Tervis Be A Fan Week 2: DC Comics!

I received these products free of charge. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. 

Have you ever tried a Tervis mug? Tervis claims their insulated tumblers keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. So I’ve put their gorgeously decorated cups to the test.

Check out the gorgeous patterns on these super hero themed Tervis tumblers! I love the “sketchy” look of the Batman and Wonder Woman mugs!

And they even have awesomely nerdy designs, from Harry Potter to Magic: The Gathering, and they’ve released an amazing new line of Marvel and DC themed tumblers! Check them out in the Tervis Fan Shop here!

Tervis Be A Fan Week 2:  DC Comics

15% OFF all DC Designs

1 Batman and 1 Wonder Woman Special Edition Limited Release Jim Lee Designs ($49.99)

1 Week-Long Wonder Woman Special Release, and MUCH MORE! 

From Tervis.com

Putting Tervis to the Test!

Closeup of the Wonder Woman Tervis

First, I made some coffee, poured it in my Tervis, and checked it periodically. It stayed at a hot-but-drinkable temperature for 2 hours! 

Next, I put ice water in another Tervis and left it in my car while I was at work. The high was 91 degrees that day! At lunch time, I checked and there was still ice in the Tervis! After the end of the work day, the ice was gone but the water was still cold! 

Finally, Tervis tumblers are durable! I’ve had this plastic ones for at least 5 years now- I bought it in 2015 as a souvenir on a trip to Florida. And it just has some minor scratches and is a little foggy looking from the hard water in my area. 

My five year old Tervis still is in pretty good shape!

Tervis tumblers make great gifts (in fact, I recommend them in my post on gifts for new moms, who need lots of hot coffee, tea, or ice cold water) and are a fun to decorate your everyday life! The best part is they have so many different designs, you’ll find something you love!

Click here to check out the Tervis Fan Shop! They truly have something for everyone!

I love how shiny the Wonder Woman logo on the back looks! (next to my American Chemistry Society mug for size comparison)

What are the downsides to Tervis tumblers?

Unfortunately, the stainless steel tumblers and lids with gaskets are not dishwasher safe. Tervis recommends hand washing them with a non-abrasive sponge and dish soap. This is similar to other brands of insulated tumblers that I’ve used, like Contigo and Yeti.

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