24 Names That Mean Savior

Are you looking for a name that means “savior” for your child, pet, book character, or even yourself? There are many different options from which you can choose, each of which comes from different cultural backgrounds with varying unique histories. The male, female, and unisex names below will give you more than enough options and should help you find a name that works for your needs.

Names That Mean Savior

Boy Names That Mean Savior

Here are some of the most popular and beautiful names for boys that mean “savior,” including historical context and other information to help you better understand where each name originates.


Alexander is the Latin form of a Greek name (Alexandros) and means “savior of mankind.” It was heavily prevalent in ancient times, especially after the rise of Alexander the Great.


An Indian name that means “savior of the poor,” Dinanatha may be bestowed upon someone who has shown great course and attention in helping the needy people in their population.


This Arabic name means “savior” and is the name of Jesus. That makes it a popular name for the Arabic Christian population, particularly in America.


Gaizka is a Basque name that means “savior” and was initially proposed in 1910 by the writer Sabino Arana as the equivalent of Salvador, a well-known Spanish name.


Messiah is an Old English name from the Hebrew tradition and means “savior” or “anointed one.” It first occurs in the Old Testament and is then used to refer to Jesus.

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A name in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan, Salvador means “savior” and refers to Jesus specifically in these languages. It has been used many times, including for painter Salvador Dali.


A Greek name, Sotirios means “savior” or “deliverer” and refers specifically to Jesus Christ. It is used in many Greek textbooks for this purpose and remains a popular name in Greek society today.

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Girl Names That Mean Savior

Names That Mean Savior

Though most names that mean “savior” are masculine owing to old-fashioned thinking by our ancestors, there are still several female names with this meaning. Here are a few that might interest you, as well as crucial cultural context that helps explain their usage in more depth.


The feminine version of Alexander, this name also means “savior” or “defender of mankind.” You can also spell it Alejandra if you want a unique spelling.


A Russian name that comes from the Slavic language, it means “glorious savior.” It is the feminine version of “Bronsilav,” another famous name in Russia and Slavic-speaking areas.


An Arabic name that comes from the word “Fada,” it means “savior” and is used throughout multiple myths, legends, and religious stories throughout Arabic history.


Hashna is a gorgeous Indian name used in many parts of the subcontinent. It means “savior” and is popular as the name of a single child, as if they “saved” the family and made it whole.

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A gorgeous African name, Hola, means “savior” and is used in many parts of the continent and in areas with a significant population of Africans, including the United States and Britain.


In recent years, Hawaiian names have become more popular as information about this society becomes widely known. Moke is one of the most popular Hawaiian female names and means “savior.”

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The feminine version of the name Ramon, Ramona is a Spanish name that shares that name’s meaning: “wise savior” or “protector.” This makes it a powerful name for a girl.

Unisex Names That Mean Savior

Names That Mean Savior

Sometimes, you may want a unisex name that can work for both boys and girls. The following names are helpful if you aren’t sure what gender your pet, child, or character may be or if you want to change your name to something with an exciting level of androgyny. The most popular unisex names that mean savior include:

  • Alex: Alex is a popular boys and girls name that’s a shortened version of Alexander or Alexandra.
  • Alger: This Anglo-Saxon name means “elf spear” in connection with being saved in battle.
  • Claremonde: A German name that means “light of the world,” “protector,” and “savior.”
  • Ditiyahihi: A Hindi name that refers to the goddess Lakshmi in religious traditions.
  • Evander: Evander is a Scottish and Greek name that means “strong warrior” or “savior.”
  • Kimball: Old Welsh gives Kimball the meaning of “leader of warriors” or “savior.”
  • Meredith: Meredith is a Welsh name that means “great ruler” or “savior.”
  • Mina: This Dutch name means “protector” or “savior of the people.”
  • Philomena: This old Greek name means “friend of strength” or “savior.”
  • Raynor: Raynor means “wise warrior” or “savior” and comes from many traditions.

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Wrap up- Names That Mean Savior

Names That Mean Savior

If you’re searching for names that mean savior, you’re our hero! May your guardian angels watch over you and lead you to the right ideas!

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