How To Babyproof Your Record Player – Best Tips On Keeping Your Vinyl and Turntable Safe

How To Babyproof Your Record Player – Keeping Your Vinyl & Turntable Safe

Calling all music lovers! 

If your new addition has brought on some anxiety about protecting your turntable and precious vinyl records, fear not. 

We know the feeling of uncertainty surrounding babyproofing your home. It can be tricky to determine what items in your home should be protected, which ones are fine as is, and all the ones in between. 

Your turntable and records are undoubtedly important to you — it’s time to find a way to keep them on display in your home while also keeping your new baby out of harm’s way. 

how to babyproof your record player

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How To Babyproof The Turntable 

Babyproofing your turntable can be challenging, but many innovative parents before you have made protecting music totally doable without sacrificing style. Here are a few tips on how to babyproof your record player.

Seek higher ground

With babies, “Out of sight, out of mind” often rings true. If your baby is showing dedicated interest in your turntable, a wall shelf may be the best option. 

Pro-Ject Wallmount It 1 Turntable Wall-Mount Shelf - Black

Consider this wall shelf for your record player that can be installed anywhere out of reach of your baby. It’s sleek, affordable, and will add to the style of your living room or wherever you play music at home. 

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Install a baby gate 

Installing a baby gate around the area that contains your turntable and records is an effective solution for preventing any disasters involving your child. 

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1, Bonus Kit, Includes 4 Pack of Wall Mounts

There are several great options, but this model has over 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. These types of gates are mobile and some can be attached to the wall, while others can act as a playpen for your baby when he or she is in the same room as your turntable. 

Use furniture straps

Furniture Anchors (10 Pack) 2022 Upgraded Furniture Straps for Baby Proofing, Secure 400 Pound Furniture Prevent Falling Anti Tip Earthquake Straps for Child Safety

If furniture falling is what you’re concerned about, enlist the help of some heavy-duty furniture straps to keep your turntable safe and sound. 

Mounting the furniture is another great way to give your household peace of mind when your baby is near the turntable. 

When all else fails, hide it!

If your baby is relentless with your favorite musical accessory, it’s time to bring out the big guns! Hiding your turntable removes all possibility of your curious baby from getting into it.

Find a safe spot inside your entertainment center, credenza, or a side buffet with doors where you can quickly hide your prized possession. 

If you decide to store your turntable inside some furniture, make sure there is proper ventilation so the amplifier remains cool. 

How to babyproof records

Arguably just as important as the turntable itself, the records should be well cared for and protected from tiny baby hands.   

Pack your records as tight as possible

The tighter your records are packed, the more difficult it will be for your baby to pry them apart and get them out of where they are safely stored.

Install plexiglass doors on your record storage 

If your record storage is low on the ground or easily accessible, plexiglass doors can thwart your baby from getting close enough to grab onto anything valuable or important to you. 

Tuck away your rare and valuable records

Any unique gems, important memories, or valuable records should be kept safe and secure. This way, you’ll be able to keep the records in great shape so you can truly share their value with your child as they grow up and appreciate music with you.

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Other babyproofing tips and tricks

Fisher Price Classic Record Player
  1. Be consistent with items you don’t want your child touching. Be firm with “No” and try to redirect them to play with something else.
  2. Purchase this Fisher-Price record player so your child stays engaged and interested in what you’re doing. Bonus points if you can teach them how to use it with some practice! 
  3. Some parents have found success by simply making everything in the home available (besides dangerous or harmful items, of course). This strategy comes with the hope that all household items will become part of the background of their world, so they won’t be intrigued by them.

Wrap Up – How To Babyproof Your Record Player

Sharing music with your baby is sure to be one of the most memorable and special parts of being a parent to a baby. After this post, we hope you’ll have some great ideas on how to babyproof your record player, so you can still enjoy your favorite pastime without worrying about anything getting damaged.

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