Step by Step Guide: How to Change a Baby Girl’s Diaper

Many new parents want to know the step by step process on how to change a baby girl’s diaper. It’s simple and you’ll be a pro in no time since babies go through diapers very quickly!

How to change a baby girl’s diaper 

  1. Gather your supplies
    1. A place to change the baby
    2. A clean diaper and wipes
    3. Somewhere to throw away the dirty diaper
    4. Diaper cream
  2. Lay your baby down on her back on a changing pad, towel, or blanket on a flat surface
  3. Open the diaper tabs on the front of the diaper
  4. Hold your baby’s feet together and lift them up towards her tummy, pull out the used diaper, and throw it away
  5. Use a few wipes to quickly clean the worst of the mess from the baby’s bottom
  6. Wipe your baby girl from front to back. This prevents germs from getting into their genital area where it could cause an infection. 
  7. Wipe the genital area quickly and gently. Do not use a lot of pressure. Simply wipe away any poop or pee that you can see. 
  8. Wipe the folds between the thighs.
  9. Check to make sure your baby girl is all clean
  10. If you see any redness, apply diaper cream. For babies under 3 months, use petroleum jelly. After 3 months, any diaper rash cream can be used.
  11. Put the clean diaper on
  12. Put your baby’s clothes back on

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The proper way to wipe a baby girl

To properly wipe a baby girl, wipe from front to back. Gently clean any poop from her genital area without scrubbing. Finally, wipe between the folds of her thighs. 

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FAQ and other tips

  • Keep a hand on your baby at all times so she doesn’t roll or wiggle off the changing area
  • Newborn poop is much less smelly than toddler or adult poop
  • If you are sensitive to smells, try breathing through your mouth
  • Do not wipe a girl’s genital area excessively. If you see white discharge and it isn’t easily removed, leave it alone. This is normal.
  • Change your baby before or after each feed. Many babies poop or pee just before, during, or after a feed.
  • Many parents want to know- Do you wipe a baby girl every time they pee? No, you should change their diaper when they poop, which is approximately once per feeding. During that diaper change, wipe up any pee.

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Wrap up- How to change a baby girl’s diaper 

how to change a baby girl's diaper step by step pin

There you have it! Changing a baby girl’s diaper is straightforward. At the end of the day, your job as a parent is to make sure she’s clean and comfortable. Now you know exactly how! 

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