25+ Best Gifts For Nerdy Husbands and Boyfriends

25+ Best Gifts For Nerdy Husbands and Boyfriends

Some nerds are easy to buy for; some are tough. But whatever the occasion or holiday season, it can be a lot of fun finding just the right present that will bring a knowing smile to their face that “you get them.” I’m not the only nerd in my family, so I’m constantly on the hunt for the best gifts for my nerdy husband.

From typical Star Wars and Star Trek kitsch, to custom comic strips, here are some of the most geeky presents for him to help you in that time of need. Trust me, these are the gifts you’re looking for (confession: there are no droids on this list).

Whether it’s for your husband, boyfriend, or significant other (heck, even for yourself), I think this is one of the best guides for nerdy stuff out there!

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Nerdy Star Wars Geek Gifts

There are thousands of gifts for the Star Wars movie lovers out there, so narrowing it down to some of the best is tough. But I found a few nerdy gifts for him that are perfect.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Floor Lamp

What man wouldn’t like a 5 foot lightsaber for his man cave? (Actually he’d probably want it next to the bed, but you have to draw the line somewhere.) A nice blue glow that can be dimmed; just be ready for him to make that “zzzzhm” lightsaber sound every time he turns it on.

Dropping a Bounty

This unqiue 12 x 9 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Wall Art of Boba Fett on the Toilet from Amazon is perfect…if you have separate bathrooms.

Since the Boba Fett on the toilet art is no longer available, how about Yoda?

Retro Star Wars T-Shirts

At Junk Food Vintage Clothing, you’ll find all kinds of amazing vintage t-shirts. And they have Star Wars t-shirts AND Star Wars x NFL crossover t-shirts. 

If the nerdy guy in your life isn’t into Star Wars, they have tons of retro shirts from bands like Def Leppard, The Grateful Dead, and The Beatles. Or go the Disney route, or check out their vintage beer shirts!

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Star Trek Geek Presents

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter (click to view on Amazon) is one kitchen utensil you don’t want to store in a drawer. You’ll just have to keep reminding him not to play with his food.

Star Trek Captain’s Log Large Notebook

If your significant other likes to journal, write poetry, or pretend he’s commanding his own starship, this is a fun item (click to view on Amazon) that he’ll enjoy carrying around. A reasonable price for a certain conversation starter.

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Nerdy Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

Batwing Posable Batman Desk Lamp

This lamp is almost like a toy, but he can feel more like a grown up with this on his home office desk, or end table in his man cave. It’s USB-powered, so make sure you have an extra adapter if he’ll be plugging it into the wall.

Custom Hand Drawn Comic Strip or Comic Book

This idea might be the ultimate geek gift. A comic strip telling your unique story!

There are two options, so you if you’re on a budget, you can get the less complex comic. Or if you want something that’s even more stunning, opt for the higher-priced tier, and have it printed and framed. It’s delivered in digital format, so you’ll own the original files and can have it printed however you’d like.

These are a bit out of my budget right now, but as our family grows, I am already thinking about the way I can turn our story into an awesome comic!

Sadly, this is no longer available. While a shirt is no replacement for a custom comic book, any nerdy dude will appreciate a t-shirt!

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Ideas for the Nerdy Gamer

Game Boy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

This is the most fun mug he’ll ever have. It looks just like a Nintendo Game Boy, and the screen is dark when the mug is cold, but changes to 2 different retro Super Mario screens (one on each side of the mug) when the gaming mug is hot.

Leonardo de Vinci Catapult Kit

A nerd gift where science comes to life. The engineer in me compelled me to have one of these on my desk myself, and I would launch food to the dogs with it. It’s pretty simple to assemble, and provides some cheap entertainment for the price.

Gifts for the Nerd Drinker

Set of 2 10oz Whiskey Glasses Etched with Whiskey Chemistry Molecules

These are great if you’re married to a science nerd who enjoys a nice glass of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. Your husband can pretend he remembers all of that chemistry from when he was in college!

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Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Or step it up a notch, and get this set which looks awesome on display. The glasses aren’t as much of a geek gift as the molecule glasses above, but the decanter is very showy and fancies up any bar.

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Food Gifts for Nerdy Husbands

I love getting food gifts for my nerdy husband since he eats them and then they don’t clutter up the house!

Tokyo Treat Snack Box

Click the image to to visit TokyoTreat.com

Although my husband isn’t particularly into anime, he loves trying new foods, especially ones from foreign countries! The Tokyo Treat snack box was a big hit at our house. Is your husband curious about unique Japanese snacks? Click here to discover the most popular Japanese snacks and drinks with TokyoTreat! They offer 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions and have two different box sizes to choose from!

Cookies By Design

Click to see more at CookiesbyDesign.com

You can never go wrong with toilet humor at our house… Cookies by Design has lots of fun gift baskets, including this one to keep on rollin, and another one with poop emojis labeled “another stinkin birthday!” You can also write your own custom messages!

Just Because

Name a Star After Your Nerdy Husband

Why buy him a video game that he’ll finish in a few days (okay, make that months…), when you can name a star that will last for billions of years?! What a unique and meaningful idea!

Star-registration.com has different options to choose from, and will even send you a beautiful certificate and celestial map so that he’ll have a gift to open and look at then and there. 

As a special touch, choose a binary star as the perfect couple’s gift. A binary star consists of two stars orbiting each other.

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Mechanical Metal Moving Puzzles!

I had no idea that Brookstone sold such amazing things! The real winners here are the DIY arcade kit, and the 3D electronic, moving puzzles. Build a lighthouse, ship, or space station!

If that’s not your speed, check it out- they have a Death Star bean bag chair. A gaming desk with customizable color-changing LEDs. Underwater scooters. Motorized pool floaties with their own joysticks.  

And of course, what nerd couldn’t use a magnetic, hands-free flashlight shaped like a mine?

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Toilet Timer

Maybe it’s a gag gift, or maybe it’s a real gift? Often the best jokes are funny because they’re true. The down side is that it doesn’t have an audible alert at the end. This one was extra fun to shop for because the Amazon reviews are great, plus it gets a lot of stars!

Magnetic Wrist Band

My husband is one of those guys who must have all the tools. I got him this for holding screws, nuts, bolts, drill bits. But this is one of the best gifts for geeks because you never know what creative items they’ll find to attach to it. Some of the items I’ve seen on his are: silverware, keychain, cufflinks, pens, and a laser pointer.

A Plethora of Unusual Knowledge

Pretty much every geek guy prides himself on knowing random things. So a book of unusual knowledge is the perfect geek gift.

Best Runner-Up Geeky Gift Ideas for Him

Below are more of the best gifts for nerdy husbands that I found while hunting for great presents this year.

Nerdy Shirts and Socks

Clothes make fantastic gifts for nerdy husbands. I wear this t-shirt periodically.

This is a fun t-shirt for the retro video gamer: I went outside once. The graphics weren’t that good

Every geek shirt collection must have at least one Hawaiian shirt. You never know when the occasion warrants it! 

Nerdy Gadgets

This phone holder is perfect for my husband’s shop where he does 3-D printing and has other pieces of equipment. He’s always watching movies or YouTube videos, and this thing lets him set his phone anywhere.

Remember that man cave I mentioned earlier?

Game of Thrones Geek Gifts

For the rebel Tyrion Lannister fan:

I knew I was lucky when I found a boyfriend who enjoyed cooking. He loves this book because it has both the medieval as well as the modern version of the recipes, so depending on time and appetite for adventure, he can decide which to make.

Harry Potter

A cauldron of soup. A CAULDRON OF SOUP! (note: this has also been used for coffee, beer, and popcorn)

I love to give my husband socks as stocking stuffers. That joke never gets old to me.

I’d heard of Loot Crate before, the monthly subscription box for nerds, but I didn’t realize that they have a Harry Potter themed crate!

Board Games

True nerds know that through cooperation, nerdness can conquer all. That’s why I love Pandemic (the board game, not the one 2020 brought us). The players have to work together — it’s the players versus the game. I also like how it’s designed to be able to increase the difficulty level as you learn more strategies.

We definitely prefer co-op games, and one we’ve been enjoying lately is Forbidden Desert. My husband didn’t want to play at first because he thought it was Forbidden Dessert, and he was not interested in forgoing dessert! This game typically takes less time than Pandemic, and is a bit less complex.

Some of our other favority games we play with our fellow nerd friends:

What do you get a man who has everything?

A funny gift, of course! Like This gag box of nothing or Nothing: for the minimalist. A funny gift can be one that just makes you laugh. 🙂 Not sure the price justifies the gag, but if you’re truly going to make the joke, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Do you have any other nerdy gift guides?

I have a couple, but I try not to make too many because these geek gifts could end up costing me a lot of money when I discover so many fun things during my research! If you enjoyed these gifts ideas for nerdy husbands, check out:

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