Should you put a daybed in the nursery?

When designing your baby’s nursery and planning for its arrival, you may stumble upon a few furniture suggestions that feel more like “nice” than “necessary.” 

One example is the daybed. If your nursery is spacious and you have the room (and budget) for furniture, besides a crib, changing table, and rocker… the daybed can be a great option for nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and time spent cuddling with your child. 

If you’re tight on space, prioritizing a rocker or glider over a daybed is the smart move. 

However, there are many benefits to having a daybed in the nursery. In this post, we’ll be sharing some of those, along with some drawbacks of daybeds as well. 

Let’s discuss some of the pros first. 

Pros of putting a daybed in the nursery

Having a daybed in the nursery has many benefits, so let’s start with those.

The on-duty parent still gets some rest 

If you’ve spent any time around a newborn baby, then you’re probably aware of how much they sleep. However, they can sleep for two to three hours at a time, and then wake up hungry.

In the early days of your baby’s life, much of your nighttime will be spent feeding them and rocking them back to sleep. 

A daybed can be a great bed option for the parent who is covering the night shift with your baby; whether it’s Mom doing the late-night nursing sessions, or Dad covering the midnight shift with a bottle. 

This way, if you’re on duty, you have a comfortable place to lay down and rest, instead of sitting upright in a rocker or glider. If you’re tired enough, you may sleep anywhere, but a daybed provides a level of comfort that a rocker may not. 

Provides a space for guests to sleep

If your mother or any relative is coming to stay and help with the baby, having a daybed in the nursery will make it easy for them to feel at home. 

The daybed creates a space for them to get some sleep and also be near the baby to help while the parents get some much-needed rest.

Minimizes both parents waking up 

If Dad has work in the morning and Mom is handling the night shift with the baby, it makes more sense for Mom to sleep in the nursery and tend to the baby.

If Mom is getting up every few hours or bringing the baby into bed with her, there’s a good chance Dad will wake up from the commotion and miss out on much-needed sleep.

A daybed minimizes the chances of the off-duty parent waking up, giving them the sleep they need to function the next day.

Daybeds come in great styles and price points 

Because of their popularity in recent years for the nursery, daybeds come in a wide range of styles, colors, and price points. 

You can easily find one that fits the theme or vibe of your nursery design without breaking the bank.

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Cons of putting a daybed in the nursery 

While a daybed is nice to have, there are a few drawbacks to including one in a nursery. 

Daybeds can take up a lot of space

Most would agree that daybeds can really only be an option if your nursery space is a large room. 

Between the crib, changing table, dresser, and rocker, your nursery may already be getting tight. Daybeds take up a decent amount of space, and can really only be considered if you’re working with a large room.

The comfort of a daybed can vary

Don’t buy a daybed thinking you’ll be getting the same level of comfort as an actual bed. Unfortunately, they just aren’t designed to be soft, high-quality mattresses. 

You can definitely find daybeds that are more comfortable, but there’s truly nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

However, as we mentioned above, if you’re tired enough, you can sleep anywhere! 

The nursery isn’t the best place for guests to stay

If both grandparents are coming to stay, then be aware that a daybed isn’t the best sleep option for two adults. 

Also, you will put your baby down fairly early for the start of their nighttime routine. It may be difficult and stressful for guests to sneak in and out of the room, trying not to wake the baby. 

Your guests may be more comfortable in another room of the house or in a hotel nearby. 

As you recover from childbirth, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible

Even the fastest and easiest births still take time to recover from. You’ll be adjusting to life with a baby, learning how to breastfeed (if you choose to go that route) all while recovering from birthing a baby.

Your body will require rest and chances are good that you’ll want to be in your own bed to take it easy and regain your strength. 

Most babies sleep in their parent’s room

As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should sleep in their parent’s room until (at minimum) six months of age.  

Because you’ll be getting up so often to feed, comfort, and change the baby, it’s more convenient to have them sleep in a crib or bassinet next to your bed. 

When they wake up, all you have to do is sit up and reach for them. It’s a much quicker process than getting up and walking to the nursery to console them. 

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Alternatives to the daybed

Here are a few alternatives to the daybed that will create more space when you need it.


While the futon has mostly gained popularity within the college community, it is a simple and compact solution to a comfortable place to rest with a baby. 

Futons are multipurpose — they function as a couch but you can lay them down to make a single or double bed. 

They also take up less space than a daybed, so it would be easier to squeeze one into the nursery. 

Trundle bed

A trundle bed is a bed that rolls under another bed and saves tons of space in the process. 

Some cribs come with a trundle bed attached, which can be a great option for families that need to save space!

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Final thoughts on daybeds

should you put a daybed in the nursery pin

Putting a daybed in the nursery is an easy and affordable way to allow one parent to get rest, to quickly feed and console your baby, and to provide space for guests in your home.

While they do require a certain amount of space within a room, putting a daybed in the nursery can work great for families with a newborn baby. 

They’re compact enough that you can easily relocate them to another room when you need the space. 

For fussy nighttime wakeups and early morning feedings, a daybed in the nursery can work wonders for sleepy parents. 

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