Wheel of Time Easter Eggs

Watching a new episode and looking for Wheel of Time Easter eggs is one of my favorite things to do each week! Or re-watching an old episode to see what I missed. Here, we’ll break down Wheel of Time Easter eggs from each episode.

Read with caution, spoilers ahead! Many of the Wheel of Time Easter Eggs are references to the books or things that may occur later.

Season 1 Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Game of Thrones vs Wheel of Time

In Episode 1, Lan sees dead sheep in a circle in the shape of the ill omen, the “dragon’s fang.” 

In Game of Thrones, Season 1, Episode 1, we see dead horse parts in a strange swirl. But they don’t mean anything. 

Mat’s Luck

During the trolloc attack, he has amazing luck avoiding getting hurt or captured! Here’s some foreshadowing for you.

The Trolloc Attack

Did you notice that the trollocs attempt to capture Mat, Rand, Nynaeve, Egwyne, and Perrin? They don’t hesitate killing the other villagers! But they must have orders to capture the ta’veren alive.

Perrin and Leyla

After Perrin kills the trolloc at the forge, he goes into a rage. But look at this screen shot of his wife, Leyla. She’s ready to swing a hammer. Is she helping Perrin finish off that trolloc? Could she be swinging it at Perrin? Fans have many theories as to what it could mean.

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Season 1 Episode 2 Easter Eggs

Another dragon’s fang

When Nynaeve kills the trolloc, its blood spills into a dragon fang shape!


In the credits, there’s a small Easter Egg- “ The producers wish to thank Manetheren.”

Weep for Manetheren

During the “Weep for Manetheren” speech, you may notice some foreshadowing. The camera  focuses on Perrin during the line telling how the people of Manetheren went to join the army. And then it focuses on Egwene when it describes the end of Queen Eldrene. 


Moiraine uses the One Power to refresh the horses while the group makes camp. As she energizes them, the horses stand up. But one of the horses- Bela- is already standing up. And just as Moiraine is about to refresh Bela, Lan interrupts her. 

This could be a nod to one of the ta’veren in the books refreshing Bela.

Aes Sedai senses

When Egwene and Lan wake up just before the trolloc attack, this could be alluding to the fact that Aes Sedai and other women who can channel are often able to sense trollocs.

I am a lady from a fallen house

When the group meets the Whitecloaks, Moirane instructs her companions to tell the Questioners “I am a lady from a fallen house.”

Was she referring to the Winespring Inn she collapsed in The Two Rivers?

Readers of the books also know there’s more to Moiraine’s comment after we learn more about her past!


While Mat explores Shadar Logoth at night and finds the ruby-hilted dagger, we hear the same song that played when he talked to the peddler Padan Fain in Episode One. Fans of the book  will recognize the foreshadowing there!

Season 1 Episode 3 Easter Eggs


The Song in the background while Nynaeve and Lan are on screen

Nynaeve’s earrings

Supposedly her earrings look like a snake eating its own tail, the symbol of the Wheel of Time.

Glowing Eyes

Did you notice the glowing eyes in the background during Perrin’s dream? We see The “Dark One” up close in Rand’s dream. Could the wolves be protecting Perrin?

Thom’s Music

Did you notice that when Thom sings “he caused the whole world’s breaking,” the camera focuses on Rand?

A Stone Dog

When Mat loots the dead Aiel, he finds a small animal made out of rock. In fact, it’s a stone dog. The Stone Dogs are an Aiel tribe!

Aiel Hair

Thom: “It’s rare to hear that color of hair outside the Aiel waste.” There’s some great foreshadowing!

Season 1 Episode 4 Easer Eggs

Warder bonds

Lan saying “You always get emotional when I drink” is a nice nod to how the Bond between a warder and their Aes Sedai works.

How do you pronounce Nynaeve, anyway?

I really liked the wink to book pronunciation issues, when Liandrin mispronounced Nynaeve’s name!


When we meet the Green Aes Sedai, Alanna, she has three little silver bells in her braids in the back, which is the fashion in her homeland, Arafel. I love the costume design and the attention to such details of the cultures in the WOT world

Liandrin’s Braids

On the same note, I love that they gave Liandrin tiny braids all through her hair. It’s such a great nod to the books and her being from Tarabon, but the way they have the braids integrated as part of the hair style as a whole is so cool.


The little girl mentioned that her doll protects her at night, suggesting Birgitte watching over her from the World of Dreams? Foreshadowing?


Another fascinating detail they showed is Nynaeve heals without leaving a scar, just like the books. When Moiraine was healed by Kerene in the first part of the episode, there was clearly a scar left behind. But in the final scene, Nynaeve’s healing leaves no scars.

Axe or Hammer?

In the Tinker’s camp, Perrin and Ila talk about choosing violence or peace. While he’s fixing a wagon, he’s using a hammer. This is a subtle nod to the books where Perrin must frequently choose between using his blacksmith’s hammer and his axe.

The Red Hand

During the dream sequence, Mat’s bloody red hand is shown, foreshadowing for the Band of the Red Hand later. Related post: WoT Mat Quotes

More WOT Easter Eggs

Amazon has an amazing section on their website where you can explore the Wheel of Time world. Their interactive map shows all the locations the characters have visited and more details than what you’ll see in the show itself.

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