Nerdy Outdoor Activities | 17 Ideas for Geeks

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors pretty soon. Whether you consider yourself a nerd or you just like nerdy activities, there are so many things to add to your Nerdy Summer Bucket List

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors pretty soon. Whether you consider yourself a nerd or you just like nerdy activities, there are so many things to add to your Nerdy Summer Bucket List!

If you’re thinking about the nerdy outdoor activities and adventures you want to go on, this post is for you! We compiled the best nerdy outdoor activities that will keep you entertained all summer long. 

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Nerdy outdoor activities


Geocaching is a fun, nerdy outdoor activity that involves using GPS to hide or locate ‘caches’ or treasure stashes, which are containers filled with some sort of prize. To find a cache, participants must use the latitude and longitude provided by the geocacher.

Geocaching: Basic Beginner's Guide

Containers can be found all over the world, and there are local geocaching groups you can join as well. This is a great introductory book to Geocaching, with tons of helpful information from an expert.

Geocaching is a fun way to get outdoors, use your brain, and flex your treasure hunting skills. 


Live-action role-playing, or LARPing, is a form of role-playing where participants dress up and act like a character from a fictional story. While LARPing, participants have particular tasks or goals that they try to accomplish. 

LARPing usually takes place in an outdoor field or wide-open space that allows many people to participate. Every event is different and unique in its own way — that’s what makes it special.

Go birdwatching 

Birdwatching, or birding, is an excellent way to get outside, explore nature, and learn about the birds in your local community. 

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Some enjoy bird watching with the naked eye, while others use a telescope or binoculars. Birds can be detected better by sound than by sight, so many use an auditory component to assist with their watching.

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Disc golf 

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Disc golf is a great form of exercise, an easy way to socialize and to enjoy nature. 

During the game, players “complete” a hole by throwing a disc toward the target, a wire basket. If the player misses the basket, they throw again from where the previous throw landed, until they make it in the basket.

Many communities have disc golf courses in local parks and are free to use. 

Download Pokémon Go

If you were a fan of Pokemon cards in the 90s and early 2000s, Pokemon Go is a nostalgic walk down memory lane while using today’s technology.  

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game, where players can find Pokemon characters all over the world. With a mobile device’s GPS system, players can track, catch, and battle Pokemon characters as they appear in the player’s real-world location. 

Pokemon Go is free to use, and encourages players to get outside and in their communities to catch ‘em all! 

Play a round of mini-golf

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Miniature golf is a nerd’s paradise! 

The goal of mini-golf is to get the lowest score of all the competitors, meaning the winner took the lowest number of total strokes to get their ball into each hole.

Mini-golf courses involve moving obstacles, like windmills, ramps, and tunnels to challenge players to putt to the best of their ability. If you want to practice at home, try this backyard mini golf set.

Fly a drone

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A drone is a flying robot that can be remote-controlled or flown autonomously by its own software. Drone flying can be tricky, so if you have experience flying remote-controlled objects, you’ll be better off. Here’s one of Amazon’s most popular drones — it’s great for kids! 

As far as a nerdy outdoor activity goes, drone-flying is at the top of the list. You get a dose of technology while taking an adventure in the sky and getting some fresh air in your lungs. 

Race RC cars

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If you like getting your hands dirty and driving remote-controlled objects, RC cars are a great outdoor activity to enjoy with your friends, family, and kids. 

Depending on the model, RC cars can race and jump with the best of them. You can take them to a hiking trail, the beach, or even to a local skate park. Most cars are designed for various terrains, so they can handle the dirt, the beach, and the concrete all the same. 

Here’s an affordable and popular RC car that has fantastic reviews.


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Got a green thumb or want to grow one? Summer is the perfect time to start a quaint little garden in your backyard!

Maybe you want to try your hand at growing your own vegetables and herbs, or you’re more of the floral type. Gardening is good for the soul and can be very therapeutic and relaxing. If you’re a newbie, here’s a great gardening starter kit that has everything you need. 

Fly a kite 

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With or without kids, flying a kite can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Keep an eye on the weather and wind for the day before making plans to fly a kite. 

Kites fly best at the park or the beach, anywhere you have a lot of open space to move around. Invite your friends, bring lunch, and enjoy the sights of all the kites floating in the breeze together. 

Go for a hike

If there’s a hiking trail you want to explore, grab a friend and go on an adventure. 

Bring a camera so you can snap some photographs of what you encounter along the way. You’ll get some exercise, socialization, and hopefully a story to tell.

Outdoor games 

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After a long workday with the kids cooped up inside, sometimes an outdoor game of Jenga or croquet is all we need.

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From Ladder Toss, Connect 4, and Tic Tac Toe, there are some great outdoor games that get the whole family involved. 

Backyard movie night

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Use your backyard as much as possible this summer! 

Grab a tent and an outdoor projector, and get your kids’ favorite movie on the big screen.

If you’re feeling adventurous, turn it into a campout with s’mores, stargazing, and ghost stories. It’s perfect for the whole family, and if the kids get scared, it’s easy to move them inside to their own beds.

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Try an obstacle course 

Whether at a local park or in your own backyard, an obstacle course can be a great time for everyone! Test your balance, strength, and agility on the course and cheer on your friends and family.

Go to an air show 

Blue skies mean it’s the perfect time to see a local air show. Learn about modern military warcraft, watch simulated helicopter rescues, skydiving, and more. 

Make sure to grab sunscreen and sunglasses, and get ready to be amazed! 

Find a board game/ cat café 

Into board games? Do some Googling and see where the closest board game café is in your community. Most board game cafés offer food and beverages, desserts, and more. It’s fun for the whole family.

Love cats? Cat cafés are a popular attraction in bigger cities, where visitors can come to read, use the WiFi, and hang out with local feline friends. Some even have yoga classes and a coffee bar.

Visit a brewery arcade 

Brewery arcades are becoming easier to find in big cities and downtown areas because they offer a hybrid of two things most people enjoy — beer, friends, and games! 

Meet up with friends, bring the kids, and take a stroll down memory lane with the arcade games you grew up playing. 

Wrap up- Nerdy outdoor activities

Summer is best spent outside with the people who mean the most to you. Every nerdy outdoor activity on this list can be enjoyed solo or with friends and family. 

What nerdy outdoor activities made it onto your bucket list? Leave a comment! 

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