Are Baby Swings Necessary? | A Guide for Parents

The excitement of pregnancy and the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world can delight new parents. But as these parents begin to research what sorts of gear is available for newborns, this excitement can quickly turn to confusion and dread. Does my baby need this? Is this safe for my child? The questions rise so quickly that it’s understandable when some parents simply throw up their hands. 

But one particular object has been a source of much discussion: the baby swing. Some parents ask: are baby swings necessary?

What is a Baby Swing?

What is a baby swing? No, we’re not talking about a swing that children enjoy in a playground or tied up under a tree. A baby swing is a self-contained object that runs on batteries or electricity. 

To swing, the infant is strapped into the seat and the swing is turned on. The baby then swings back and forth and sometimes vibrates, depending on the model. Certain models play lullabies or soothing white noise.

Why do Babies like Swings?

This baby sure likes to swing!

Why would a baby want to be placed in a swing? Simply put, infants are used to being rocked within their mother’s uterus. There is a lot of rocking and moving happening within a woman’s body as she gestates, and infants find comfort in this motion. Once a child is born, he or she may find it difficult to adjust to life in the bright, still world. Hence, some babies like to be placed in swings that simulate the uterine environment. 

Are Baby Swings Necessary? 

A baby swing can help calm down your newborn when he or she is feeling uncomfortable.

When parents are tired of rocking the child themselves, the soft rocking motion of a baby swing can take over. Additionally, some children find these swings so comforting that they drift right to sleep in them. At this point, you can pick up your child and place him in his crib.

That being said, parents have been raising newborns for thousands of years without baby swings. Your child will be just fine if you decide not to purchase one for your family.

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Are Baby Swings Good for Babies? 

Baby swings can step in and help children calm down. But for safety reasons, be sure to supervise your baby as she sleeps in a swing. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants should always sleep on their backs on a flat surface.

Your baby can fall asleep in the baby swing, but it’s a good idea to move the child to a crib or bassinet after falling asleep.

Do Baby Swings Help with Colic?

Some infants develop a condition known as colic. This leads to a lot of crying and difficulty soothing the child. But swings can help entertain and soothe children experiencing colic, which can give parents a much-needed break. The swinging motion helps babies feel comfortable, which can lead to fewer and shorter crying episodes. Are baby swings necessary if your child has colic? They can certainly help!

Are Baby Swings Good for Reflux? 

Reflux occurs when stomach acid rises into the esophagus. Infants with reflux can be highly uncomfortable and may cry often. Baby swings are good for reflux because they hold the child in a more upright position and provide rocking motions that can help a your little one get comfortable. 

Why are Baby Swings so Low to the Ground?

If you’re browsing through baby swing options, you may find that most swings are low to the ground. Moms and Dads may find it difficult to bend down and pick up their baby from down there! So why are baby swings so low to the ground?

As children age, they become more able to move. That’s why swings are low to the ground— if the baby falls, he won’t have far to go before he lands. Safety is important, so it is worth bending down for a little more peace of mind and safety.

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How Much are Baby Swings?

There is a large price variation among different baby swing models. Some swings only move back and forth, while others move side to side, vibrate, and have several settings. Swings with more features can cost significantly more than others. Typically, a baby swing can cost as low as 40 dollars and as high as 300 or even 400 dollars. 

A second-hand swing can help you decide if your infant will actually like using a baby swing. If your baby likes the swing, you can always upgrade to a more expensive model.

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Wrap Up

are baby swings necessary

Now you understand why some parents might want baby swings, and have the information you need to decide if you’d like to get one. And some ideas for trying before you buy!

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