Gifts for Daughter Having Her First Baby | 28 Ideas for 2024

Gifts for Your Daughter Having Her First Baby | 28 Ideas for 2024

When you’re choosing gifts for your daughter having her first baby, what sort of gift would you like to send?

Do you want to pamper the mom-to-be? Ease some of the discomforts of her pregnancy? Help her create memories? Make her life easier now or once the baby arrives?

I’ve divided this guide into four sections based on those questions 

  • Gifts to pamper mom
  • Help mom feel comfortable and enjoy pregnancy 
  • Gifts that create memories 
  • Practical gifts to make life easier

These gifts are great for any time during pregnancy- when your daughter first announces, at her baby shower, or once the baby is born!

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Gifts to pamper mom

Sterling Silver Mother & Child Necklace

I love this simple yet elegant Mother & Child necklace from Gabriel & Company Jewelers! This 18” sterling silver necklace will remind mom of her special relationship with her new baby! It comes with a lifetime warranty and complimentary cleaning warranty so Mom can get it cleaned at local jewelers in her area!

Just For Mom Gabriel Fine Jewelry


Is your daughter craving sweets? Ethel M Chocolates boasts that they have the best-tasting chocolates, and I have to agree! They have a huge selection of chocolate samples so Mom can enjoy whatever type of treat she is in the mood for!

The best tasting chocolates and the perfect gift for anyone


Treat your daughter with a tin of amazing cookies or brownies from Christie’s Cookie Company! Their handcrafted, preservative-free goodies are made in Nashville and will ship right to your daughter’s door!


Mom will likely be tired during pregnancy and want to sit back and relax. With a Kindle, she can read anywhere! Plus, once the baby arrives, she can read one handed while snuggling her little one. This is especially nice if the baby only sleeps while being held!

The Kindle Paperwhite (available on Amazon) is nice if she enjoys daytime reading. 

I recommend the Kindle Fire if she might be reading in the dark!

Help mom feel comfortable and enjoy pregnancy 

Belly Buds

Did you know that during pregnancy, babies begin hearing in the womb at 20 weeks, and start forming memories at 30 weeks? Belly Buds (available on Amazon) make it easy for mom to play music or messages to the baby while they’re in the womb!


Help your daughter relax and soothe sore muscles with a pregnancy massage from a licensed prenatal massage therapist.

You may want to work with your daughter to arrange this one! She could even ask her midwife or doctor for recommendations, and then you could arrange the massage!

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Is your daughter experiencing nausea or sensitivity to certain smells? I remember even the littlest scents bothering me sometimes, from the dog (who gets regular baths) to the restroom at work (which didn’t smell that great to begin with)! My friend gave me this set of essential oils from Amazon that helped so much!

At work, I dab essential oils onto my facemask or wrist to smell in stinky situations. And at home, I use this diffuser (click to check the price on Amazon) with essential oils to make my room smell great and mask odors that bother me.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Relaxation Collection

The Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Relaxation kit includes lemon-scented body oil to help with itching, unscented belly butter to help prevent stretch marks, and peppermint  leg and foot cream to improve circulation. And it comes in a cute gift box!

Gifts that create memories 

Your daughter likely has a lot of different things on her mind during her first pregnancy! Help her remember these important moments and milestones with these thoughtful gifts.

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Pregnancy Journal by Nuts & Bolts Paper Company 

The minimalist Pregnancy Journal by Nuts & Bolts Paper Company is super simple, so it can be customized for any type of family. The modern black and white design work for baby boys or girls. The journal won’t take up all of mom’s time to fill in because it focuses on specific prompts and areas, like bump and ultrasound photos for each trimester, and pregnancy milestones like choosing a name and feeling the first kick! And then it has a journal section for each week of pregnancy for mom to write anything she wants.

Sonogram Frame

Help mom keep and display her favorite  sonogram photo in this cute frame!

Your daughter could also use it as part of a pregnancy announcement or gender reveal prop!

Letters to My Baby

Like the pregnancy journal above, Letters to My Baby make a great gift to your daughter that she can give to her child on a special occasion! The twelve short letters include prompts and are kinda short so mom doesn’t have to write a novel. Then, she can fold them up and seal them with a sticker so they look like a real envelope.

Baby Keepsake Box

If you feel mom is more of the type to save keepsakes than write letters or journal, then the handcrafted Baby Keepsake box is the perfect gift! The box actually folds up and looks like a book. But inside, it has different size drawers perfect for storing all kinds of memories, from baby shoes and first teeth to any documents. Plus, the handy label set helps mom label the different drawers.

Baby Book

This gender-neutral baby book captures baby’s first five years and includes a mess-free ink pad for taking handprints and footprints! I love that pad- it truly doesn’t get ink on the baby at all! 

Baby Milestone Calendar

A baby milestone calendar makes a great gift!  It’s less work than a journal, but easily lets Mom record her baby’s firsts and adventures! I loved that it was much simpler to write a short sentence on my baby’s calendar as things happened, rather than remembering to write in the baby book!


Mom will enjoy capturing memories on a camera! Personally, I use the Panasonic Lumix, which is a great middle of the road camera- lots of easy to understand features, but not too complicated for a novice like me!

If you’re looking for something smaller and simpler, the Sony Cyber Shot is the camera you’re looking for, and it includes memory cards and a carrying case.

Or if you want to splurge, the Nikon D3500 DSLR camera has amazing reviews!

Pregnancy Milestone Letterboard

A letter board makes a great gift! Your daughter can use it for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, and weekly or monthly photos of her bump. Once the baby is born, she can use it in baby photos, or hang it up to display messages, jokes, or inspirational quotes!

Practical gifts to make life easier

Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy often makes women uncomfortable, especially at bedtime! I use the Queen Rose U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow to sleep better every night! This is a wonderful treat for your daughter-she may not want to spend the money on a pregnancy pillow, but it will really help her sleep well and feel refreshed every morning!

Food Service Gift Cards

Whether you simply buy your daughter who’s having her first baby a gift card to her favorite restaurant, or a meal service kit, like Blue Apron, she’ll enjoy not having to cook or shop!

Home Cleaning Service 

Did you know you can hire a home cleaning service from Amazon? Click here to see if they’re offered in your area. If your daughter is at the start of her pregnancy and too tired for housework, let her sit back and relax while a pro cleans her home. Or set up a cleaning just before her baby shower or a bit before the baby is due so she doesn’t have to bend and reach, and can enjoy time to herself!

Click the image to see more details on Amazon

Robot Vacuum

Or gift your daughter with a robot vacuum! They do a fantastic job cleaning up everyday dirt, saving mom time! And once the baby is here, she won’t have to worry about sweeping and vacuuming every day!

The iRobot Roomba 694 from Amazon works great on carpets, hard floors, and even sucks up pet hair!

Amazon Prime Membership

Your daughter will love the gift of an Amazon gift card! With fast delivery, free shipping, lots of shows, movies and music to watch, she can order what she needs online and relax with shows or tunes!

Pregnancy Organizer 

A pregnancy organizer is different from a pregnancy journal. If your daughter wants to stay organized, The Bump Book of Lists for Pregnancy and Baby is filled with checklists, questions, and other information to help mom keep the information from her doctor organized, check off tasks for each month, and help track baby supplies.

Silicone Teething Jewelry

Babies love to chew everything. Mom can always have something close at hand with this cute silicone teething necklace! Plus this one is nice enough it doesn’t look like a kid’s toy!

Books Make Great Gifts for Your Daughter Having her First Baby 

Is your daughter uncertain about what will happen during pregnancy and after birth? I’ve read a great variety of books that helped me feel more comfortable with the changes to my body and life and recommend these.

Expecting Better

Expecting Better: Why Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong – and What You Really Need to Know is the modern mom’s guide to pregnancy! The author researched various rules pregnant moms are supposed to follow, the reasons they are important, and which ones were disproved!

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother  is a one of a kind book teaching mom how to take care of herself after the baby is born! Sure, parenting classes might teach how to care for the baby. But how should Mom care for her physical and emotional health? This book includes 60 simple, nourishing recipes, advice on approaching her romantic relationship after giving birth, how to establish a support network, and more!

Get Me Out

Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank is a witty yet encyclopedic book that dives into the basics of pregnancy through the ages!  I really enjoyed learning how some of the practices we use today have evolved and where they came from!

The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy 

The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is my favorite pregnancy guide. Based on research by the Mayo Clinic, it has tons of detailed information on prenatal care, pregnancy systems and how to alleviate them, and so many details about childbirth. I particularly love the sections that go through each month of pregnancy. They have pictures of what the baby looks like, and details about how the baby is developing and changing in the womb. Plus, there’s a section for each month on what symptoms Mom might be feeling and questions she might have!

Conclusions- Gifts for Your Daughter Having Her First Baby

I hope you enjoyed all these ideas for gifts for your daughter having her first baby! As a first time mom, or mom-to-be, I would have loved to receive any of them. Let me know how your experience goes and any other ideas you think I should add to my guide in the comments below

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28 gifts for your daughter having her first baby

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