Names That Mean Wolf – 60 Ideas For Boys and Girls

Wolves are both loved and feared. They are celebrated for their fierceness and loyalty, and many Germanic people have adopted wulf as part of their naming system. Wolves have long played various roles in different mythologies and stories, sometimes generous and other devious. Let us take a look at the different names that mean wolf.

Names That Mean Wolf

Boys Names That Mean Wolf

Boy’s names are often chosen to exude strength and fierceness. Wolves fully encompass these qualities and names, meaning wolves are bound to embrace these traits. I have gathered together a list of some of the best boys’ names, meaning wolf, below.

1. Aadolf 

Aadolf is a very rare Finnish name meaning ‘wolf’; it is much like Adolf but is rarely used.

2. Aatto

Aatto is the Finnish version of the name Adolf which means ‘noble wolf’; it is most usually found in Scandinavian countries.

3. Acwulf

Acwulf is a great name for those who enjoy nature, meaning ‘wolf from the oak meadows’ it does have a nature-centric feel to it.

4. Adolf

Adolf is a German name that means ‘noble wolf,’ and it is a strong name that has unfortunately but understandably gone out of use since the 1940s due to its negative association with Adolf Hitler and the Second World War.

5. Badulf

Badulf is a fierce and powerful name that comes from the compound of badu, ‘fight’ or ‘ struggle,’ and Wulf, ‘ wolf,’ meaning fighting wolf. Badulf exudes perseverance and strength.

6. Bardawulf

Bardawulf is a rare English name with roots in the Germanic language, and it means ‘ax wolf.’ 

7. Beorhtwulf

Beorhtwulf is a beautiful boy’s name; not only does it include the strength and power of a wolf, but it also celebrates the brightness and energy that wolves possess; it means ‘light of the wolf.’

8. Beowulf

Made famous by the poem of the same name, Beowulf is an Old English name that means ‘bear wolf,’ thus denoting huge power and strength.

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9. Boris

Boris is a common name that can be found throughout the western world, although with a higher occurrence in Europe. Boris is of Turkish origin and can mean ‘wolf’ or ‘short.’

10. Chann

Chann is a French name that can also come in the variation Channing, Chann means ‘little wolf’. The name Channing has seen a rise in popularity after the rise to fame of actor Channing Tatum.

11. Conri

Conri is an Irish Gaelic name with the connotation of power, ambition, and passion. Conri means ‘wolf king.’

Names That Mean Wolf

12. Conall

Conall is a very popular name in Ireland, and it is the name of many of the heroes in Irish legends and means ‘rule of a wolf’.

13. Conan

The name Conan has entered popular culture through such stories as Conan the Barbarian, and it is a name of strength and means ‘little wolf’.

14. Connell

Connell is the English version of Conall and has been rising in popularity in Britain as a boy’s name, which means ‘wolf.’

15. Connor

Connor is a very popular boy’s name the world over, derived from Conchabar, an old Irish name that means ‘desiring of the wolf’; Connor is a powerful name.

16. Cuan

Cuan is another Old Irish name that is gaining in popularity. It means ‘little wolf,’ and there is even a village on the Island of Seil in Scotland called Cuan.

17. Duko

Duko is a Croatian name that comes from doede, and it’s a short name but powerful and means ‘famous wolf’.

18. Eeriuffi

Eeriuffi is a highly uncommon name whose origins are more unknown than its pronunciation. Eeriuffi is thought to have Greenlandic roots, and its means ‘warrior wolf’.

19. Freki

Freki is of Nordic origin and has links to Norse mythology with the meaning ‘Odin’s wolf.

20. Grimmwolf

Grimmwolf means very much what it sounds like ‘grim wolf’; it is a Germanic name and is considered to be a name of strength.

21. Hardulph

Hardulph is a British name; although quite rare, it has roots in Anglo-Saxon languages and means ‘brave wolf’.

22. Hrodolf

Hrodolf is the precursor to Rudolf; it is a compound of the words hrod and wulf, meaning ‘famous wolf.’ Although rarely used today, Hrodolf was the name of many of the Hapsburg family rulers.

23. Loup

Loup is a French name that is derived from the Latin word for wolf lupus, the French word for werewolf is loup-garou. Loup is a common name in France.

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24. Lyulph

Lyulph is a very rare name and would certainly be unique; it comes from Old English and has the meaning of ‘flaming wolf,’ giving a feeling of strength and vibrancy to the name.

25. Lycurgus 

Lycurgus is an old name that has come from the Greek lykos, and ergon; the name means ‘work of the wolf’ and is known to have been the name of a Spartan lawgiver who is celebrated as the founder of Sparta.

26. Ralph

Ralph is one of the more common and well-known names that mean wolf; it has many iterations, from Rafe to Rolph and even Ralphie. The actor Ralph Fiennes shares the name.

27. Rollo

Rollo is a powerful name from History that the show Vikings gave modern popularity; Rollo was the first Duke of Normandy.

28. Shaw

Shaw is more commonly used as a second name or surname and has Scottish origins from the word sitheach, which is Gaelic for ‘wolf.’

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29. Ulric

Ulric is a more modern form of the Old English name Wulfric. It has a further variation and more commonly seen form of Ulrich and means ‘ruler of wolves.’

Names That Mean Wolf

30. Valko

Valko is a Bulgarian name for a boy, and it comes from the word valk, which is Bulgarian for ‘wolf.’

Girls Names That Mean Wolf

Names derived from animals are becoming increasingly popular; many people associate the traits of the animals with the names and what they wish for their children. Wolves are known for their beauty, responsibility, nurturing, and courage, which many would wish for their daughters.

Names That Mean Wolf

1. Accalia

This name hearkens back to early Rome. Accalia was the Latin name given to the she-wolf who suckled Rome’s founders as babes, Romulus and Remus, and plays on a wolf’s nurturing and protecting instincts.

2. Adalwulfa

Adulwulfa is a lyrical Germanic name, a compound of adal ‘noble, excellent, and wulfa ‘she-wolf’ and means noble or most excellent she-wolf.

3. Adolfa

Adolfa is shortening and variation on Adalwulfa. As languages evolve, names become simplified, and Adolfa is a pretty name meaning ‘noble she-wolf.’

4. Adolfina

Adolfina has heroic connotations, and it is another Germanic variation of ‘noble wolf’. Sigmund Freud’s sister was called Adolfina.

5. Agwang

Agwang is a beautiful name of African origin that means wolf and denotes goodness and honor.

6. Arnulfa

Arnulfa is the feminine version of the Germanic name Arnulf. It is a powerful name that means ‘wolf’ and ‘eagle.’

7. Ashina

Ashina is a pretty Muslim name of Turkish origin, meaning ‘she-wolf’ and ‘successful,’ making Ashina a very good name for a girl.

8. Bighana

This is a lovely exotic-sounding name with central Indian origins; Bighana means ‘wolf.’

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9. Blevine

Belvine is a lovely Welsh name that means ‘wolf cub’; the name also has a sense of destiny and is more commonly found as a surname.

10. Botolphe

Botolphe is the feminine version of Botolph, a Germanic name that means ‘messenger wolf’; this name is very uncommon.

11. Cathwulf

Cathwulf is a name of old English origin and means ‘woman as pure as a wolf’, it is very uncommon, and girls called Cathwulf would certainly be the exception rather than the rule.

12. Channing

Channing is a pretty girl’s name that can also be unisex. Channing means ‘young wolf’ and originates from France.

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13. Daciana

Daciana is a feminine and pretty Romanian name that means ‘wolf’; the name is quite popular in Romania and is growing in popularity in nearby European countries.

14. Faoiltiama

Although quite difficult to both spell and pronounce, Faoiltiama is a pretty Irish name that will ensure your daughter remains unique and means ‘wolf lady.’

15. Guadalupe

This is a Spanish name and has religious origins, with Guadalupe being a place of religious sanctity near a wadi or spring (guada). The Lupe in the name is thought to link to a wolf that lived near the spring.

Names That Mean Wolf

16. Ivayla

Ivayla is a pretty and feminine-sounding Bulgarian name that is not very common and means ‘wolf.’

17. Larentia

Larentia is of Latin origin and is linked to the Romulus and Remus myth. Acca Larentia was another name for the she-wolf who looked after Rome’s founders.

18. Louve

Louve is a name of Norman and Scottish origin and means ‘she-wolf’; the name is also found as a surname throughout the English-speaking world.

19. Lovota

Lovota is an Italian name that has everything to do with speed and swiftness. It means ‘fast wolf’ and would make a great name for an aspiring athlete.

20. Lupa

Lupa is taken from the Latin cani lupis, Lupa is the feminine form. It is a short but sweet name and references excitement and cheerfulness.

21. Lupita

This a rather romantic-sounding name that has Spanish origins. Lupita means ‘river of the wolf’ and is a name shared by award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o from Kenya.

22. Lyall

Lyall is an old name that originates from Old Norse and which has since been found in Scotland to mean ‘wolf.’ This name is uncommon, but its simplicity is leading to a slow but steady growth in popularity.

23. Minsi

Minsi is a sweet, cute name filled with authority, as it means ‘wolf leader.’

Names That Mean Wolf

24. Orfilia

Meaning ‘female wolf,’ Orfilia is a beautiful Germanic name that is linked to being quick-witted and clever.

25. Randelle

If you are looking for a protective name, the German Randelle is a good choice; meaning ‘wolf shield,’ Randelle exudes strength and capability.

26. Sassaba

Sassaba is a unique and beautiful name of Native American Chippewa origin. It can be both a girl’s and a boy’s name; and connotes strength, meaning ‘the wolf.’

27. Tala

Tala is a Native American name that is both delicate and strong, and it means ‘stalking wolf,’ but it has the additional meaning of ‘bright star’ in Filipino, making it a very beautiful name.

28. Tamaska

Tamaska is a striking and powerful name. In both Native American and Hungarian, it means ‘might wolf.’

29. Velvela

Velvela is a unique name, and it’s not very well known. Velvela is Yiddish for the feminine version of ‘wolf.’

30. Ylfa

Ylfa is a short, sweet, and unusual name. It is nonetheless a name imbued with strength, meaning ‘wolf’ in Icelandic.

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Wrap up- Names that Mean Wolf

Names That Mean Wolf

We hope you’ve enjoyed prowling through our wild compilation of names that mean wolf, and added a few lupine ideas to your name list. Share your favorites or any that we missed in the comments!

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