Should You Put a Mirror in the Nursery?

You’ve probably seen one or two Pinterest-worthy nursery rooms on the internet, and they usually include some combination of the following furniture; a crib, a rocking chair, a changing table, and some signage or art on the walls. 

You may notice some nurseries often have a mirror hung on one of the walls. 

If you’re wondering whether this is done for design purposes or if there really is a reason to include a mirror in your nursery decor, keep reading.

We’re here to answer all the frequently asked questions about mirrors and their function in a baby’s nursery. Let’s jump right in! 

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Can you put a mirror in the nursery?

should you put a mirror in the nursery

If you are using it for playtime and developmental purposes, a mirror is an excellent addition to the nursery. Mirrors are popular in the Montessori method of learning, where they use them on the floor in playrooms for babies to learn coordination, focus, and how to explore their surroundings. 

Montessori schools usually use sheet mirrors or acrylic mirrors that are shatter-proof and propped up horizontally on the floor so babies can interact with them during playtime. 

Decorative and ornate mirrors that are free-standing or mounted on the wall can be a safety hazard. Whether they’re mounted on the wall, propped up against a wall, or have standing legs, these mirrors all pose a threat to a mobile baby. 

Do your research and shop around for mirrors that are plastic and shatter-proof, so if your baby comes into contact with it, you won’t have to worry about an accident. They may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but your baby’s safety is the priority. 

Why have a mirror in the nursery?

baby playing with her reflection in the mirror

Mirrors can distract and entertain babies during tummy time, and they make a room feel larger and brighter. 

Mirrors help distract babies if they get particularly fussy during tummy time. While some babies love it, others may cry their way through it. If there is a large mirror nearby where they can look at themselves and watch their arms and legs move, it can provide a distraction and take their mind off tummy time.

Mirrors also support babies’ development, particularly their visual tracking skills, and may encourage your baby to roll over or try to scoot. 

If you place the mirror across from a window, its reflection will create more light and make the room appear brighter. For ambiance, this can be beneficial for both the baby and the people who spend time in the nursery. 

Should you put a mirror in the nursery over the changing table?

If your baby can see themselves in the mirror while on the changing table, a mirror can be a fun way to keep them entertained. Many parents choose to hang a mirror over the changing table for decorative purposes, but this isn’t always a safe choice. 

Just keep in mind that this is where your baby rests while getting their diaper changed; it may be a peaceful experience while they are a newborn, but soon enough they will be wiggling around, kicking their legs, and trying to grab anything nearby. 

This includes things hung on the wall; chances are good your baby will eventually become curious about the mirror next to them and will try to grab it or push it. 

If you are set on using a mirror in the nursery, make sure to take the proper safety precautions beforehand. You can locate a stud in the area of the wall that you want the mirror to hang on. Then, drill screws into the stud so the mirror is hung as securely as possible. 

When do babies become interested in mirrors? 

baby playing with her reflection in the mirror

While babies can’t actually recognize themselves in the mirror until around 18 months, they will become interested in their reflection much sooner. It’s like looking at and interacting with another smiling baby. And it can provide a lot of entertainment for both of you!

Your baby may smile, wave, giggle, or even try to kiss their reflection without realizing who they are looking at. 

What is a baby-safe mirror? 

Baby-safe mirrors are made of shatter-proof material, like acrylic or metal. We are fortunate that baby-safe mirrors exist and they don’t sacrifice quality or functionality. 

The main issue with standard mirrors is the fact that they can shatter and they are often heavy and oversized. Mirrors and mobile babies don’t mix well; they’re tempting to touch and babies don’t have any understanding of what danger is.

If baby-safe is what you’re looking for, this acrylic sheet mirror from Amazon is a great option. It is self-adhesive, so you can stick it on any wall at any height. We recommend positioning the pieces close to the floor. That way, your baby can easily see themselves while doing tummy time or as they learn to sit up on their own. 


should you put a mirror in the nursery pin

If you’re on the fence about including a mirror in the nursery, we’re confident this post will help you with your decision! 

Looking past the decorative role, mirrors play a functional role as well. They can distract your baby during tummy time, and they help develop visual tracking skills and coordination. 

There are a few safety drawbacks to hanging a mirror in the nursery that are worth looking into. 

If you find a way to hang a mirror in the nursery that is both decorative and baby-proof, you’re well on your way to rocking parenthood! 

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