Breastfeeding Memes, Jokes, and Puns: A roundup of the best breastfeeding and breast pump humor

Feeling LETDOWN over breastfeeding? Does pumping SUCK? Get PUMPED with 29+ hilarious and unique breastfeeding memes, jokes, and puns to brighten your day.

I hope these funny breastfeeding memes, jokes, puns, pictures, quotes, and outfits keep you mamas in a good mood!

Breastfeeding Memes

Breastfeeding wardrobe

breastfeeding is weird in that you go your whole life trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, only to end up planning your outfits based on how easily your boob will pop out of them
Source: @SophieSchillaci on Twitter

So true!

Happy Meals

breastfeeding meme happy meals
Source: r/beyondthebump

Wisdom from the mouth of babes!

Sure hope so!

breastfeeding meme sure hope the boob gets home soon!

Some days when I get home from work, I wonder if my baby is happy to see me or just the boob!

Eat at Mom’s breastfeeding meme

breastfeeding funny onesie: eat at moms!

My baby’s review of Mom’s Diner: 4 out of 5 stars. I frequent both locations daily. The food is always great and all you can eat. It is always hot, fresh, and served quickly. The owner, mom, seems tired sometimes and gets annoyed when I climb on the booth. Service is usually slow when I go between midnight and 6 am. I often have to yell before I’m seated- I get no response when I ask quietly and politely. Overall, I would recommend and will be going back!

As if breastfeeding isn’t scary enough

baby nursing meme
this baby nursing meme is terrifying!

Yeah, this was something I never considered before breastfeeding! It’s not a gummy worm! Yet this is normal life for many moms! (Related post: Learn everything you need to know about baby behavior during breastfeeding!)

When the baby sleeps through the night

breastfeeding meme

I’ve never been so happy yet so uncomfortable! 

How I feel after my baby weighs in at a check up

breastfeeding meme with lasers!

Alternate caption: I make milk, what’s your superpower?

Mrs Incredible breastfeeding meme

Speaking of superheroes, Mrs. Incredible has the right idea here! I love imagining how the supes would use their powers in everyday life

My boobs are on fire

my boobs are on fire breastfeeding meme

It’s less painful if you sing, right? Right???

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Breastfeeding mums be like

melting barbie breastfeeding memes
From The_joys_of_parenting

But she looks so relaxed!

Frozen breastfeeding meme

breastfeeding meme frozen

You’re welcome for getting “Let it go” stuck in your head! Courtesy of Twitter.

Mum’s half asleep again!

Also courtesy of Twitter

I’m not just milk drunk!

Source: Amazon. Can never go wrong with some terrible puns! 

Textbook breastfeeding positions

breastfeeding comic
Source: @fuulyn on Instagram

How quickly did you start some of the real breastfeeding positions? One of my baby’s favorite moves is the face kick!

Breastfeeding positions not shown in textbooks

nursing positions not shown in textbooks

Now I want to make a breastfeeding bingo game!

Boobivore breastfeeding meme

Found on Amazon here. Any baby clothes with dinosaurs are a win in my book! 

I just cry and boobs appear?

breastfeeding meme
Mind. Blown.

Most babies just don’t realize how powerful they are!

I don’t always drink milk

That’s right, you’ve heard it from the Most Interesting Baby in the World!

Breastfeeding hamburgers

benefits of breastfeeding meme

There are some benefits to breastfeeding!

Hakuna Ma’s Tatas

It means more boobies

For the rest of your days

It’s my bottle-free philosophy

Hakuna ma’s tatas! (click to view on Amazon)

Time out

Everyone has to learn to share!

What do you mean?

And everyone has their own unique relationships…

Cosleeping breastfeeding meme

At least she likes to sleep on her side to begin with? Just trying to look for the silver lining here!

When you wake up

I love how concerned this baby’s face is in the first picture!

Now the biting makes sense

Never thought I’d see an M&M in a breastfeeding meme!

The crib dribbler

Found on Amazon. I always love these prank boxes…. Click through to see the captions on the back and sides, they’re pretty amazing!

The Lactation of St Bernard

Nerdy history alert! This is actually an iconic illustration called “The Lactation of St. Bernard.” Saint Bernard was inspired by Mary’s lactation! Read more here.

Breast Pump Memes

Stages of breast pumping

Please tell me the source! I need to give whoever made this an awful lot of credit!

And of course, I have to throw a few breast pump jokes and memes in here too! I would totally go on an adventure with Nicholas Cage and my breast pump!

The right way to date your breast milk

I always appreciates a good Letterkenny jokes! But why you gotta be so flippin’ awkward, bud?

I don’t usually talk about pumping my boobs

Speaking of awkward… At first, it was weird talking about “the mom room” at work when I’d go to pump. But then I started having fun making things awkward for my coworkers, and I never turned back!

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Breastfeeding moms on their way to work

Some breastfeeding memes are spot on and this one definitely is! Breast pump, cooler, bottles, spare parts, my lunch, a water bottle, laptop… I carry more stuff to work than I do when I take my baby somewhere!

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Pumping Pumpkin

This isn’t realistic since the mom had time to put rollers in her hair!

I love the attention to detail in this setup! Check out the pumpkin seeds in the bottles!

Working moms bring home the bacon AND the milk!

Last but not least, this breast pump joke is definitely my favorite!

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Is there any situation where you can’t use this picture in a meme?

Breastfeeding Puns

I was wondering what my breast milk tastes like, so I asked the baby. He told me… Umami!

Did you hear that news story where a woman assaulted a police officer by spraying breast milk at him? Her attorney should get a not-guilty verdict using the First Amendment. She was exercising her freedom of expression!

Breast milk is better than any udder milk!

Breast Pump Puns

My friend opened the fridge and a bag of pumped breast milk fell out. “Oh, sorry,” I said. “The fridge is boobie-trapped!”

What kind of batteries does a breast pump use? Double d’s!

Funny Breastfeeding Quotes

Glad these parents have divided things up!

I wish my baby would learn this lesson!

Alrighty, that’s all, folks!

Conclusions: Breastfeeding Jokes and Memes

I hope you had a good laugh! Breastfeeding and pumping can be challenging, and having a sense of humor helps make things manageable. If you enjoyed this post, please share it or any of the breastfeeding memes you found here!!

I’d also love to hear any breastfeeding memes or pumping jokes or awkward conversations you’ve had in the comments!

My personal best: One of my coworkers loved weirding people out. When someone stopped by my desk and asked where I was, he’d make a motion like he was milking a cow. When they inevitably had no idea what he was talking about, he’d suggestively raise his eyebrows. Of course, they still wouldn’t get it, so he’d say in a stage whisper “She’s in the mom room!” and make a shocked face!

At first, I was embarrassed by what he did. But, this may sound silly… After reading so many breastfeeding memes, it felt much more natural. And after awhile, I started enjoying joking around about it since it’s a natural part of life! Breastfeeding memes made my life better!

Breastfeeding jokes and memes

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