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Whether you’re expecting twins or welcoming a second child, chances are you’ll soon be relying heavily on a stroller. Strollers can be our armor against the unexpected, ensuring we have all the diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys we need while we’re out and about for the day.

Choosing the best stroller for your family can feel overwhelming; the number of options alone is enough to make your head spin. If the variety of strollers to choose from wasn’t enough — side-by-side, tandem, umbrella, jogging — there are also countless customizations and accessories for each type. 

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is a popular inline stroller that features a number of configurations depending on your needs. Every family is unique and uses a stroller differently depending on their lifestyle, so let your specific criteria guide you when making your final decision.

Below we’ve addressed the most common questions about the Baby Jogger City Select with a second seat, also known as the double stroller.

Review of Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat

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The Baby Jogger City Select is one of the most popular choices for a double stroller because of the flexibility it affords parents. With the additional seat, the stroller boasts a whopping 16 configurations including combined seats, stroller seats, infant car seats and bassinets. Not only can this stroller be customized to fit your family, but it can also grow with your family too. 

The Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat is perfect for families looking for one stroller that does it all. Because of the vast array of customizations, the Baby Jogger City Select is ideal for daily family outings and travel.

Being able to mix and match the seating also makes it suited to children of different ages. The additional configurations allow for the seats to face forward and backward depending on the situation. 

Baby Jogger City Select Pros and Cons

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The City Select is heavy for a double stroller, so it’s best for parents who don’t plan to carry the stroller up and down stairs often. This stroller was designed with maneuverability in mind. It is much easier to control in crowded areas when compared to wider, side-by-side strollers. As with many modern strollers, most accessories are not included in the price and must be purchased separately. The price for the Baby Jogger City Select with the additional seat is around $700. This makes it pricey for double strollers in general but comparable for similar features from the most popular luxury brands. 


  • 16 different seating configurations means it is perfect for 2 children of any ages, from infant to age 6+
  • Excellent maneuverability 
  • Folds to a small size compared to other double strollers 
  • Telescoping handle easily adjusts for parents of different heights
  • Compatible with the City GO 2 car seat
  • Can carry up to 3 kids if the Bench Seat or Glider Board are also purchased 
  • Price comparable to other luxury stroller brands


  • Heavy 35 pound stroller is not ideal for families who will carry the stroller up stairs frequently 
  • Second seat must be purchased separately 
  • Accessories must be purchased separately 
  • Expensive compared to economy strollers

City Select vs City Select LUX

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The City Select Lux stroller boasts an additional four configurations on top of the 16 the original City Select features. These configurations are made possible because of the added bench seat for older children up to 65 pounds. If you have an older child who wants to tag along, this is a great upgrade. The Lux also has better adaptability to rougher terrain because of its foam filled wheels and all-wheel suspension. Finally, the LUX folds to a substantially smaller size than the original, over 30% smaller when folded.

Can You Fold City Select Stroller with Two Seats

Depending on where you live and how you travel, being able to fold your stroller is important. The City Select Stroller does feature a one-step fold system wherein pulling up on the sides folds the stroller easily. From here you can latch it in place for easy transport. However, when using an additional seat, a single-step fold is no longer possible. First, the second seat must be removed, meaning you must then carry two separate pieces. This is inconvenient for trips up the stairs, but less so for putting the stroller into a car. However, despite being a heavier stroller, it does fold into a smaller size compared to similar strollers. As with all features, it depends on your priorities for use.

Where can I buy the Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat?

You can purchase the Baby Jogger City Select on Amazon. Then purchase the second seat. And finally, attach the second seat to the City Select. 

Weight Limit of the City Select Double Stroller

The weight limit of the City Select is 45 pounds per seat. Along with its sturdy frame, this ensures you’ll be able to use the stroller for years to come, as most children are below the maximum weight limit until age 5 or 6. 

If you’re looking for longevity, this is a definite checkmark in the pro column. Plus, the stroller also has ample capacity that keeps all your belongings from bouncing out with its high mesh sides.

What is the Difference Between a Jogger and a Stroller

In general, jogging strollers have a single wheel in the front and two wheels in the back, while non-jogging strollers have four wheels. The single front wheel makes for easier maneuvering for the parent and greater comfort for the child while in motion. While the company name is Baby Jogger, the City Select model is not intended for jogging. The company’s name refers to its origin as one of the earliest manufacturers of jogging strollers in 1984 when there were very few options on the market. However, they have since branched out to include other types of strollers in their product line. 

Are Jogger Strollers Good for Everyday Use?

As mentioned above, the best stroller for you is based on your needs and lifestyle. Some people may choose to have multiple strollers for multiple uses. And others want a more all-in-one experience, perhaps depending on their storage capacity at home. If someone is using a stroller predominantly for exercise, they may choose a jogging stroller that also doubles as an everyday use stroller. Others may want a jogger specifically for weekends while utilizing a city stroller during the week. Whatever works best for your living situation and your children is the right pick.

Final Thoughts

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The City Select Double Stroller is a very good stroller. It offers many configurations which gives it mass appeal to families with different lifestyles. If you are in the market for a new stroller, this one should definitely be on your list.

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