How To Babyproof Your TV Area and Entertainment Center

As you prepare your home to be a safe haven for a baby, several rooms will require your attention. The room where you spend the most time, like the living room or family room, needs to be properly secured as your baby becomes mobile.

Fortunately, generations of parents before us encountered scenarios that required upping the level of safety within the home.

This post will help you feel confident that your main living area is a safe space for your baby to explore, learn, and play as you spend time together as a family.

how to babyproof your tv

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How To Babyproof Your TV Stand

Safety 1st TV & Furniture Safety Straps, Black, Multi, 2 Straps

TV stands vary in size and style, but the majority are large and heavy. For this reason, it’s a great idea to mount your TV stand to the wall. Once your baby can pull himself up to stand, you won’t have to worry about the TV stand toppling over on him. This TV and furniture safety strap is a great option for most furniture pieces.

Roving Cove Corner Guards (4 Corners), Heavy-Duty Table Corner Protector for Baby Safety, 3M Adhesive Pre-Taped, Onyx Black

Some TV stands have sharp corners that a baby can easily fall into or hit their head. Invest in some corner guards that will protect their soft noggin from any rough falls. Accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared! 

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If your TV stand has drawers or doors, cabinet locks are a good idea. They’re adjustable and many can be detached and reused. These locks deter babies from opening any type of drawer or door — a parenting must-have! 

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How To Block Your TV Stand From Our Baby

Some babies are extremely curious and will try to get into the TV stand at any cost. If this sounds like your child, it’s probably best to block it off completely so they don’t end up getting hurt. 

Christopher Knight Home Agatha Knitted Cotton Pouf, Beige
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You can put up some stylish poufs that block access to the TV stand, or some tall wicker baskets that will deter your baby. You can even use couch cushions or pillows to keep them away.

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If all else fails, a safety fence is a solid option. It won’t be the most stylish item in your home, but it will keep your baby safe. These fences can be moved around the home as needed, and are a great investment piece for families. 

Here is a great example of a DIY lattice fence used to block off the TV stand.  

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How To Babyproof An Open TV Stand [one without doors or drawers]

If your TV stand has open shelving without drawers or doors, it’s tricky to babyproof any items you may store there. 

Your best bet is to store related items elsewhere so your baby doesn’t get the chance to start playing with cords, gaming consoles, DVDs, and anything else you store there.

VELCRO Brand Sticky Back Strips with Adhesive | 4 Count | Black 3 1/2 x 3/4 In | Hook and Loop Fasteners for Home Organization, Classroom or Office

You can use a sheet of plexiglass with Velcro strips to attach it to the front of your TV stand, so it won’t shatter if your baby throws something at it, and you can still access the items inside. Time to get crafty! 

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How To Babyproof Your Entertainment Center

Babyproofing an entertainment center is very similar to the steps you’d take to secure a TV stand. 

You can mount the entertainment center to the wall, or mount the TV to the wall if it’s freestanding. These both provide extra security should your baby get close enough to touch either item. 

Corner guards are also important to protect your baby’s head and face. Lastly, cabinet locks will keep your baby out of trouble and away from any electronics you store there.

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How To Babyproof Cords Plugged Into The Wall

You can put safety plugs in every empty outlet in your home, but there are still some outlets that are used on a daily basis. 

If those exposed cords are at eye level with your baby, you’ll find out sooner than later how quickly a baby can scoot around to investigate once curiosity strikes. 

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener for Baby Proofing

The Safety 1st outlet cover is a tried and true solution to the pesky cord issue. It stores up to 4 feet of extra cord, keeping all the excess cord off the floor and out of your baby’s reach. It also covers the entire outlet, so your baby can’t see anything but a plastic cover. 

VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties | 100Pk | 8 x 1/2" Black Cord Organization Straps | Thin Pre-Cut Design | Wire Management for Organizing Home, Office and Data Centers

You can also try to hide cords behind other furniture or use zip ties to cinch them together so it’s less distracting. Cords that rest on the floor can be taped down so your baby can’t pick them up or yank on them. 

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How To Childproof Your TV Cable Box

The best way to childproof a TV cable box is by keeping it out of reach, whether up high on a shelf or concealed behind the doors of an entertainment center. 

If these aren’t possible, here is a great DIY on how to make a cable box storage from sheets of metal lattice and wood. 

how to babyproof your tv

Do You Need To Babyproof A Coaxial Outlet?

Like any other outlet on the wall, a coaxial outlet should be covered so it doesn’t catch your baby’s eye and draw their curiosity. Coaxial cables connect to a wall outlet from a television or cable box. There is probably one in the room where you watch TV, so be sure you’re aware of the location of this outlet in each room of your home. 

The good news is that the voltage level on these outlets is so low that they can’t shock your baby. However, the small metal pieces stick out from the wall, and they’re usually installed right near the baseboard – yup, right by your baby’s face! It’s worth covering these outlets to avoid any type of drama as your baby begins exploring every room in your house. 

The easiest way to babyproof this outlet is by covering it with furniture, like your couch, a bookshelf, or a chair. Anything that blocks the outlet will keep it out of sight! If your room setup doesn’t allow for that, the Safety 1st outlet cover mentioned above would also alleviate this problem. 

As your baby becomes more mobile, providing them with a safe space to explore the world is essential. Babyproofing an entire home can be overwhelming, so we recommend taking it one room at a time. It makes it more manageable and gives you the peace of mind to relax, knowing that your baby is safe in your home. 

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