Names That Mean Destroyer – 37 Ideas for Boys and Girls

Names That Mean Destroyer – 37 Ideas for Boys and Girls

Do you want a somewhat aggressive name for a book, pet, or child? How about a name that means destroyer? There are few things in life as aggressive or impressive as destruction, which makes it a potent meaning to use in a variety of naming situations, including if you want a successful child.

Let’s take a look at over 30 different names that mean destroyer or something similar. We brainstormed quite a few different names here. Some are closer to destroyer or have a meaning that is very similar, which means you should easily find one that suits your needs.

Male Names That Mean Destroyer

names that mean destroyer

There are many masculine or male names that mean destroy or have a similar definition. Many of these names come from ancient myths and religions. Some are not commonly used today, which might make them an interesting choice for your next naming needs.


In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Abaddon is the name of the angel of the abyss. It is also a name that means “ruin” and “destruction” in ancient Hebrew.


This Ancient Greek name comes from the verb pollymi, which means “destroy.” It also refers to the god of sun and medicine, as well as beauty and wisdom.


Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology with a name that means “bane” or “ruin.” Ares was known as a great destroyer due to his many wars.


A Biblical or Hebrew name that means “God destroys,” it was also the name of Rebecca’s father, which makes him a very important character in the Old Testament.


An English nickname that literally means “someone who busts or breaks things,” it was rare until the popularity of silent movie legend Buster Keaton.


Likely an English form of the Polish name Kazimierz, it comes from the Slavic terms for “destroy” and “peace” and was a common name for Polish kings.


Daniel is a very common English name derived from a Hebrew word that means “God is my judge.” It is shared by a Biblical character who has four visions about the end of the world.

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Though not used very often in England or Scotland, this Old English name means “judge” or “end” and was once a very common surname in some parts of Scotland.


This ancient Greek name means “judge of the people” and is ironically shared by the Greek philosopher who invented atomic theory, which led to the nuclear bomb.


A Hindi name that means “destroyer of evil” in Sansrkit, it is common in multiple Hindu legends and is the name of an important king in religious myths.


A Parthian name used in Greek, it means “ox crusher” and was the name of two kings of Parthia. It may also mean “destroyer” in some contexts.


This Arabic name means “crusher” or “breaker” and was the nickname of the great grandfather of Muhammad due to his practice of breaking bread for pilgrims.


Though this Arabic name means “generous,” it comes from a root word that means “destroy” or “to crush” and refers to the act of crushing bread into crumbs.


This Sino-Korean name comes from two different roots, one of which means “located at or exist” and “kill, rule,” which gives it an overall name of “destroyer.”

names that mean destroyer


In the Native American language of Cheyenne, this name means “morning killer” by combining words that mean “morning” and “kill” into one name.


This beautiful Indian name means “night’s end” or “dawn” and refers to the way that the morning sun destroys the night, as mentioned in The Doors’ song “Break On Through.”


Perseus is a Greek mythological figure similar to Hercules. He killed Medusa and the minotaur and married Andromeda. His name means “to destroy.”


Though rarely used as a first name, this English surname means “to destroy” in the Norman language, and also has a meaning of “message” in its root form.


Terminus was the ancient god of boundaries in Roman mythology and his name means “limit” or “end,” beyond which nothing else exists.


This Armenian name means “breaker of defense” and is a victorious name and has also meant “destroyer of armies” in some contexts. It is also the name of the god of war.

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Female Names That Mean Destroyer

While there aren’t quite as many female names that mean “destroy” or have similar meanings, there are still several that may interest you. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular to give you an idea of what is available and to help you make the best naming decision for your needs, whether you’re naming a pet, child, or yourself.

names that mean destroyer


In the Basque language, this name means “the end” or “to end,” as in destroying something. It was popularized in an 1879 novel.


This Turkish term refers to the warming of the temperature at the end of winter, which brings about or destroys snow and cold weather.


Danya is the feminine form of the Hebrew “Dan” and is a compound word that means” judgment from God,” which often came in the form of destruction.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Deianeira is Hercules’ wife, the one who accidentally poisons him by giving him a shirt. Her name means “to slay man.”


Dinah is a character in the Bible who was abducted by Shechem. Her name means “to judge” or “to put to an end” in ancient Hebrew.


Dushya is a Hindi name that means “destroyer of evil” and was a common name given to kings to ensure that they were successful and good to their people.


This ancient Greek name means “judgment” and typically refers to someone who has the good sense to make smart decisions.


As a South African name, Fungai means “think,” “judge” or “bring to an end,” particularly through careful consideration of complex points and ideas.


Though this French name can be both male and female, it refers to the concept of justice or fairness. In ancient times, Justice often referred to swift and brutal sentences, such as ending someone’s life.

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Kaali or Kali is a Hindi name that comes from ancient Hindu religious myths. It means “night, destroyer, and Goddess durga in her terrifying form” and refers to the destroyer of reality.


This Hebrew name comes from the Bible and means “to press, crush, or destroyer.” It is given to male and female characters in the Old Testament but is usually used as a female name in modern times.


Though this Hebrew name (meaning “damagers or destroyers”) was rarely used in modern time, it became popular in 2016 after being given to a character on the show Lucifier.


This Balinese name means “end” or “to bring to an end” and is usually given to the third-born child in a family, which is where many Balinese families ended.

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This name originates in Greek mythology and means “to destroy.” She was stolen by Hades in Greek mythology and forced to live underground but comes to the surface during the summer, creating seasons.


Ancient Greek mythology features a woman with this character who turns into a bird after having sons with a bear. That strange tale aside, the name means “slayer of many.”


In Norse Mythology, this name refers to a giantess who loses her father and gets a husband in return. Her name means “damage” or “harm” in Old Norse.


This Khmer name means “to judge” or is given as a name to lawyers. It also means to bring to an end or destroy and is commonly used in many stories and fables.

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Wrap up- Names that Mean Destroyer

names that mean destroyer

We hope you’ve rampaged your way through these names that mean destroyer and dismantled any doubt that you could find the perfect one! Did we miss the mark? Crush, raze, and ruin us in the comments!

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Resource: We use Behind the Name to research name meanings, history, and popularity.

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