Names That Mean Sunflower (24 Great Ideas for Girls and Boys)

Names That Mean Sunflower

Your newborn baby is no less than a flower coming into your life bringing joy, brightness, and color. So choosing a name that means sunflower is a perfect way to represent these feelings!

These tall and picturesque flowers symbolize unconditional love, good fortune, intelligence and happiness.  Below are some of the best names that mean sunflower.

Names That Mean Sunflower

Boy Names That Mean Sunflower 


Coming from Khmer, the name Chhoukrath translates to sunflower. This is a unisex name also found in ancient Hindu scriptures. 


Gulkhursid has a Zoroastrian origin and translates to sunflower. 


The name Hinata refers to a sunny place or someone who likes the sun. Alternatively, this name is also used for a sunflower. Other common meanings include warm, poetry and bloom. Hinata is also the name of a character in Pokémon Ranger. 

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The term Mirasol is used to refer to the perennial sunflowers grown in North America. It also means ‘a plant having showy yellow rays’ and is taken from the Spanish language. 

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The word Narantsetseg corresponds to ‘sunflower’ in Mongolian and is also a synonym for light, plants and the sun. 


Pahukumaa is a gender neutral name which is used to describe the edge of a sunflower. It originated from the American-Paiute language. 


Suryakamal is an Indian name made up of two different Hindi letters ‘surya’ and ‘Kamala’ wherein the former refers to the sun and the latter means a flower, particularly a lotus. 

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Girl names meaning sunflower 

Names That Mean Sunflower


Chaitna is an Indian name which means ‘sunflower seed’. This name originates from the Hindi language and also means cognizance. Variations of this name include Chetna, Chaitanya and Chaitana. 


Chrisanna is a girl’s name which finds its origin in Greek roots and means ‘golden flower’ i.e; a sunflower. This name is a combination of the Greek words chrysos and anthos. 

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This is a Greek name which is inspired by a biblical water nymph. As per the legend, Clytie loved the sun god Helios and was later transformed into a sunflower so that she always turns her face towards the sun. 

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This is an incredibly popular yet easy to pronounce Japanese name. Himawari means sunflower. This name gained its popularity due to its frequent use in Japanese anime and cartoons. 


Nanala is a Hawaiian term which means ‘sunflower’. It is also metaphorically used to describe those who gaze towards the sun. This name also has some resemblance from the Lion King character named ‘Nala’. 


The name Liaoki means sunflower and is also used to symbolize excitement, stars and the moon. 


Sunflower can also be used as a girl’s name due to its positive vibe and impactful symbolism. 

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Vanalika is an Indian name which comes from the Bengali language and means sunflower. 


This is a feminine name which is used to describe a sunflower and finds its roots in Sanskrit language. 

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More Names That Mean Sunflower

Names That Mean Sunflower
  • Helianthus, the genus of sunflower plants, and Greek for sunflower
  • Harpalium, an alternate name for the sunflower genus 
  • Cinereus– a variety of sunflower that grows in Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Indiana 
  • Sarmentosus– a sunflower species that grows in French Guinea 
  • Navarri– Chilean sunflower species
  • Laetiflorus– “the cheerful sunflower,” a plant that grows across much of North America 
  • Gracilentus, or “slender sunflowers” are native to Baja California 
  • Asteraceae, also known as “the sunflower family,” includes daisies, asters, and of course, sunflowers

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Wrap Up- Names That Mean Sunflower

Names That Mean Sunflower Name Pin Template

Names that mean sunflower make gorgeous appellations. They bring to mind bright summer days, light, warmth, and happiness. This makes them perfect for naming anything from a pet, to a middle name, or more. The sky- or should I say the sun- is the limit!

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Resource: We use Behind the Name to research name meanings, history, and popularity.

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