Date Ideas for Gamers | 16 Fun, Nerdy, and Geeky Ideas

Planning a date night and need some inspiration? If you and your date are gamers and enjoy nerdy activities in and out of the home, this post is for you. 

We’ve put together a list of the best date ideas for gamers, including activities you can do at home or out in the world. Some cost money (but nothing outrageous), and others are totally free. 

There’s something for every gamer on this list! Let’s get into it.

Date Ideas for Gamers

Date Ideas for GamersPlay Video Games Together

The first and most obvious suggestion on our list is to do what you both love — gaming!

Take a stroll down memory lane with some old-school classics like Mario Party or Mario Kart, or play something more modern like Call Of Duty: Warzone.

You’ll see firsthand how the other person strategizes, communicates, and enjoys themselves. It’s a genius way to discover how compatible you are.

Virtual Date Night 

If you can’t get together in person or are dating long distance, a virtual date night is a great way to connect and focus on each other, no matter where you are in the world. 

Battle for glory and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier in Apex Legends, or embark on a journey through the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

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Visit an Arcade

Whether it’s a retro arcade from the 80s and 90s or a modern bar with an arcade attached, you will surely have a fantastic date night!

We love the old-school vibes of an arcade with classics like PacMan, pinball, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders. 

Laser Tag

If you or your date have a competitive spirit, laser tag is a great activity for you to work together and take down opponents. 

If there’s a Main Event or Dave & Buster’s in your area, laser tag is an easy date night option that doesn’t require much planning or thought; you can just show up!


Show off your treasure hunting skills and work together on a geocaching date. 

Hunting for hidden treasure with your date is an easy bonding experience; if you find the treasure, you’ll share a great feeling of accomplishment and discover how well you work together. 

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Play Board Games

Want to mix things up? Put the screens away for the night and dig out some vintage board games.

Duke it out for the best properties in Monopoly, show off your LIFE skills, or test each other’s vocabulary and strategy in Scrabble. Board games are a cheap and easy way to enjoy spending time together without leaving the house. 

Attend a Trivia Night

Got a good amount of trivia knowledge? Take your date to a local bar or restaurant’s trivia night and flex your skills! 

Trivia is a fun, interactive way to put your heads together and apply your knowledge and memory skills. If you win, you’ll definitely have something to celebrate! 

Visit a Gaming Convention

Whether it’s ComicCon or any other major gaming convention, attending together (and dressing up in your favorite garb) is an enjoyable date that can turn into several days of fun and exploration.

For all the upcoming conventions around the country, visit 

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Escape Room

Escape Rooms require creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. Work together to solve the many puzzles within the room, and then celebrate once you crack the code and break free! 

Browse a Comic Book Store

Stroll the aisles of a comic book store and share your favorite stories and characters from when you were a kid. 

Bonding over your favorite comics and learning about another person’s childhood and hobbies makes for easy conversation on any date, whether it’s your first time meeting or you’ve been together for years. 

Axe Throwing

Test your aim and strength skills with axe throwing. Develop a new skill, show off your competitive side, and even get a bit of a workout in this fun activity. 

Hit the bullseye and impress your date every time! 

Skating Rink

Lace up your roller skates, grab your date’s hand, and cruise around the roller rink together while listening to some classic 80s rock and love songs. 

Skating rinks were a popular date night spot in the 80s and 90s, and we totally see why. If there’s a rink open in your area, take advantage! 

Browse GameStop

After you finish dinner or drinks, pop into a local GameStop and browse the aisles. Share your favorite games and experiences you’ve had with different storylines and characters. 

Buy a new game to play together on your next date! 

Watch Your Favorite Gamers Stream

If you’re looking for a relaxed date night or simply winding down together, tune in for your favorite gamer’s live stream on Twitch or YouTube.  

Most people enjoy watching others play their favorite games to learn new strategies, tricks, and secrets of the game. 

Nerf Gun War

Embrace your inner child with an exciting Nerf war! 

Load up your Nerf guns with foam bullets and compete until you’re the last one standing. Nerf wars are even more fun with more people, so invite any couple friends to join you for a thrilling date night. 

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Create Your Own Comic Book

If you and your date are creative and enjoy writing stories, it’s time to create your own comic book! Brainstorm the storylines, characters, themes, and the plot, then get to work. 

You’ll share the feeling of accomplishment and pride at creating something special together.  

If you and your partner enjoy trying new things, this list will help keep date nights interesting. Whether you’re at home, traveling to a gaming convention, or anywhere in between, these date ideas for gamers will impress your partner and ensure you have a special and memorable date night! 

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