Seventh Generation Diaper Review  

As your baby gets older and begins to sleep in longer stretches, you may want to seek out a better-quality diaper that is designed specifically for sleep. 

Overnight diapers are designed to be more absorbent, to fit snug, and to keep your baby’s skin dry and clear all night long. There are many diaper brands that claim to do all these things effectively, but not all of them measure up. 

This post is going to review the Seventh Generation Overnights diapers and how they hold up on my 2-year-old son and his 12-hour sleep patterns. We’ll discuss absorbency, material quality, ingredients, and much more. 

This Seventh Generation diaper review will help you decide if your child is ready for overnight diapers, depending on their weight, age, and how long they’re sleeping at night.

Short Version: Seventh Generation Diaper Review

Seventh Generation has been around since 1988, when it was founded as one of the few companies at that time that offered energy and resource-saving products. Seventh Generation originally sold house cleaners and various eco-friendly products, and their venture into diapers is a newer one. 

Seventh Generation offers a clean, environmentally friendly diaper option for babies from newborn to size 6. 

The Seventh Generation diaper line we’re reviewing in this post is the Free & Clear Overnight diapers. 

Seventh Generation has another line, Sensitive Protection Baby, that is sized from newborn through size 6. 

Once your baby falls in the weight range of Seventh Generation Overnight diapers (around 20 pounds), we highly recommend trying them out if you need extra support at nighttime. 

Pros and Cons of Seventh Generation Diapers 

Here are a few pros and cons of the Seventh Generation diapers to help you decide what factors are most important when shopping for diapers.

Pros of Seventh Generation Diapers

1. Fit

The fit of these diapers is one of my favorite parts about them. It’s not clear if they are specifically designed for tall, lanky babies, but that’s my son’s body type right now and they fit like a dream. 

He is almost two years old and has a pretty long torso, leading to many diapers fitting him too low below the belly button and ultimately sagging very easily. 

We had no issues with the fit of these diapers; they are one of the better fitting options that my son has used. 

2. Absorbency

As a diaper geared specifically for overnights, I expect the absorbency to be seriously impressive and I was not disappointed!

I did put one on my son during the day before jumping right into an overnight. Historically, I’ve learned that when trying a new diaper brand, it’s best to test it during the day when you can identify leaks or sag and quickly fix them. 

When they passed my day-wear test, I was confident in the absorbency power and had my son sleep in one. He sleeps around 11-12 hours, and while the diaper was massively swollen when I got him up the next morning, he was completely dry and there was no smell of urine. 

That’s a big win for Seventh Generation! 

3. Design

While appearance is never my biggest priority for a diaper that will end up in the trash, I still appreciate the cute design and fun colors. 

These purple diapers are adorable and have a cute sheep pattern on the front and back. The bold color makes them easy to differentiate from standard diapers, which is likely why they are colored; so it’s easy for parents to grab the right diaper when putting their baby down at nighttime. 

4. Clean Ingredients

While Seventh Generation diapers do use synthetic materials and they are not biodegradable or compostable, the ingredients used are still much better than other diapers available today. 

Seventh Generation states clearly that these diapers are made without any lotions, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching. The ink used is free of lead and other heavy metals as well, 

5. Environmentally Conscious  

Since its founding in 1988, Seventh Generation has striven to offer consumers eco-friendly products that don’t harm the environment. 

Their diaper products are made with sustainably sourced, FSC certified wood fluff pulp to help protect the forests and its inhabitants.

Seventh Generation is transparent about the actions they take to have a positive impact on the environment; from their recycled packaging to the plant-based materials used in their products, we appreciate Seventh Generation’s bold mission to leave the earth better than they found it.

Cons of Seventh Generation Diapers

1. Availability 

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Size 3, 155 count for Sensitive Skin (Packaging May Vary)

If you shop for diapers online, you won’t have much trouble finding Seventh Generation. They’re available for purchase on most retail websites and Amazon and seem to be fully stocked and available. 

However, if you prefer purchasing diapers and other baby products in person, you may have trouble finding them. I went to a few different Target and Walmart stores in my area and had no luck finding them. 

I ended up ordering them through Target Circle and received them in 48 hours, which was great! But if you’re in a pinch and need these ASAP, you may come up short. 

2. Sizing inclusivity

This particular line of diapers is only available in sizes 4-6. Seventh Generation does offer sizing for newborns up to size 6 in their Sensitive Skin diaper line, but we’d love to see the Overnights line extend to a size 2 or 3.

3. No wetness indicator

For some parents, this is not a deal-breaker, while others consider the wetness indicator a highly functional diaper feature that they can’t live without. 

Because the entire diaper is a deep purple color, there’s no room for a wetness indicator. 

4. Affordability

Seventh Generation diapers are not the most expensive diapers money can buy, but they’re up there. 

For families looking to cut costs on their biggest monthly expense, these diapers won’t save you much. Thanks to their absorbent quality, they will save you time on washing soiled sheets and baby clothes, but you can definitely find a cheaper option with similar absorbency power.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the Seventh Generation overnight diapers that will help you determine whether they’re a good fit for your baby. 

Diaper Design

Fun colors and design

This is one of few fully colored diapers I’ve ever seen or used; it’s a vivid, deep purple color with cute designs of sheep, stars, and moons.

Seventh Generation Diaper Review Design
Pictured: front and back of Seventh Generation Overnight diaper.

Wetness indicators 

As we mentioned, these diapers do not have wetness indicators, nor do they really need them. If you use these as intended, you’ll put your baby in a Seventh Generation overnight diaper and change them when they wake up in the morning. 

It’s safe to assume the diaper will be pretty wet by morning, so a wetness indicator isn’t necessary.

However, if you were using these for daily wear as well, that would certainly be a missed feature.

Diaper tabs 

Diaper tabs certainly serve a purpose and can keep a diaper securely on your baby as they roll around in their sleep throughout the night.

I really liked the stickiness of these diaper tabs; there were a few times when my son needed his diaper readjusted and they did a great job of remaining secure to keep the diaper up around his hips while staying sealed. 

Leg cuffs

Seventh Generation diapers fit snugly but somehow manage to be pretty stretchy as well. The leg holes are roomy for chunky thighs but also fit snug for slimmer legs. The cuffs on these diapers do their job of preventing leaks and other messes. 

We had no leaks using Seventh Generation diapers and I’m confident the leg cuffs did their job of containing liquid and moisture as the diaper filled up overnight.

Diaper Fit & Feel

Material softness

The inside of the Seventh Generation diaper feels very soft to the touch. My son has mildly sensitive skin and in the past, scratchy diapers have left his bottom red and irritated. 

The outer layer feels like a soft cloth and is durable against anything it comes into contact with. 

The chemical-free ingredients paired with ultra-soft materials in this diaper won’t irritate your baby’s skin or cause any rashes. 

Slim diaper design

These overnight diapers are much thinner than I expected; typically, overnight diapers are bulky so they can handle liquid for 12+ hours. These diapers are slimmer than most and won’t swell up too much even when they’re full. 


The high waistband on these diapers is one of my favorite features. My son is tall and slim with a long torso, so diapers usually hit him much lower on the waist. The waistband on Seventh Generation diapers is higher and the resealable tabs keep it in place. 

The waistband has a great stretch but still hugs tightly; I’m sure the leak prevention power of these diapers is due to the fit and elastic waistband holding in any liquid.

Pictured: elastic, stretchy waistband from the inside of the diaper

Absorbency Power

In my opinion, the absorbency power of an overnight diaper should be highly impressive and worth the extra cost. 

Seventh Generation Overnights did not disappoint in terms of absorbency; my son sleeps for 12 hours every night and we did not experience any leaks or wetness of any kind. 

When I changed my son in the morning, the diaper was definitely swollen and large, but totally dry. His bottom was dry and clear of rash or irritation each time we used these diapers overnight. 

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Another bonus was the smell (or lack thereof). I’ve used diapers of all price points and quality on my kids and have found that even some of the better absorbing options have a potent smell once they’re full.

Pictured: my son’s diaper after 12 hours of sleep.

Seventh Generation says these diapers have 10 hours of leak prevention, but I’d venture to say it’s even longer than that. 

Verdict: Seventh Generation Diaper Review

For families that are in the market for a better-quality diaper that will hold up for overnights, Seventh Generation is a worthy choice to try. 

This brand runs on the more expensive side, but if you’ve had trouble with leaks on longer sleep stretches, you may feel like the higher cost is worth it if it means your baby (and you!) gets a better night’s sleep. 

Seventh Generation Overnights are a highly absorbent overnight diaper that has great softness and effective wicking material that will keep your baby’s tush dry all night long.

If you’ve experienced leaks, blowouts, or any type of diaper mess as your baby begins to sleep longer, it may be time to try a nighttime diaper and Seventh Generation is a great option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Seventh Generation diapers that will help narrow down your search for a great overnight diaper.

What ingredients are used in Seventh Generation diapers?

According to their website, Seventh Generation diapers are made of the following ingredients:
*Totally chlorine-free (TCF) processed wood fluff pulp
*Sodium polyacrylate (absorbent core)
*Polypropylene (core wrap, cuff, inner liner, moisture barrier layer, fastening system, outer layer)
*Polyethylene (outer layer, inner liner)
*Polyolefins (Acquisition layer)
*Polyurethane (Waist elastic)
*Adhesives (seams, joints)
*Polymer spandex (fastening system, leg elastic
*Inks (external printed designs)
*Made with FSC Certified sustainably harvested plant-based pulp

What ingredients are Seventh Generation diapers free from?

Seventh Generation diapers are free from lotions, dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching. 

Are Seventh Generation diapers non-toxic?

Seventh Generation diapers are made from chlorine-free wood pulp and nontoxic absorbent gel, with 30% bio-based ingredients. 
They are not entirely non-toxic because there are some synthetic products used in the adhesive and absorbent materials, but these diapers are a great option with cleaner ingredients.

Where are Seventh Generation diapers made? 

To reduce their carbon footprint caused by transportation, Seventh Generation diapers are manufactured in the USA. According to their website, some Seventh Generation products are made in Mexico, Europe, and Canada. 

Who manufactures Seventh Generation diapers? 

There isn’t much information on who manufactures Seventh Generation diapers, but we do know they are owned by Unilever, a company based in the UK.  

Where can I buy Seventh Generation diapers? 

Seventh Generation diapers can be purchased at some Target stores, online at,, and Amazon. They may be available at some drugstore chains as well, like Walgreens or CVS. 
Seventh Generation diapers used to be more widely available in-store, but it was difficult for me to find them at a store in my area to purchase. I ended up just ordering them online instead of driving around town looking for them.

What sizes does Seventh Generation Overnight diaper come in?

Seventh Generation Overnights come in the following sizes:

*Size 4: 20-32 pounds
*Size 5: 27-35 pounds 
*Size 6: 35+ pounds 

Seventh Generation diaper size chart

Do Seventh Generation diapers have a wetness indicator?

The Seventh Generation Overnight diapers do not have a wetness indicator. The vivid purple color of the diaper doesn’t allow for a wetness indicator, but these diapers are designed for overnight use, so a wetness indicator isn’t entirely necessary.

How do Seventh Generation diapers compare vs Honest diapers?

In terms of absorbency, Seventh Generation diapers are very similar in quality and material to Honest diapers. 
Seventh Generation diapers are much more affordable than Honest while still offering families clean ingredients and transparency with their materials, manufacturing, and environmental impact. 

Are Seventh Generation diapers non toxic?

While they do include fewer harsh chemicals, Seventh Generation diapers are not totally non-toxic. They are better for the environment and use materials that are gentle on babies’ skin and prevent diaper rashes.

Are 7th Generation diapers organic?

Seventh Generation uses plant-based materials and ingredients during manufacturing, making them a cleaner option for families seeking products that are friendly for babies’ skin and the environment. 

Are Seventh Generation diapers hypoallergenic?

Seventh Generation diapers are clinically proven hypoallergenic. They produce fewer allergic reactions in babies, thanks to the cleaner ingredients used during manufacturing. 

What sizes are Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection diapers available in?

Seventh Generation Sensitive diapers are available in the following sizes
Newborn — Up to 10 pounds
*Size 1 — 8-14 pounds
*Size 2 — 12-18 pounds
*Size 3 — 16-21 pounds
*Size 4 — 20-32 pounds
*Size 5 — 27-35 pounds
*Size 6 — 35+ pounds

Seventh Generation Diaper Size Chart

Wrap up- Seventh Generation Diaper Review

Here’s the short version of my Seventh Generation diaper review: Overall, I loved the quality, durability, soft feel, absorbency, and leak protection. But the price tag means they’re not something I’d buy regularly. They’re perfect for children with sensitive skin. I would also consider using them just at night time and using a different diaper during the day.

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