29 Stunning Wheel of Time Tattoos

29 Stunning Wheel of Time Tattoos

Fans have inked themselves with gorgeous Wheel of Time tattoos from the Wheel, to herons and Mat Cauthon.

Find inspiration for your own tattoos here, or just admire the artistry you’re about to see. 

Wheel of Time tattoo ideas

First, let’s start with Wheel of Time tattoos capture the spirit of the series. These fans found amazing artwork and tattoo artists to help them commemorate their love of the books and show! 

This amazing tattoo by Sophisticated Ink is one of my favorites! Any of the symbols in it would make awesome tattoos on their own. 

wheel of time tattoo idea
An Inktober 2018 sketch from Pinterest

Although this is just an ink sketch, it would make a great tattoo. 

Here’s a unique take on the classic WoT symbol. It references this quote from The Great Hunt.

The Time of Change has come. Blood feeds blood. Blood calls blood. Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be.

The Wheel of Time, The Great Hunt
wheel of time tattoo sleeve
Incredibly detailed Wheel of Time tattoo sleeve from Pinterest

Tattoo artist: Ok, where should we begin with your tattoo? 

Me: There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. 

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From The WOT Tidbits Tumblr

Perfect for any fan of the Wheel of Time books! 

From Imgur

And of course, the iconic chapter header makes a striking tattoo

Here’s a color version

Finish from WoT

This back tattoo covers our three male protagonists and the WoT symbol. 

Wheel of Time Dragon tattoos

I love the artistic style of this tattoo! 

This Aiel chieftain went to Rhuidean and proved himself worthy of leading a clan!

These fit together perfectly! But it looks like the bearer is claiming himself to be the Car’a’carn! Check out his awesome Rand al’Thor cosplay here!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Fantastic artwork and so colorful. 

From The Wheel of Time Center on Tumblr

I’d love to see this sketch turned into a tattoo! 

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Mat Cauthon tattoos

Of all the characters in The Wheel of Time, Mat inspired the most tattoos! 

Courtesy of Pinterest

This tattoo captures every aspect of Mat!

I love the artistic, almost watercolor design of this one. 

Here’s a darker interpretation of Mat.

Time to Toss the Dice
From Flickr

Would you get something written in the Old Tongue tattooed on you? 

Or the Banner of the Red Hand?

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In fact, the red hand and “It’s time to roll the dice” are super popular among fans who get tattoos. 

How many of the references do you see in this unique Mat Cauthon tattoo? We’ve got the ruby- hilted dagger, and the words to the song “The Color of Trust.”

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At first, I thought this was a tattoo for Mat, Rand, and Perrin. But it’s all Mat, that’s a foxhead medallion at the bottom! 

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Wheel of Time heron tattoo ideas

And this fan bears the heron mark of a blademaster

Here’s a heron-marked blade slicing through the Wheel of Time

Love this heron!

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Even more Wheel of Time tattoos 

This fan summed it up perfectly- “What better to go with a dice sword than a quote about tossing dice? “

It features the quote “It’s time to toss the dice” in the Old Tongue, and a sword made of the polyhedral dice used in Dungeons and Dragons. 

And here’s another version of Mat along with some D&D themed items! 

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Here’s Hopper, with the colorful shapes invoking the dream world. 

Another gorgeous interpretation of the Three Rivers Boys. 

And finally, an awesome quote. Although this quote originated in “the Japanese Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors,” it’s very popular among WoT fans

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Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed these Wheel of Time tattoos as much as I did! I love seeing so many creative ideas in so many artistic styles. 

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