Names That Mean Air – 65 Ideas For Boys and Girls

Air – that which we breathe – is an imperative part of life. It symbolizes creativity, youth, and new beginnings. 

Air zodiac signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They are known for their creative, independent, and free-spirited natures. Like air, they can be gentle and still or reckless and tempestuous. 

Here are the top 65 boy and girl names that mean air, which evokes air’s mystery, divinity, power, and true nature.

Names That Mean Air

Boy Names That Mean Air

Air is one of four basic elements, representing power and a firm connection to the universal life force. Here are the top boys’ names that mean air.

1. Abel

Abel is a popular male name derived from the Hebrew name Hevel, meaning “breath, vapor.” Abel is the name of the second son of Adam and Even in the Bible. It is a calming name that will remind your baby of the powerful life force imparted to him. 

2. Aether

Aether is a mystical gender-neural name of Greek origin, meaning “bright upper air.” Aether was the son of Nyx and Erebus in Greek mythology. Aither is another variant of Aether. 

3. Akash

Akash is an Indian name that means “sky, open space” in Sanskrit. Akash Ganga is the name of an Indian Air Force skydiving team.

4. An

An is a short, simplistic Sumerian name meaning “heaven, sky.” An is the Sumerian god of the heavens. Anu is the Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian variant of An.

5. Anani

Anani is an ancient Biblical Hebrew name meaning “my cloud.” The name is found in the Old Testament, belonging to one of King David’s descendants.

6. Anil

Anil is a Hindu name of Sanskrit, Indian origin, meaning the god of wind and air. Your little boy will be strong and assertive, knowing that the sky’s the limit.

7. Ayaz 

Ayaz derives from Turkish origins, meaning dry, cold air. It was the name of the slave of sultan Mahmud of Ghazni.

8. Bayu

Bayu is a strong, masculine Indonesian, meaning “force of the wind” in Hinduism. The name comes from the Bahu, the Hindu god. 

9. Boreas

Boreas is a male name derived from Greek mythology, meaning “North Wind.” Boreas was one of four seasonal wind gods (Anemoi) subject to Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds.

10. Caelestis

Caelestis is a masculine late Roman name meaning “heavenly, of the sky.” Other variants include Céleste (French) and Celeste (Italian).

11. Ehecatl

Ehecatl is an Indigenous American name meaning “wind” in Nahuatl. It was the name of a pre-Columbian deity associated with wind in Aztec and Toltec mythology.

12. Enlil

Enlil comes from ancient Sumerian mythology – (en) meaning “lord,” and (Lil) can be interpreted as “winds.” He was the lord of wind and storms in Sumerian mythology. Elil and Ellil are the Akkadian forms of Enlil in Semantic mythology. 

13. Fūjin

Fūjin is a boy name from Japanese mythology, meaning “wind god.” It is the name of the red-headed, green-skinned Japanese wind god carrying a bag of wind over his shoulders.

14. Gale

Gale is a simple unisex name with several etymologies, meaning “joy” in Hebrew and “gust, powerful wind” in Middle English. Gale is the name of Liam Hemsworth’s character in The Hunger Games. 

15. Govad

Govad is an Islamic name from Persian mythology, meaning “wind, an angel of wind.” It is a unique masculine name shrouded by an air of mystery.

16. Hayate

Hayate is a male Japanese name meaning “sound of the wind.” Black Hayate is Riza Hawkeye’s puppy in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.  

17. Ilmar

Ilmar is a male name derived from “Ilma,” the Proto-Finnic word meaning “air, space, and weather.” Ilmar is short for Ilmarinen, the skillful smith in the Kalevala. Ilmari is the Finnish version of the shortened name Ilmarinen.

Names That Mean Air

18. Ilmarinen

Ilmarinen is a Scandinavian male name that means “air.” In Finnish mythology, Ilmarinen is the immortal archetypal artificer that crafted the sky and created the magic mill, aka the Sampo. 

19. Keanu

Keanu is a modern Hawaiian unisex name that means “the cool breeze.” Keanu is often associated with Keanu Reeves, who played in The Matrix.

20. Noodin

Noodin is an Indigenous American name meaning “the wind blows” in Ojibwe. The name also represents strength, ambition, and determination.

21. Notus

Notus is a Latinized Greek mythology name meaning “south wind.” Notus is the name of the south wind god in Greek mythology.

22. Poyraz

Poyraz is a masculine Turkish name meaning “northeasterly wind.” The name is derived from Boreas, the personification of the north wind in Greek mythology. 

23. Pran

Pran is an Indian that means “life” in Hindi and “breath” in Sanskrit. The name will remind baby Pran of the powerful life force within him.

24. Rabi

Rabi is a renowned Muslim name, meaning “spring, breeze” in Arabic. The deep, meaningful name represents renewal and energy.

25. Rüzgar

Rüzgar is a gender-neutral name meaning “wind” in Turkish. This is a unique, breezy name for boys and girls.

Names That Mean Air

26. Samir

Samir is an Indian name derived from Hindi, meaning “gentle wind, cool breeze.” Samir also means “entertaining companion” in Arabic.

27. Sōma

Sōma is a male Japanese name meaning “genuine” or “sudden sound of the wind.” Other kanji combinations include SōtaSotaSouma, and Souta.

28. Vayu

Vayu is a male name of Indian origin, meaning “wind and air” in Sanskrit. Vayu is also the name of the Hindu god of wind and the divine messenger.

29. Wayra

Wayra is a Native American male name that means “gust of wind” or “born of the wind” in Quechua. Wayra is a rare name across the globe. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this unique, assertive name. 

30. Zephyr

Zephyr is a unique name with a Greek mythology origin, meaning “west wind.” Other variants include Zephyros and Zephyrus. Zephyros was the Greek god of the west wind.

Girl Names That Mean Air

Names That Mean Air

Although powerful, air can also represent gentleness and mystery, much like a woman. Here are the top girls’ names that mean air.

1. Aanakwad

Aanakwad is a gender-neutral, Indigenous American name that means “cloud” in Ojibwe. Aanakwad is the name of the short story “The Shawl.”

2. Alya

Alya is a beautiful Arabic name meaning “sky, heaven.” Another variant of the name is Alia.

3. Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a feminine name of Japanese mythology origin, meaning “shining over heaven.” This beautiful name also belongs to the celestial Japanese sun goddess.

4. Alizée

Alizée is a modern French name derived from alizé, meaning “intertropical trade wind.” It also includes the variants AliséeAlysée, and Aliséa

5. Amihan

Amihan is a Filipino name that means “wind, winter storm” in Tagalog. Amihan is the perfect name for a girl ready to take the world by storm. 

6. Anemone

Anemone is a feminine name of Greek origin that means “daughter of the wind” or “windflower.” In Greek mythology, the anemone flower emerged from Aphrodite’s tears as she mourned Adonis’ death.

7. Anila

Anila is the feminine version of Anil, meaning the god of wind. This gorgeous name falls under the top 10 names in Albania.

8. Araceli

Araceli is a gorgeous feminine Spanish name meaning “altar of the sly” in Latin American. Other variants include AracelisAracely, and Aracelia.

9. Aria

Aria is a short, sweet name that means song and melody in Italian. Aria’s literal translation is “air,” a musical term referring to an elaborate vocal solo primarily performed in operas. Aria has recently soared in popularity after the premier o Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars.

10. Aura

Aura is a soft and beautiful girl’s name meaning “soft breeze” in Greek. Aura also means “illumination, glowing light” in Latin. Aura is currently in the top 1000 US girl names.

11. Azzurra

Azzurra is a feminine Italian name that means “sky blue.” Azzurra is currently a trending baby girl name.

12. Bridget

Bridget is an English name meaning “the exalted one.” In Irish mythology, Bridget was the daughter of Dagda and was known as the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom. Brigid is the Irish variant of Bridget.

13. Céline

Céline is a French name of Latin origin, coming from Caelīna, the feminine form of Caelīnus, meaning “heavenly.” Celina is its Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese equivalent. 

14. Cua

Cua is a cute and simple name meaning “wind” in Hmong. You can also consider its variation Choua.

15. Era

Era is a short, sweet name for girls meaning “wind, air” in Albanian. In Hebrew, Era means “awake” or “guardian.” It is the feminine version of Er, the eldest son of Judah in the Bible. 

16. Esen

Esen is a feminine Turkish name that means “breeze, the wind.” Although mostly feminine, you can also use Esen as a male name.

17. Eter

Eter is a Georgian name that means “ether, air.” The name features in the 1918 opera – Abesalom and Eteri.

18. Eve

Eve is a well-known Hebrew name meaning “to breathe, to live.” This simplistic name can also mean “to give life.”

19. Gale

Gale is a unisex name with several etymologies. It originates from a Hebrew name meaning “joy” or from an English word meaning powerful wind.” Alternatively, Gale is the diminutive of Galene, a Greek word meaning “tranquillity.” In Greek mythology, Galene was a minor goddess who encouraged calm seas.

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20. Haizea

Haizea is a beautiful girl name with a Basque origin, meaning wind. Haizea is among the most popular names in Basque, Spain. 

21. Ilma

Ilma is a female name of Finnish origin meaning “air; starlight.” Ilma also features in Tolkien’s legendarium – the body of J. R. R. Tolkien’s writing that forms the background of The Lord of the Rings – as a Quenya name. 

22. Ilmatar

Ilmatar combines the Finnish word Ilma, meaning “air,” and the female suffix -tar. The name means “female air spirit.” Ilmatar features in Finnish mythology as a semi-androgynous goddess of the heavens. 

23. Meltem

Meltem is a Turkish name for girls meaning “sea wind.” The name comes from the Turkish word for the strong north wind of the Aegean Sea. 

24. Nasim

Nasim is a gender-neutral Muslim name meaning “fresh air, breeze” in Arabic. Other variants include Nassim (Arabic), Naseem (Urdu), and Nesim (Turkish).

Names That Mean Air

25. Nefes

Nefes is a modern masculine Turkish name meaning “breath.” Nefes is also an indirect Quranic boy name meaning “valuable, extremely desired.” It is the perfect name to show your little boy just how valuable he is to you. 

26. Ninlil

Ninlil is a feminine name derived from Sumerian mythology, meaning “wind.” Ninlil was a Mesopotamian goddess and consort of Enlil. 

27. Pranee

Pranee is a charming Thai name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “living being, one that breathes.” Pranee is the perfect name for a free-spirited and adventurous person. 

28. Psyche

Psyche is an uncommon name derived from Greek mythology, meaning “to breath.” The Greeks believed that the breath was the soul. Psyche was the beloved maiden of Eros in Greek mythology.

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29. Skylar

Skylar is a gender-neutral name meaning “isle of the sky” in Modern English. The name was more common for boys in the 1980s but became a popular female name in The Young and the Restless soap opera.

30. Stormy

Stormy is a modern English name meaning “stormy, wild.” The world-famous Kylie Kardashian named her daughter Stormy.

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31. Spirit

Spirit is an English name derived from the Latin word spiritus, meaning “breath, energy.” This creative baby name is inspired by faith and spirituality. 

32. Sprita

Sprita is a fun name that means “witty, lively” in Esperanto. The name comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning “breath, energy.”

33. Tsisana

Tsisana is a feminine Georgian name meaning “of the sky.” This creative name is also another word for the pretty forget-me-not flower. 

34. Tuula

Tuula is a simplistic Finnish name name meaning “wind.” Other derivatives include Tuule (Estonian) and Tuuli (Finnish). 

35. Tuulikki

Tuulikki is a sweet Finnish name meaning “little wind.” Tuulikki is the name of the Finnish forest goddess.

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Wrap Up- Names that Mean Air

Names That Mean Air

We hope these names that mean air have been a breath of fresh air! May the wind be at your back as you choose from our curated list.

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