Over 80 Names That Mean Gold or Golden

Over 80 Fantastic Names That Mean Gold or Golden

Picking the perfect name is tough, and you need to take your time researching different options. For example, if you want a name that means “gold” or “golden,” your possibilities are almost limitless. Thankfully, we’re here to help by collecting the best boy, girl, and unisex names with this meaning.

Boys Names That Mean Gold

If you’re having a boy, buying a male pet, or writing a book with a golden masculine protagonist, we have the name for you! These come from multiple cultures worldwide and may include unique stories, such as connections to important historical figures.


Abuzar comes from Tatar, Pakistan, Chechen, and Indian cultures and means “gold” or “father,” depending on the connotation.


Meaning “mouth of gold” in Tiginya, Ethiopians often use this name to refer to someone who speaks very well.


Akale-work is a unique Ge’ez name that means “body of gold.” Athletes often earn this nickname after a successful competition.


Altin is an Albanian name that comes from the Turkish word “altin,” which means “gold.”


Another Albanian name, Ardit, means “golden day,” by combining the words “ar,” meaning “gold,” and “dite,” meaning “day.”


This Ancient Greek name means “horse of gold” and was commonly given to someone’s most popular horse.


Chrysostomos means “golden mouth” in Greek and was often given to orators throughout Greek cultures, such as Saint John Chrysostom.


Dorado comes from the Spanish term “dorar,” which means “gold.” Eldorado, the fabled city of gold, earns its name from the word.


Draupnir comes from a dwarf and ring in Norse mythology and means “goldsmith.”


Eliphaz is a Hebrew name that means “pure gold, fine gold” and refers to an essential character in Biblical history.


Though somewhat uncertain in meaning, Georgian sources believe it comes from a Persian word that means “gold” or “golden.”


Welsh names don’t get enough love, and Eurig is no different. It means “golden” and should fit just about any naming needs.

Eurfryn, Eurion, Euron, Euros.

These Welsh names all derive from the term “eur” or “aur,” which means “gold” or “golden.

Flori, Florim, Florin

Each of these names comes from the Albanian “flori,” which means “gold, gold coin, golden thread.” The European coin, the florin, comes from the same source.


Created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his “The Lord of the Rings” series, this name means “golden light” or “braided tress of hair.”


Derived from the Latinized English word for “gold” or “golden,” this rarely used name might work well if you want a very obvious or on-the-nose option for your child, book character, or pet.


Golda comes straight from the Medieval English word “gold,” and its meaning speaks for itself.


Chinese names like Jinquan include complex meanings, like “gold,” “tapestry,” and “whole,” which gives them a unique depth.


Derived from Sinhala, Kasun means “gold” or “golden” and was used by multiple kings throughout Sinhala history.


Hmong names like Kou often have uniquely complex definitions. For example, Kou means “gold” as well as “golden” and “light.”


Derived from the Finnish epic “The Kalevala,” Kullervo means “gold” and refers to a character seeking revenge on his uncle after being sold into slavery.


Tolkien probably created more unique names than any other writer, and this name, meaning “gold cleaver,” is another favorite.


Nugzar likely comes from Iranian sources and means “gold” or “golden,” though its exact origin is mysterious.


Pazel comes from Hebrew and means “God’s gold.” The unisex name “Paz” derives from it.


A Laotian name that means “golden lion,” Singkhan is a popular option in Laos.


This Thai name means “golden victory” by combining two names with these meanings.


Derived from Azerbaijani, this name means “gold” or “golden” and comes from the Persian “tala.”


In the eastern African language Amharic, Workneh means “gold” and comes from the word “warq.”


Zaza is a simplified version of the Georgian Zaal, meaning “gold” or “of golden origin.”


Used in Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Bulgarian, and Macedonian languages, Zlatko means “golden.” It’s the diminutive of Zlatan, which has the same definition.

Girls’ Names That Mean Gold

Feminine names often have more beautiful phonetics or sounds than male names. However, that’s not always the case. That said, the names below will provide plenty of options for your child, pet, or character. You can even pick these names for yourself if you plan on changing yours soon.


Derived from the Bakshir term “altin,” this name means “gold” and also includes the term “bika.”

Altinçäç , Alintcan, Altingol, Altn

All these names derive from the same root, “altin,” though they have secondary roots that mean “soul,” “hair,” and “flower.”

Altynai, Altyngul, Altynshash

Each of these names comes from the Kazakh term “altyn,” meaning gold.” They also have secondary meanings like “hair” and “flower,” like the previous four names.


Derived from a Native Ancient language, Taino, Anacaona means “golden flower” and refers to a queen who ruled a Caribbean island.


This beautiful name comes from the Amharic term for “especially gold.”


Bibizar means “gold weather” and “mother” and is a common Uzbek name for a very good mother or one who raises her children well.


Filipino and Maranao names often include beautiful meanings, though Bolawan has a relatively simple “gold” definition.


Cengzer is a Kurdish name that means “gold, golden” or “handful, palm.” Therefore, it means “golden hand” in most contexts.


A Greek name derives from multiple words that, when combined, mean “golden flower.” It also refers to a prevalent flower species.


Dahab simply means “gold” in Arabic and is one of the most popular girl names in Arabic-speaking countries.


Coming from the Crimean Tatar language, Elzara means “golden nation” or “golden country.”


Likely a Medieval English name, it combines the Germanic “burg” to create a name that means “golden city” or “golden fortress.”


Not to be confused with Godiva, this Anglo-Saxon name comes from an old Latin term that means “gold gift” or “golden present.”


Gulazer is a feminine Kurdish name that means “golden rose” by combining the words “gula” and “zer.”

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Gulldis, Gullevi, Gullveig

These three names come from the same Norse root, “guo,” which means “gold.” Secondary meanings include “home,” “goddess,” and “sanctuary.”


What name list would be complete without a Sanskrit option? Kanaka remains popular in India and means “gold” or “golden.”

Kanokphon and Kankowan

Both names come from the Thai word for “gold,” with secondary meanings of “color” and “blessing.”


Kezizer is a Kurdish name that means “yellow, gold, blonde” and “fringe, bangs.” This combination gives it the meaning “golden hair” in most contexts.

Khibla and Khimra

These names drive from the Abkhak word for “gold” and mean “golden eye” and “golden sun,” respectively.


Derived from the Manipuri words that mean “gold” and “successful,” you might choose this name for a successful or financially driven character.


Majgull combines the Swedish words “maj” and “gold” to mean “beautiful golden one.”


This Old Hungarian name remains popular in Hungary and means “gold, jewelry, necklace.”

Olimtilla, Oltinbibi, Oltinbuvish, Oltinjamjol

These names drive from the Uzbek word “oltin,” meaning “golden.” They mean, respectively, “precious gold,” “golden woman, “golden lady,” and “golden beauty.”

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Unisex Names That Mean Gold

If you’re not sure whether you’re having a boy or girl, a unisex name may work well for you. They also work well if you don’t know what gender pet you want or when creating a character designed to confuse your readers. Thankfully, you can choose from one of the following names below to find one that means “gold” or “golden.” Each has a unique history or extra definition you might enjoy.


Meaning “golden moon” in Kazakh, this name sounds similar to the English word “austere,” though that name also has Latin connotations.

Altanbayar, Altannar, Altanpurey, Altansolongo

These Mongolian names share the root “altan,” meaning “golden.” They mean, respectively, “golden celebration,” “golden sun,” and “golden Thursday.” Many more unisex Mongolian names use the altan root.


An attractive Hungarian name, Aranka means “golden” and gets used as a vernacular form of Aurelia, another common name.


This rarely used English name derives its meaning from the Latin “aur,” which means “gold.” Incidentally, this root explains gold’s “AU” listing on the periodic table of elements.


This modern English name means “a golden disc, ” referring to the ring around angels’ heads. It comes from the Latin “halos” or the Ancient Greek “halos.”


Hiran gets used in Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Hindi, Thai, and Sinhalese areas and means “gold.” However, it can also mean “money” or “silver.”


Like many Chinese names, Jin works well for both boys and girls. However, it also includes multiple complex meanings, including “gold, metal, money” and “tapestry, brocade.”

Kham and Khamphet

These Laotian names derive from the root “kham,” which means “gold.” Khamphet includes the secondary meanings “diamond, gem.”

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Lipaz combines two Hebrew words, “li” and “paz,” which mean “mine” and “gold,” respectively. You may use this name for male or female needs, though it’s most commonly masculine.


Though rarely used as a first name, Mirre means “golden” in Dutch and likely comes from the term “myrrh,” which was among the gifts given to the newborn Jesus.


Nsuku is a beautiful unisex Tsonga name that means “gold” or “golden.” Often, parents give this as a nickname to a preferred child.


Derived from the Igbo language, this name means a “yellowish, precious metal” or gold. Any child given this name is considered precious or sacred by their parents.


A shortened version of a masculine name, Paz works well for both boys and girls. It means “gold” or “golden” in Hebrew and gets used throughout Israel today.

Sovann and Sovanna

Sovann comes from the Sanskrit word “survarna” but is primarily used by Khmer-speaking people. It means “gold” or “golden,” depending on the context. You can vary it to Sovanna if you want.


Though Swarna is a feminine Punjabi name, you can drop the last letter to make it unisex. Conversely, you can add an “O” or “E” at the end to make Swarno or Swarne a masculine name.


Somehow, this list has gone this far without including an Armenian name. So let’s change that with Voski, a popular unisex name that means “gold” or “golden.”

Wrap Up – Names That Mean Gold

Check out our list of names that mean gold or golden- perfect for naming your precious ones.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this golden list of names that mean gold! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Resource: We use Behind the Name to research name meanings, history, and popularity.

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