What are the most expensive diapers?

What are the most expensive diapers?

The diaper industry is becoming an extremely saturated market; it seems like new brands are popping up all the time with the latest and greatest diaper solution for our little ones. 

We often talk about the best diapers in terms of quality and affordability. We’re switching it up in this post and sharing some diaper brands with the biggest price tags. 

If you find yourself typing into Google, “what are the most expensive diapers?” then keep reading. This post provides the cream of the crop in luxury diapers.  

What are the most expensive diapers?

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Andy Pandy Diapers

Andy Pandy is one of the original biodegradable diapers to hit the market. One of the pricier bamboo options, Andy Pandy diapers are 87% biodegradable, contain zero harsh chemicals, and are made of TCF (totally chlorine-free) fluff pulp.

Andy Pandy diapers take around 75 days to decompose, while the average diaper containing absorbent gels and plastic takes approximately 500 years to fully decompose. 

While we love to see this level of dedication to the planet, it comes with a cost. Here’s a breakdown of the cost per diaper:

SizeCount Per PackTotal CostCost Per Diaper
Newborn (7-10 lbs)132 diapers$39.97$0.30
Medium (13-22 lbs)90 diapers$39.97$0.44
XL (26+ lbs) 72 diapers$39.97$0.55

When compared to Huggies, averaging around $0.24 a diaper, you can see the difference in price and understand why the biodegradable option costs more. 

Using less harmful manufacturing processes and different ingredients requires more heavy lifting for everyone involved, which explains the price tag of Andy Pandy’s diapers. 

Hello Bello Diapers

Founded by cheeky parenting duo Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard, Hello Bello is a non-toxic premium baby brand sold at Walmart and select retail stores. Known for its affordable personal care and bath products for babies and adults, Hello Bello is surprisingly costly in the diaper department. 

They have a great bundle and save option, but purchasing diapers in a pack will cost you a pretty penny. Here’s a cost breakdown: 

SizeCount Per PackTotal CostCost Per Diaper
Newborn34 diapers$8.99$0.26
Size 324 diapers$8.99$0.37
Size 617 diapers$8.99$0.53

Certainly not the most expensive brand available, but definitely not the cheapest, particularly as you buy bigger sizes.

Honest Diapers

Founded in 2012 by Jessica Alba, Honest Company took the baby product market by storm as one of the original non-toxic diaper brands. Honest flipped the script with clean ingredients, transparent manufacturing, and their desire to do less damage to the environment. 

All that to say, Honest diapers remain some of the most expensive disposable diapers you can buy. Here’s a cost breakdown: 

SizeCount Per PackTotal CostCost Per Diaper
Size 327$11.99$0.44
Size 618$11.99$0.66

As a plant-based brand with tons of street cred, Honest has managed to maintain a cult following in their subscription diaper bundles, which can save families up to $200 a year.

The most expensive cloth diapers

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Snap, Charlie

The most expensive cloth diaper is Kanga Care’s cloth diaper cover, at a whopping $25.95 for one diaper cover (one size fits most). Since it’s washable, your baby will be wearing this cover on repeat, so the price may be justifiable for some. 

Kanga Care recommends having 3 covers on hand so you’ll always have a spare while the others are in the wash, making that nearly $80 in diaper covers. 

Cloth diapers also require fasteners, which cost about $10, and diaper inserts (also washable) which vary from $18 to $28.95 for a 6-pack. 

The most expensive bamboo diapers

Bamboo diaper brand Eco Pea offers a luxury, eco-friendly diaper made from biodegradable bamboo sheets and a bamboo core. Their shipping process is carbon neutral, and they have all the bells and whistles in terms of clean ingredients, low-impact manufacturing, and transparent sourcing.

Eco Pea’s cost per diaper is the highest on this list. Newborn diapers come at a cost of $0.54 per diaper, size 3 costs $0.73 per diaper, and size 6 is $0.97 per diaper. 

The most expensive designer diapers

Coterie is new to the diaper scene but they’re making a big splash, thanks to their cashmere-like material and a huge community of social media followers. Coterie diapers are hypoallergenic, absorb up to 70 times more liquid than the competition, and contain zero harsh chemicals.  

This level of quality comes at a steep price. They’re one of the most expensive disposable diapers on this list. A pack of 192 newborn diapers costs $94.50, breaking down to $0.49 per diaper. Size 3 diapers are $0.56 per diaper in a pack of 168, and size 6 diapers end up being $0.87 per diaper in a pack of 108. 

Coterie has an auto-renew program that is similar to a subscription service, where families can save 10% per order. 

What are the most expensive diapers I can buy in a chain store?

Honest Company diapers are the most expensive diapers you can find in a retail store, like Target or Walmart. 

Honest diapers hit the mainstream market at the right time; without many competitors in the space in 2012, they’ve established themselves as the premium non-toxic diapers in major retail stores. 

Wrap up- What are the most expensive diapers?

We expect to see more premium brands sold in stores as more consumers demand eco-friendly, non-toxic options and are willing to pay more to get them. 

If cost wasn’t an issue, which luxury diapers would you try for your little one? Leave us a comment! 

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