Bingo Dauber Name Craft for Toddlers 

Looking for an indoor activity to do with your toddler? This easy bingo dauber craft is great for a rainy day or making decorations for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, or any holiday. It would even be fun at a toddler birthday party! 

The short version? Draw something, like your toddler’s name. Then help them “color” it in with bingo daubers. Finally, add stickers! 

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Materials Needed:

bingo daubers
I love these daubers, they’re washable and don’t dry out! Click to view on Amazon.
  1. Marker, colored pencil, or pen
  2. Construction paper or cardstock 
  3. Bingo daubers (click to buy on Amazon)
  4. Stickers (click to buy on Amazon)
  5. Picture frame (optional)

How to Make It

write your child's name in block letters
I used my Cricut to write out my daughter’s name in block letters
  1. Using a marker, colored pencil, or pen, write your child’s name in block letters on construction paper or cardstock. You could also use a word processer and print a design from your home printer.
  2. Shake up the bingo daubers with your child. (this is one of my daughter’s favorite parts!)
  3. Show your child how to press the marker on the paper to create a dot
  4. Let them dot on the paper to their heart’s content!
  5. Show them the stickers to place for a finishing touch
  6. Frame the masterpiece or hang it on the fridge
  7. Clean up- put the daubers, stickers and other supplies away.
  8. Wash up! These daubers are non-toxic and washable. Simply wash your toddler’s hands (and your hands and the tablecloth…).
finished toddler bingo dauber craft artwork!

Other bingo dauber craft ideas and tips

  • Want to draw something complex? Try tracing or printing words or a picture. 
  • Write someone else’s name, like Grandma, for your child to decorate. Frame it for a Mother’s Day or holiday gift! 
  • Draw a picture for your child to decorate. You can even ask them what they’d like to “color!”
  • Try a coloring book specifically designed for bingo daubers
Click the image to see more details on Amazon

  • Let your child daub the bingo dauber and peel the stickers themselves. It will help their motor skills. 
  • Talk about the colors you’re using to teach your toddler about colors! Or ask them- “where’s the red dauber?” And so on.
  • Teach your toddler about the letters on the page. Learning and recognizing the first letter of their name is a huge achievement! Example: “Good job putting dots on the letter M! Mary starts with M. M makes the sound mmm.”
  • Ask your toddler which stickers they like. Discussing the color and type of sticker helps them with their language! 
  • Encourage your toddler to help clean up afterward. While it may be faster to do it yourself, it teaches them the importance of helping out! My two year old loves putting the daubers back in the box! And taking them out again. And putting them back in…

Supply details and review

Bingo daubers 

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

I tried a few other brands of bingo daubers. This brand has lasted for several months without drying up unlike others I used! 

The ink comes out just fine when you dab, even when a toddler uses it.  And they’re a good shape for small hands to hold easily! And best of all, they’re washable!


Click the image to see more details on Amazon

This sticker package includes over 500 puffy stickers for super cheap! Since they’re puffy, they’re easy for toddlers to peel off and durable enough that they won’t rip.

Plus there are so many different stickers, from animals, to letters and numbers, to cars and trucks, your toddler will find something they love! 

Wrap up- Bingo dauber craft for toddlers

pin for toddler bingo dauber craft

There you have it! With a few basic supplies you have around the house and some bingo daubers, you and your child can have fun making crafts together! 

Share your favorite bingo dauber crafts in the comments below! 

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