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Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Review

If you are looking for at-home summer fun for your kids, you need the Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On. The Hot Wheels Roller Coaster is large, but your kids will have a blast and amazing memories of the time speeding down this huge coaster that they can use from ages 3-8+!

Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On: The Quick Version:

I understand, you’re a busy parent! Want to learn more about the coaster? Click here to view the Hot Wheels Roller Coaster on Amazon.

Click the image to see more details on Amazon


  • Your kids will love riding it from age 3 to 8!
  • This is THE tallest and longest at-home coaster!
  • Your kids will get tons of exercise running the car back and lifting it up the track
  • Have multiple kids? It teaches cooperation as they take turns and help each other with the car


  • You will need 10-20 feet of room for the car to roll to a stop. This can be a challenge if you want to install the coaster indoors
  • If you install it outdoors, your grass will be worn away because your kids will ride on it so often!
  • The coaster is not easily disassembled, which leads me to…
  • Step2 recommends storing this indoors during freezing temperatures. It may take up a large chunk of your garage or basement if you live somewhere it gets cold during the winter


The Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster arrived in 3 boxes. They weren’t too heavy, and were easy to move. If this is a gift, the packaging does have a picture of the coaster on the box, so make sure to hide it! 

It took me about 2 hours to set it up, and I am not particularly handy.

Unlike most kids toys, you will need a few tools: 

  • Hammer (to assemble the wheels on the car)
  • Phillips head screwdriver or power drill (for putting the screws in that hold the track together)
  • Crescent wrench (to hold bolts in place while you ratchet)
  • Half-inch socket & socket wrench (to connect the bolts that hold the track together)

Here’s the tricky part. You get exactly enough nuts, bolts, and screws to assemble the thing. So you want to put it together where you won’t lose any parts. BUT if you assemble it indoors, you’ll never get it outside. I recommend assembling it on your driveway and then moving it, or putting it in the grass with a tarp underneath so you can find any hardware you inevitably drop!

The instruction manual is a pretty decent guide for putting the roller coaster together. I’ve definitely had worse instructions on furniture I’ve had to assemble at home!

Where should I put this toy roller coaster?

The Hot Wheels Coaster is HUGE! You will need clearance around the sides and the end of the coaster. Step2 recommends:

  • 6.5 feet of clearance to each side of the coaster (so 16 feet across!)
  • Plus at least 10-15 feet of empty space beyond the end of the coaster
  • Placing the coaster in the shade so the coaster and your kids aren’t exposed to as much sun
  • If placed in the sun, face it north to minimize sun damage

Time to ride the coaster!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Now that you’ve assembled the roller coaster and figured out where your kids will ride it, they’re just about ready!

First, fit your child’s bike helmet and put the car at the top of the track. Then put your kid on and give a little push. Depending on how heavy the rider is and what surface the track is on (grass, gravel, dirt, pavement, indoors…), the car will roll for anywhere from 6-20+ feet after leaving the ramp!

Then your kid can roll the car back up the ramp, climb up the steps, and do it again!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Is the Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster worth it?

This coaster is big, takes some time to assemble, will leave tire tracks all over your lawn, and you should definitely supervise your kids while they use it. But is it worth all of this hassle?

ABSOLUTELY! Your kid will not want to get off of the coaster. Based on my daughter, and other kids, they will happily ride the Hot Wheels roller coaster every day for months, or maybe even years!

If you have multiple kids, or they ride it with their friends, they will learn about taking turns and sharing. Older kids will have fun helping their younger siblings get the car up the track and then giving them a little push to get rolling. But don’t take it from me, here’s what other parents have to say:

This thing is durable and the kids already play for hours every day, even though we just set it up. They wear helmets, but the ride is safe and sturdy. Keep an eye on kids- accidents will only happen if the kids are not following the rules. 

Hanna S.

Make memories with your kids with the Hot Wheels Roller Coaster!

Way to go Step 2! Your products last through generations in our family so when it’s time to make a large purchase we know where to go. Our 2 year old daredevil got this for his birthday and he and his 4 year old sister LOVE it. I have to be honest, I wish I was within the weight limit to try it myself. I set it up easily and it passed my thorough safety check. The kids figured it out quickly. They get tons of exercise running the car back. And it’s amazing to see them push it back up to the top themselves easily because of the stairs.

Tom C.

Even grandparents love it!

My grandkid has been riding this since he was 3, and he’s now 8 and still loves it!

Grandma B

Roller Coaster Storage

When assembled, the Hot Wheels Coaster is almost 16 feet long, including 14 feet of track! And 31 inches wide and 40 inches tall. PLUS disassembly requires tools.

Step2 recommends that you not expose the coaster to freezing temperatures. So you have a few options:

  • Store it indoors during the winter, like your garage or basement
  • Disassemble it and reassemble it once it gets warm
  • Leave it outdoors and potentially risk damage. DO NOT allow your children to ride on the coaster when temperatures are below freezing. Low temperatures cause the plastic track to become brittle and it could break!

You will also need:

I highly recommend getting your kid a helmet! Click the image to see more details on Amazon

  • A helmet for your child to wear while riding 
  • Tools for assembly:
    • Hammer
    • Phillips head screwdriver or drill
    • Crescent wrench
    • Half-inch socket & socket wrench
  • Tarp to protect the track when not in use


How do you make a small roller coaster in your back yard?

To make a small roller coaster in your backyard, set up the Hot Wheels Extreme roller coaster ride. It is 40 inches tall, 30 inches wide, the track is 14 feet long, and the car will travel for at least 6 feet beyond the end of the track.

How much does a backyard roller coaster cost?

A backyard roller coaster can be expensive. However, when you consider the use your children will get from the roller coaster over at least five years, many parents agree it is a worthwhile investment. Click here to check the price of the Hot Wheels Extreme Coaster on Amazon.


In conclusion, you will not regret purchasing the Hot Wheels Coaster for your kids. They will treasure memories riding the roller coaster with their family and friends for years! Click here to view more details about the Hot Wheels Coaster on Amazon.

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