Best Nerdy Family Halloween Costumes

This post is a roundup of the best nerdy Halloween costumes I’ve seen this year!

Game of Thrones Family Halloween Costumes

Of course, there are a ton of families with Game of Thrones costumes this year! Luckily there are so many characters, you have lots of options to choose from. 

Of course, lots of people go with Daenerys, Jon, and dragons. 

I love this super simple version! 

And a very creative way to include the family pets! And a Ygritte costume, not one you see often!

Candy is coming! 

You know nothing, Baby Snow!
When you play the game of thrones, you win or you snooze!

And these two newborns are rocking amazing costumes! 

Props to this unique costume!  The baby direwolf is a great touch!

Harry Potter Family Halloween Costumes

If you already have robes, why not go for a Harry Potter themed costume? 

 Baby Dobby is adorable! 

Love the little Quidditch players! And… this time, we have a baby Hedwig! 

Star Trek Family Halloween Costumes

Ok, this is technically from a con and not a Halloween costume, but it was too cute and punny not to share! 

Star Wars Family Halloween Costumes

Again, there are so many characters to choose from! And what kid doesn’t want a costume with a lightsaber?

Pokemon Family Halloween Costumes

If your child wants to dress up like Pikachu this Halloween, making a Pokemon trainer costume for yourself is super simple! 

Gotta catch all the candy!

And this Pokeball candy bucket is a great idea! 

Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costumes

That adorable baby gets to be the star of the show, but mom and dad still have fun and simple costumes! I love it!

And last but not least, I love this costume! It’s not particularly nerdy, but it’s a really creative idea!


What are you and your family dressing up as this year? Do you have themed costumes? Or do all the kids want to be something different?