Names Similar to Martin (258 alternatives for boys and girls)

Looking for names similar to Martin? Maybe you want to name a child after someone in your life named Martin, but are looking for something a little different. Or from a different culture. 

Or maybe you love the name Martin, but want a variation on it.

Here are our top choices, keep reading for hundreds more options! 

  1. Marius
  2. Maurice
  3. Marth
  4. Dalton
  5. Destin
  6. Sebastian 
  7. Malcolm
  8. Kelvin
  9. Vincent 
  10. Marcelino

Names that Sound Like Martin

names similar to martin

These names are fantastic alternatives to Martin if it’s a name you cannot or do not want to use. No matter which part of the name you like, we have other options for you! 

Names that start with the sound Mar-

These names sound like Martin because they begin with Mar-. I love the soft start to all of these names.

  1. Mark (or Marc)
  2. Marcel
  3. Marco
  4. Marcon
  5. Marcus (or Markus)
  6. Marek
  7. Mareko
  8. Marin
  9. Mario
  10. Marion
  11. Marius
  12. Marley
  13. Marlin
  14. Marlowe
  15. Marquis 
  16. Marriott
  17. Mars 
  18. Marshall 
  19. Martelle
  20. Marth
  21. Martino
  22. Marullus
  23. Marvin
  24. Marwyn
  25. Marzal
  26. Marzell
  27. Marzio
  28. Maurice 

Names that End with The -Tin Sound

The -tin ending in Martin gives it a strong and solid feel. These nanes also end in -tin or other similar endings with the same sound.

  1. Alton
  2. Anton
  3. Ashton
  4. Aston
  5. Augustin
  6. Austin
  7. Bastion
  8. Benton
  9. Carlton
  10. Christian 
  11. Colton
  12. Dalton
  13. Destin
  14. Dustin
  15. Easton
  16. Elton
  17. Fatin
  18. Gaston
  19. Justin
  20. Karsten
  21. Keaton
  22. Langston
  23. Maltin
  24. Maxton
  25. Milton
  26. Morton
  27. Newton
  28. Norton
  29. Patton 
  30. Peyton
  31. Preston
  32. Quentin
  33. Sebastian 
  34. Shelton
  35. Tristan 
  36. Valentin 
  37. Walton
  38. Winston
  39. Winton

Names that End with an -in Sound

Do you like names ending with -in and similar sounds? You might enjoy these names that sound similar to Martin for that reason.

  1. Aaron
  2. Addison 
  3. Adrian 
  4. Aidan 
  5. Alan
  6. Algernon 
  7. Aslan
  8. Aurelian
  9. Baldwin
  10. Benjamin 
  11. Brandon 
  12. Bryson
  13. Byron
  14. Callahan 
  15. Calvin
  16. Caspian
  17. Ciprian
  18. Colin
  19. Colson
  20. Conan
  21. Corbin
  22. Corwin
  23. Crispin
  24. Damon
  25. Darian
  26. Darwin
  27. Declan
  28. Donovan 
  29. Duncan
  30. Dylan
  31. Edwin
  32. Emilian
  33. Erwin
  34. Ethan
  35. Evan
  36. Fabian
  37. Finnegan 
  38. Florian
  39. Franklin
  40. Gideon
  41. Gordon
  42. Griffin
  43. Hadrian
  44. Harlan
  45. Herman
  46. Hudson
  47. Ian
  48. Ivan
  49. Jason
  50. Jordan
  51. Julian
  52. Keegan
  53. Kellan
  54. Kelvin
  55. Kevin
  56. Kieran
  57. Killian
  58. Landon
  59. Lennon
  60. Leon
  61. Lohan
  62. Lucan
  63. Lucian
  64. Marvin
  65. Melvin
  66. Merlin
  67. Morgan
  68. Nathan
  69. Nolan
  70. Oberon
  71. Octavian
  72. Odin
  73. Pippin
  74. Quentin
  75. Reagan
  76. Riordan
  77. Robin
  78. Rolan
  79. Rowan
  80. Ryan
  81. Sheldon
  82. Silvan
  83. Simeon
  84. Simon
  85. Stephan
  86. Sullivan
  87. Tiernan
  88. Torin
  89. Truman
  90. Valerian
  91. Watson

Names that are Similar to Martin – Popular Decades Ago But Rare Now

names similar to martin

Do you like Martin because it used to be popular, is a familiar name, but isn’t so common now?

Here’s a list of names similar to Martin that used to be popular in the 1920s-1960s but you don’t hear as much today.

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Coming from the Greek god Dionysus, Dennis is familiar yet uncommon. 

And Saint Denis (the French spelling) is the patron of Paris and the people of France. 

I think this name is ready for a comeback since Dennis the Menace isn’t so popular anymore. 


In Scottish, Douglas means dark water. Since the 1970s, Doug and Dougie have been rarely used in the US.

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Eugene means well-born and was popular from the 1920s to 1950s. While it can be a girl’s name, Eugenia is often used instead. 


Julius has been on the downswing since the 1920s, while its cousin Julian has been on the upswing. It comes from the name of the Roman god Jupiter. 


Kelvin comes from the name of a Scottish river. And Irish-Scottish physicist William Thompsom Lord Kelvin is a famous namesake!

I like Kelvin. It sounds more modern than Melvin and is similar to the more common name Kevin.


Kenneth may mean handsome or respected. Like the other names in this section, it was very common in the 1950s and isn’t used as much today. Plus, it has great nicknames- Ken and Kenny.

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Whether you spell it Lawrence or Laurence, it’s a noble name with roots in ancient Greece.

This is a fantastic alternative to popular names like Leo and sounds soft yet strong.


The Scottish name Malcolm was somewhat popular in the 1920s through the 50s, again in the 1990s, and is becoming a bit more popular now.

It means disciple of Saint Columba.


Ronald comes from a Scandinavian name that’s also related to Reynold . While it’s still given to baby boys in the US today, it’s not very often! 


In Old English, Russell means little red one. After the 1960s, its usage declined. 

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind hearing this name more! It goes great with today’s trend of last names as first names.


Timothy is a biblical name meaning honoring God. Saint Timothy was a companion of Paul.

To me, it’s a wonderful classic name that’s underused today!


As you may have guessed, Victor means winner or victor. It was common in the 1950s but is a bit less used now.


While Vincent has been moderately popular over the last 100 years, it hasn’t been among the top 100 boy names since 1990. It’s a dignified choice with nicknames like Vin, Vinny, and of course,  Vince.

It means conqueror.

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What do you think of the name Wendell? It comes from a German and Dutch last name. It’s very uncommon in the US, especially after the 1960s.

Names that Share A Root with Martin

As a name, Martin comes from the ancient Roman god, Mars. These names also share a connection with Mars:

  1. Marc
  2. Marceau
  3. Marcel 
  4. Marcelin
  5. Marcelino
  6. Marcello
  7. Marcellus
  8. Marcial
  9. Marciano
  10. Marcianus
  11. Marcius
  12. Marcus
  13. Marek
  14. Marianus
  15. Marin
  16. Marino
  17. Mario
  18. Martialis
  19. Matin
  20. Mark
  21. Martzel
  22. Mars

Forms of Martin in Other Languages

The name Martin is used in English, French, German, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.  Plus, there are many intriguing variations used in other languages and cultures.

  1. Maarten (Dutch)
  2. Máirtín (Irish)
  3. Marcin (Polish)
  4. Mārcis (Latvian)
  5. Mart (Dutch)
  6. Marten (Dutch)
  7. Mårten (Swedish)
  8. Martí (Catalan)
  9. Martijn (Dutch)
  10. Martim (Portuguese)
  11. Martinho (Portuguese)
  12. Martino (Italian)
  13. Martins (Latvian)
  14. Mārtiņš (Latvian)
  15. Martinus (Ancient Roman, Dutch)
  16. Márton (Hungarian)
  17. Martti (Finnish)
  18. Martyn (Manx, Ukrainian, Welsh)
  19. Martynas (Lithuanian)
  20. Mattin (Basque)
  21. Matxin (Basque)
  22. Merten (German)
  23. Morten (Norwegian, Danish) 
  24. Tijn (Dutch) 
  25. Tino (Italian)

Last Names Related to Martin

Many first names like Martin become surnames, or last names. Most commonly, you’ll see this in the form of names like Martinson (son of Martin) or their counterparts in other languages like Martinovic.

  1. Martel (English, French)
  2. Martell (English)
  3. Martens (Dutch)
  4. Martí (Catalan)
  5. Martikainen (Finnish)
  6. Martin (English, French, German, Swedish) 
  7. Martinek (Czech)
  8. Martinelli (Italian)
  9. Martinez (Spanish)
  10. Martini (Italian)
  11. Martinov (Bulgarian) 
  12. Martinović (Croatian, Serbian) 
  13. Martinsen (Danish, Norwegian) 
  14. Martins (English, Portuguese)
  15. Martinson (English) 
  16. Martinsson (Swedish)
  17. Márton (Hungarian)
  18. Martz (German)
  19. Mertens (Dutch, German)
  20. Mortensen (Danish, Norwegian)
  21. St Martin (French)

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Female Names Similar to Martin

names similar to martin

If you’re in love with the name Martin but are looking for a version for a girl, here are tons of options for you! 

  1. Martina
  2. Martine
  3. Marsha
  4. Marcia
  5. Martha
  6. Marina
  7. Marine
  8. Marianna
  9. Marcellina
  10. Marcella
  11. Meriona
  12. Maren
  13. Mara
  14. Marcy
  15. Margaret 
  16. Margo
  17. Maria
  18. Mariette
  19. Marlene
  20. Marley

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Wrap Up- Names Similar to Martin

names similar to martin

We hope you’ve found some names similar to Martin that will work for your situation. Let us know your favorites in the coments!

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