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If you’re looking for gifts for Grandma from Baby, you’re in the right place! These gifts are perfect for any holiday, Christmas, Grandma’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or even as a pregnancy announcement! Or if Grandma helps care of their grandbaby, they make great thank you gifts too.

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The Top Gifts for Grandma from Baby 

Nixplay Smart Picture Frame

For Christmas this year, I bought both grandmas the Nixplay Smart Picture Frame (available on Amazon). I’ve gotten my mom digital picture frames before and was skeptical about buying another one. But the Nixplay has some really great features that overcame my doubts. 

First, each picture frame has its own email address. Grandma can share the address with anyone she wants and they can send pictures directly to the picture frame after they download the Nixplay app! There’s no complicated step of uploading photos using a cord or USB stick. 

Second, it can play photos and videos. Third, Grandma doesn’t need to turn it on and off, the frame activates via a motion sensor. And finally, Grandma can easily set the frame to show the most recent 100, 200, 500, 1000, or all photos! That means she can easily see the most recent photos or all of them, or anything in between. 

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Personalized Birthstone Necklace 

This sterling silver birthstone necklace from Gemstone King on Amazon makes a gorgeous gift! Personalize it by choosing the birthstones for Grandma, Mom, and Baby. It comes with a chain in a nice box, so it’s ready to gift! 

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What Grandmas Do Best

What Grandmas Do Best is an adorable book by Laura Numeroff, author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Grandma will love reading this book to her grandbaby! 

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Build a First Time Grandma Gift Basket

Sometimes, you just have to go above and beyond to say thank you to Grandma. Whether you want to surprise her with a special gift, or thank her for helping out with the new baby’s arrival, she will love a custom gift basket! I recommend building your own basket with the EFYTAL Generations necklace (scroll up a little for details), along with these items that are a mix of fun and practical-

How to Babysit a Grandma

The New York Times bestselling book How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan is perfect for Grandma to read with her grandbaby!

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Baby Proofing Kit

If Grandma is going to babysit at her house, she will definitely appreciate baby proofing supplies! Perfect for keeping a curious grandchild out of drawers and cabinets, and also includes outlet covers and corner protectors

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Grandma and Me Picture frame


And of course, share a memory of Grandma and grandbaby together in this adorable picture frame

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Put it all together, and you’ll have the perfect first time grandma gift basket!

Practical gifts for new grandparents

If you are looking for practical gifts for new grandparents, these ideas have you covered!

Car seat or car seat base

If Grandma may be transporting your baby, she will need a car seat! If you’ve purchased an infant seat, you will only need to buy Grandma a car seat base. Personally, we used the Graco SnugRide SnugLock car seat, and bought Grandma-in-law the base

My friend bought Grandma the EvenfloTribute convertible car seat, which is reasonably priced but will last for several years since it can be used both rear-facing and forward facing!

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Modern Baby-proofing Supplies 

I often struggle with those annoying plastic baby-proof cabinet locks. But these magnetic 3M cabinet latches will be super simple for Grandma to use! Just like most 3M products, install it with the provided adhesive strips, and wait 24 hours. Then, Grandma uses a “magnet key” to unlock the cabinet. And, Grandma won’t lose the key since she can simply put it on her fridge.

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Pack and Play

If your baby will be spending a lot of time at Grandma’s house, they will need a place to sleep! Give Grandma peace of mind with a play-yard and bassinet. We love our Graco Pack ‘n Play since it’s so easy to fold and store!

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Handmade Gifts for Grandma from Baby

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit

For my daughter’s first Christmas, I wanted to make clay handprint or footprint ornaments to give to all the grandparents. But I didn’t want to make that salt-flour dough myself, and have to buy all the other bits and pieces. This kit from Amazon turned out perfectly- I got all the stuff I needed, and only had to wrangle my 8 month old into pressing her hand into the clay.

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Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

On that note, I also wanted adorable baby handprints without the mess of putting paint on my daughter’s hand. The Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit worked perfectly for us! The special clean touch ink pad means the ink only ends up on the paper, and can be reused 4-6 times! And the kit includes 4 pieces of paper,  plus a frame. Just add a photo and you’re all set. No cutting, trimming, or messy paint!

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What I Love About Grandma 

What I Love About Grandma (available on Amazon) is a perfect handmade gift that doesn’t involve baby handprints or footprints! This journal asks you to simply fill in the blanks, then give it to Grandma! Some example questions: 

  • I love how you always say “_”
  • If you were a type of pie, you’d be _

I was skeptical that this gift didn’t seem “handmade.” But when I filled out a similar journal for my aunt a few years ago, she said it was one of the sweetest gifts she ever received! The best part is, you can customize it any way you want! Adjust the questions, answer in a silly, serious, or sentimental way, as you see fit!

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Book Gifts for Grandma from Baby

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love by family relationships expert Jane Isay is a practical guide for grandparents. It offers advice on how Grandma can make the most of her time with her new grandbaby and work through common problems today’s families face – including those between the parents and grandparents!

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Becoming a Grandma

Becoming a Grandma by Lesley Stahl. Along with interviews of famous grandmothers like Whoopi Goldberg and Diane Sawyer, Stahl also interviews doctors and scientists about changes that happen when women become grandmothers! Finally, it will introduce Grandma to the concepts that today’s parents use in raising their children so that she will understand the differences between the parenting styles in her generation and the current generation.

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Gifts for Grandma to Be

The perfect ideas if you’re looking for a special way to announce a pregnancy or are looking for gifts for grandma to be. Of course, any of the optinos above will work too!

Grandma, I Can’t Wait to Meet You Picture Frame

Share a sonogram picture with Grandma in this cute frame from Amazon!  She will cherish the reminder of her grandbaby on the way. This frame fits a 4×5 inch ultrasound image. My mom loved getting a framed sonogram and hung it proudly on the wall!

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When a baby is born, so is a grandmother frame from Amazon

This photo frame from Amazon is a bit larger- it has a 4×6 inch opening, so you can give Grandma a sonogram picture or a regular photo.

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Memories for My Grandchild Journal

Grandma will love sharing her story with her grandchild someday! This journal provides helpful prompts for Grandma to document her story, details about her children, and of course, the grandchildren.

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My mom loved recieving this journal for Mother’s Day! She reminisced that she wished she’d had more time to make a baby book for me, and was excited to make one for her granddaughter! 

Sterling Silver Generations Necklace 

Give Grandma this gorgeous necklace (from EFYTAL on Amazon) that she can wear any time! My daughter (ok, it was really my husband) gave me the mother and daughter version of this necklace last Christmas! I love the beautiful design, I can wear it with any outfit, and it came with lots of accessories like a special polishing cloth and a storage bag. 

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From digital photo frames to handmade keepsakes, there are lots of options for gifts for grandma from baby! Share your other favorite gift ideas in the comments! 

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