Parenting Jokes and Memes Post #2

Here’s just a small portion of my favorite parenting jokes and memes I’ve collected. I hope you get a laugh out of them when you’re soothing your kids back to sleep at 3am, or have had a rough day with tantrums!

Parenting memes about sleep

Of course, there are quite a few about sleep!

I knew about conservation of energy, but I never thought about conservation of sleep!

Courtesy of Tons of hilarious posts there!
I made this version myself, but I’ve heard that quote all around the internet!

Memes and tips for raising your kids

Yep, this was me before I had kids!
Courtesy of @morgdoodles on Instagram

Now whenever my baby does something new, my husband and I ask each other “Is our baby a genius?!”

Why can I see my husband doing this?

My car is already a mess and my daughter isn’t even eating solid food yet!

So that’s where I was going wrong…. I was eating when my daughter was napping. I’ll make sure I sit right next to her from now on!

How about some nursing memes?

Some days, I know that’s what my baby is thinking!
From instagram @fuulyn

*Raises hand* I’d like to add baby yoga- my daughter likes to twist herself into a pretzel while nursing! She also really enjoys baby aerobics.

Look how accurate! There are even pumpkin seeds in the bottles. And check out that bottle of wine! Although the rollers in her hair are obviously not something a mom with three kids would do!

I hope this post gave you a good laugh today! Looking for more humor? Check out more parenting jokes and memes, some hilarious pacifiers, or awesome nerdy baby onesies.

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