Berkley Jensen, however, can’t be beaten when it comes to the price per diaper and overall cost savings for families who are looking to save money. 

Wrap up- BJs Diaper Review

We hope our BJs diaper review has helped you decide whether they’re worth trying.

BJs diaper review final verdict: If you have a BJs membership, try a box. You can always use them during the day and use a more absorbent brand at night. If you don’t have a membership, then you might as well go for a different store brand like Walmart’s Parent’s Choice.

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