What to get a baby for baptism: 15 special gift ideas

Baptism is one of the most important days for any Christian child. It’s an event that is attended by all the family as well as good friends. But you are probably asking yourself “what to get a baby for baptism?” What is an appropriate gift for baptism?

Whether you want a memorable gift, a useful one, or something without a religious theme, you’ll find something perfect on this list! Plus, most of these gifts are available on Amazon, so you can get them in two days for last-minute baptism gifts! You can find some in stores or easily pull them together at home for last minute ideas too!

Today, we’ll walk you through all 15 different great gifts for newly christened children. Let’s dive in!

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Personalized Baptism Dedication Book

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What’s better than a unique gift that’s fun for the baby, and an amazing memory when they get older!?

This personalized baptism dedication book (available on Amazon) reminds children to be thankful for god’s blessings in their lives! It talks about everyday things like playtime with friends, breakfast, beautiful flowers, family’s love, and much more!

This personalized book makes a very special gift for children. They’ll always love to hear their name as you or their parents read the book for them. 

Additionally, the book is designed to be unisex. This makes it a wonderful gift for boys and girls up to to 6 years old, whether it’s for a christening, Easter, or other occasion!

The book itself is pretty decent and high quality. Plus, it ships quickly and is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee policy for a worry-free purchase!

God Bless This Baby Gift Set

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This God Bless Baby gift set (available on Amazon) comes with a stuffed “pray with me lamb.”

The lamb is in a kneeling position with its hand together. And it recites the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer every time you press on the lamb’s tummy.

The cute young voice of the prayer is comforting and adorable. Also, the 7 inch lamb plush is super cute and soft!

In addition, the set includes the keepsake book “God Bless Baby” written by Jennifer Driscoll.

The book contains 14 sweet blessings for the newly baptized baby, along with beautifully colored illustrations by Mimi Adiutri.

The gifts all come in a keepsake box with an envelope compartment, so it’s ready for you to present at the baptism!

Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet

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Jewelry makes a wonderful baptism gift for a baby girl. This sterling silver cross bracelet (available on Amazon) is handcrafted from sterling silver by a US-based artisan jeweler. This means that the bracelet will stay bright and shiny without polishing.

This bracelet comes in a variety of size options. Personally, I recommend getting the six inch bracelet. A young girl will enjoy it and wear it much more than a baby or toddler. These sizes include: 

  • 4.0 inches bracelet for 0 to 3 months babies 
  • 4.5 inches bracelet for 3 to 18 months babies
  • 5.25 inches bracelet for 2 to 5 years toddlers
  • 6.0 inches bracelet for 5 to 12 years young girls

Plus, all the sizes are adjustable to different wrist sizes. The bracelet is free of harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, PVC, BPA, and lead.

Precious Moments Ceramic Blessings Jar

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The Precious Moments Blessings Jar (available on Amazon) is a unique and fantastic gift for baptisms and christenings. Plus it can work as a gift for newborns, birthdays, baby showers, and more!

This adorable jar features a baby elephant on the lid of the jar, and the inscription “bless this baby.”

And what do you do with this jar? It’s not a piggy bank- it provides plenty of space to keep notes, blessings, and keepsakes. Be sure to write your own blessing for the baby, and encourage other baptism guests to do the same!

In addition to making a great keepsake for children to remember their baptism when they are older, its neutral decor will match any nursery or kids room!

A special outfit

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Here’s a special christening gift to buy for a newly baptized baby, a special outfit (available on Amazon)! No, it’s not a baptism gown. This cute onesie is printed with “blessed.” I love that it’s simple, cute, and unique!

This outfit is made from cotton, and is available in different colors to suit any baby! Most babies are baptized around 3 months old, so I recommend buying the 6 months or 6-12 months size.

Precious Moments Prayer Cross

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Another great gift idea for a christening, baptism, or baby shower is a prayer cross (available on Amazon). This one is specifically designed with an adorable little boy saying his bedtime prayers while hugging his teddy bear.

Of course, since it’s Precious Moments, you know this high quality 7.75 inch cross is gorgeously hand painted.

Personalized Baptism Baby Blanket

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If you’re a godparent or a very close relative, you might want a special keepsake item for the christening of the baby.

In that case, nothing beats a personalized blanket (click to view on Amazon) that’s designed just for that special day. This silk blanket with a satin border comes in blue and pink, so it’s a great option for both boys and girls.

You can personalize the blanket by adding the baby’s name and christening date. The best part is, the gift arrives pretty quickly with reliable customer service!

Baby’s First Rosary

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What’s christening gift than a rosary? Grasslands Road is popular for making their special high quality rosaries and keepsake boxes (available on Amazon).

My Baptism Book

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My Baptism Book (available on Amazon) is an affordable specially designed book to remind the children of the meaning of their baptism. 

It includes a variety of prayers that are easy for children to remember, and the story and pictures are designed in a way that conveys the message of God’s eternal love and care to children.

This book makes a great keepsake as it’s appropriate for children from 0-6 years old, and some may continue to enjoy it for even longer!

Jesus Loves Me Snow Globe

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All kids love looking at snow globes, so it’s a perfect gift for their christening.

This Precious Moments snow globe (available on Amazon) plays the tune “Jesus loves me” and it also has it written on a plate beneath it. Inside, a young little girl shares a lovely moment with a young lamb.

Like the other Precious Moments items on this list, this 5.5 inch tall snowglobe is hand painted and made of high quality glass.

Baby’s First Bible

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Baby’s First Bible makes great gift for a newly baptized child. This board book series tells the stories of Jesus, Noah, Moses, and more!

The stories use simple language as well as bright (and shiny, glittery) pictures to introduce the characters of the bible to infants and toddlers.

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Hand-made Crocheted Baby Booties

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These warm and cozy crochet socks and knitted by hand and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The socks are made of soft cotton and come in a special gift box.

Angel of Prayer

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You’ve probably seen Willow Tree angels before, and the Angel of Prayer (available on Amazon) makes a great baptism gift! If Precious Moments aren’t your thing, Willow Tree takes a different spin, with simply carved figurines. And of course, this gift will work for both boys and girls.

Moonjar Moneybox

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If you are looking for a non-religious item, the Moonjar moneybox (available on Amazon) makes a great baptism gift! This modern twist on a piggy bank will teach children about saving, spending, and giving. It has three sections: save, spend, and share. And a “check book” so parents and older children can track what money they put in.

My parents gave my daughter a Moonjar for her baptism. She’s only two, but I continue to put spare change in the compartments so she can learn more about money as she gets older! If I didn’t have a savings account set up for her, I’d put her cash gifts in it as well.

Which leads us to…

Monetary Gift

Giving money to a baby might seem weird, or like you’re taking the easy road by not purchasing something. However, if you present it in the right fashion, it is actually a wonderful baptism gift!

As a parent, I can certainly relate that my child has a ton of stuff. Even before she could play with toys, her stuff took up an entire room of the house! But money doesn’t take up any space!

Anyways, consider the reason you’re giving money as a gift, and how you’d like the child to use it when they’re older. Buying a card and writing a sweet message is very sentimental to the parents, and the child will be grateful when they’re older.

A few ideas:

  • Contribute to the baby’s savings account.
  • Give to a college savings plan.
  • If you plan to stay in touch with the family and child, write a message in the card and set up a savings account for the child. Put money in on special occasions, and when they reach an appropriate age, like 16 or 18, transfer the money to them.

Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas

Finally, here are a few last minute baptism gift ideas that you can probably find the day of or day before a baptism:

  • Bible- many box stores and book stores carry bibles
  • Religious-themed children’s book- again, most box stores and of course all book stores have at least a few religiously-themed books for children
  • Religious-themed picture frame
  • Many stores like Hallmark will carry Precious Moments or Willow Tree Angel figurines, which likely include christening-themed or religious items
  • Card and monetary gift (see the section above)

Wrap Up- What to get a baby for baptism

what to get a baby for baptism- 15 unique christening gift ideas

With that said, you now know what to get a baby for baptism and have a ton of gift ideas! Although christening gifts tend to be sentimental and have a religious theme, it’s also essential that it reflects your wishes for the new baby!

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