Names that Mean Dawn – 50 Ideas from around the world

Morning or dawn is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. But, as the sun rises over the horizon and the world lights up, the promise of the day is only beginning. That’s likely why there are so many names that mean dawn or morning throughout history. Each name has different cultural meanings and contexts that make them particularly interesting.

As a result, it is wise to check out the many different dawn-related names around the world. They work perfectly for male, female, or unisex naming needs and will fit your child, pet, or story. You may even find that they work well for you if you’re interested in changing up your name for any reason. So let’s take a deep look at your choices to ensure you find one you enjoy.

Names that Mean Dawn

Boy Names That Mean Dawn

Throughout history, many cultures have linked the concept of dawn or morning with images of beauty and the idea of new beginnings. As a result, there are many boys’ names with this meaning, particularly in Eastern religions that focus heavily on the sun or that believe in nature gods. Thankfully, you should easily find an option that fits your situation.


This Albanian name is one of the most popular boys’ names in Albania, particularly for firstborn sons. It means “dawn,” though it also has connotations with the morning or new beginnings in life.


Altan is a Turkish name that means “red dawn,” which has both beautiful and ominous meanings. A red dawn is a gorgeous sight but could indicate dangers, particularly for sailors.


In ancient Sioux mythology, Anpao is the spirit of dawn that contains two faces: the day and the night. That meaning gives this name a powerful and beautiful connotation beyond its initial meaning.


Though this name has many meanings due to its connection with the Biblical savior of humanity, it also means “morning star” or “dawn light” and is often connected to entities of great power and strength. 


Koit is an Estonian name that means “dawn” but which has connections to life’s beginnings. For example, it may be given to a younger son due to their youth and the promise of a new and exciting life.


A common name used to refer to the devil of Jewish and Christian religions, it also means “morning star” or “dawn.” It typically refers to a powerful entity or one with powers beyond belief.


Manlius is an Ancient Roman family name that means “morning” and which was used by many throughout Roman history. While not commonly used now, it is unique enough to work for many.


A gorgeous indigenous name from the Cheyenne language, this name means “morning killer,” or the dawn. That gives it a somewhat aggressive but still meaningful context.


Nishant means “night’s end” and “dawn” in Sanskrit and is a popular name in Indian areas. It may also be prominent in any areas that speak Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati, including Pakistan.


This Native American name comes from Algonquin and means “morning star,” which refers to the sun and the coming of the dawn as it rises over the horizon.


Luo, a language spoken throughout eastern Africa, created this unique name. It means “born early in the morning,” which also connects to the birth of the sun during the dawn.


This Indian or Hindi name comes from the Sanskrit language and means “morning” or “shining forth.” That gives it a deep connection with the morning or dawn, an important time in the Hindi religion.

Sabah ad-Din

Though rare in modern times, this Arabic name was once heavily used throughout the Middle East. It means “morning religion” and is connected heavily with the dawn and morning.


As a Korean name, Seok-Jin comes from many characters combined in unique ways. It means “large” or “precious” but also refers to the morning, which in Korean culture is considered a precious time.


Sol is a Hebrew variation of Saul, who was the first king of Israel. It also connects with Solomon and means “prayed for peace.” However, Sol is the name of the Earth’s sun, combining it with the dawn.


Meaning “before the morning,” Summanus comes from the Latin words “under” and “morning.” It also refers to the Roman god of the night sky, giving this name a complex dual meaning.


This Slovene name means “dawn” and is popular in many parts of the world. Often, it is a name given to a firstborn child to bring them a good look. It may also mean “new life” in some contexts.

Names that Mean Dawn


This Turkish name means “born at dawn,” which gives it a rather beautiful connotation. While often given to children who were literally born as the sun rose, it may be given to other children as well.


Like Korean and Chinese, Japanese uses multiple characters to create meanings for words. For example, Tatsuo means “man” and “husband” and also means “morning” in some contexts.


A unique Old English name, Uhtic connects words meaning “dawn” and “king” to produce a mighty name. It’s a great option if you want to give a character’s presence a real oomph in your story.


This Sanskrit name means “dawn” or “morning” and is still heavily used in many parts of India. That makes it a unique name because it has both deep historical roots and modern usage.

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A Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, and Macedonian, Zora is the masculine variation of Zora, which means “dawn” or “morning.” It has been used throughout history for kings and rulers in these regions.

Girls Names That Mean Dawn

The most blatant dawn-related girl name is “Dawn,” meaning “dawn, sunrise.” This Old English name is derivative of other Latin and Greek names and is connected with many other morning- or dawn-related names. Thankfully, there are many choices if you want the meaning or context of dawn without naming yourself, your child, your pet, or a story character Dawn.

Names that Mean Dawn


Arushi comes from Sanskrit and means “reddish dawn.” It also described the houses of Agni and appeared heavily in various Hindi legends, including the Mahabharata.


A Latin name that means “dawn,” it also refers to the Roman goddess of the morning. Aurora has been used in just about every Latin-related language and is the root source of the name “Dawn.”


Latvian names often have a beautiful complexity to their meanings, but Ausma is reasonably straightforward. It means “dawn” or “morning” in Latvian, giving it a simple but powerful definition.


Lithuanian names may not get the attention they deserve outside of their home country. For example, this name, which means “dawn,” is gorgeous and should be more popular as a girl’s name.


Aya refers to the goddess of the dawn in Akkadian mythology, someone who is also connected with beauty and sexual appeal. She spent time with the sun god, Shamash, as well.


Coming from Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Macedonian, and English terms, Danica means “morning star” or “Venus” and is common in many Slavic folk tales.


Denitsa is a Bulgarian name that is a derivative of Danica. It likely spread to Bulgaria during the early part of European settlement immediately after the Dark Ages ended.


This Greek name comes from the Ancient Goddess of the dawn. She is one of the more critical goddesses in this mythological tradition and appears throughout multiple stories.


Fajr is a common Arabic name still in use throughout much of the Middle East. It means “dawn” or “beginning,” giving it connections with a new day and new ideas in Arabic.


This rare Italian name (rarely used in ancient or modern times” combines two Latin words meaning “flower” and “dawn,” respectively. Its rarity may make it an excellent option for someone who wants an original name.

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Within Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish, three heavily connected languages, Gry means “dawn” or “morning peace,” which gives it a comfortable and appealing feel.


Coming from the Basque language, Goizane means “morning” or “dawn” and originates in the word “goiz.” It remains one of the most famous Basque names and the root of Goizargi and Goizeder.


This Welsh name means “dawn” and is commonly used throughout parts of Wales today. It may be simplified in several ways, such as “Greta” by more modern Welsh speakers.


Hungarian is another language that doesn’t get enough attention for its beautiful names. Hanjal means “dawn” in Hungarian and is a popular name for firstborn daughters.


This Hungarian name means “morning flower,” which connects it heavily with the dawn. It is commonly found in ancient folk tales, though it also appears in several Hungarian novels.


This Latvian name has an uncertain background and could mean “morning” or “dawn,” but it is also believed to be a derivative of Rita, which means “right” or “correct.”


Connected heavily with other Italian names, Rosalba means “white rose” and links to dawn because of how these flowers mature in the bright morning light of the dawning sun.


This Persian name means “dawn” in Arabic and is popularly used in many parts of the Middle East. It is also connected to the Sahara Desert, which is one of the most critical geographical elements of the region.


Ushas means “dawn” in Sanskrit and is the name of an important Hindu goddess of the dawn. She is considered the daughter of heaven, making her a heavily worshiped deity in Hindi.


Zora comes from multiple languages, including Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. It means “dawn” or “aurora,” connecting it with the ancient Latin term.


This name, coming from Arabic, means “dawn” or “enchanting,” giving it a very positive connotation. It is used heavily throughout the novel Don Quixote, one of the most famous of all time.


This Indigenous American name comes from the Apache and means “morning star.” It grew in popularity after 1950 when it was used in a well-known western film for a main character.

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Unisex Names That Mean Dawn

If you’re uncertain about the gender of a child, pet, or character, unisex names often work very well. They can fit boys or girls and often have beautiful and unique sounds that make them enjoyable. Thankfully, there are plenty of unisex names that mean dawn, which should provide you with plenty of options from which to choose. They include:

Names that Mean Dawn
  • Aruna: A Hindi name derived from the god Aruna, meaning “dawn” or “morning.”
  • Asahi: A Japanese name that comes from two kanji meaning “morning sun.”
  • Chen: This popular Chinese name means “morning” and refers to the Chinese zodiac.
  • Duha: Duha is a simple Arabic name that means “morning” or “dawn.”
  • Liwen: Liwen means “morning” in Mapuche, a Native American language.
  • Lucero: A Spanish and Mexican name, Lucero means “light” or “morning.”
  • Sabah: This Arabic and Turkish name means “morning” or “the rising sun.”
  • Shachar: Shachar is a Hebrew name that means “morning” or “dawn.”

Wrap up – Names that Mean Dawn

Names that mean dawn

We’ve shed some daylight on our favorite names that mean dawn! At a first blush, these gorgeous ideas will have you adding lots of choices to your name lists in the wee hours of the morning.

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