Choosing a breast pump:

  • Spectra S2 vs Medela PISA: I’ve used both for a year! The PISA is great for traveling, even if it’s just to and from work. The S2 is perfect for moms who plan to pump more frequently, and don’t travel often.

More about the Spectra S2

More about the Medela PISA

Babies and Breastfeeding:

  • Baby behavior while breastfeeding: What’s normal, and how to help your baby do something else if they are hurting or bothering you!
    • Most behavior is normal, including twiddling, patting, touching, and wiggling all over! But breastfeeding should be comfortable for mom, so read on for some tips to help your baby nurse comfortably.
  • Help! My baby is distracted when I nurse or bottle feed! Tips for creating a distraction-free environment and keeping your baby focused.