8 Must-Have Care Packages for New Moms 

How would you describe new moms in one word? Exactly, that would be ‘overwhelmed’!

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether the new mama just had her first baby or her fourth; she’s still exhausted, sleepless, and trying so hard not to show it. 

Care packages for new moms are probably the easiest gifts in the world. These moms need everything. Food, comfortable leisurewear, skincare products, and a nice pair of socks. Most of all, they crave an hour to take a nap and a shoulder to cry on.

If someone dear to you has just had a baby, and you’re wondering how to show your love, read on. As a new mom once upon a time, and as a friend to many moms since, I can tell you all about what we really want.    

This roundup includes items that give a new mom good nutrition, relaxation, comfort, pampering, plus some essentials. If by the end of reading this list you decide to buy every single item, I wouldn’t be surprised at all!

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Catered Cravings Healthy Snacks Gift Basket

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With 32 different healthy snack options, new moms will always have a delicious and nutritious bite nearby. 

The Catered Cravings Gift Basket (available on Amazon) assortment includes granola bars, protein bars, nuts, sunflower seeds, salty sticks, trail mixes, and fruit snacks. There are several more savory and sweet nibbles in that grand arrangement. And it all comes in a reusable box, so mom can use it for storing whatever she wants when she’s done!

Fresh Fruit Basket

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If you’re looking for other healthy options for mom, she’ll love a fruit basket from The Fruit Company (click to view their website)! She probably doesn’t have time to go shopping, and many of the fruits are easy to eat and snack on. So she’ll stay healthy and well-nourished!

But don’t let their name fool you. They offer other nutritious snacks, like jerky, nuts and dried fruit. And not-so-healthy snacks like chocolate covered fruit, cheese, chocolates, and desserts!

If you really want to splurge, and let mom know you’re thinking of her often, check out their Harvest Club. You can sign up to send a fruit basket to mom every month!

FREE Shipping on Harvest Clubs
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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Recovery Set

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Pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of an infant, are rather taxing processes. And it soon shows on the way the skin looks. Moreover, chapped lips, raw nipples, and stretch marks seem to be inevitable for all moms. Luckily, there’s a solution, and you can give it as a care package. 

Palmer’s skin recovery set (click to view on Amazon) contains a firming body lotion, nursing butter to soften the raw skin, bust cream to restore the vitality of the breast, and skin therapy oil to tone stretched skin. These formulas are made from fine organic materials, fit for the maternity years.

You can add Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark Skin Care Kit which caters to stretch marks and skin health. Arrange all the products inside Juvale Store Woven Storage Baskets for a magnificent presentation.

Body & Earth Spa Gifts

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New moms hardly get 10 minutes to take a nap, and they barely go to the bathroom. And that’s exactly why a spa set makes the ultimate care gift. Provided of course that you’d babysit the little one while her mama takes a long leisurely bath.

The Body & Earth Spa Set (available on Amazon) looks chic, and it’s made from nourishing materials and calming essential oils. The luxurious set contains shower gel, bath salt, bubble bath, a bit of gorgeous potpourri, refreshing body scrub, body mist, body lotion, soap, in addition to a beautiful wicker basket.

Relaxing Herbal Tea Gift Box

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Staying hydrated is essential to nursing. And one of the best ways to do so is by drinking herbal teas. Having a fancy assortment of 45 sachets of flavorful aromatic hot drinks is such a treat. And of course, these teas are all organic, ethically sourced, and non-GMO. 

The teas in the Herbal Tea Gift Box (click to view on Amazon) are all intended for relaxation, soothing, and clarity. A total feeling of bliss. 

Gift Box for Mothers by Silly Obsessions

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New moms will appreciate a lighthearted touch, and humorous care packages for new moms will help lighten their mood! 

The Silly Obsessions Gift Box Set (click to check the price on Amazon) contains funny socks, a dreamy sleep mask, an engraved mug, plus some other stuff that mostly serves as reasons to smile. 

Pajama or Loungewear Set

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It’s more like leisurewear than pajamas, and that’s why the Ekouaer set (click to check the price on Amazon) caught our eye. It’s made from a mixture of stretchy soft materials, namely rayon and spandex, which makes these clothes easy to fit on any body type, shape, and size. 

The side and front pleats, that provide comfort and a great, elegant fit. In addition, the waistband is elastic and adjustable, which keeps this set well-fitting and stylish as mom’s body changes after giving birth. There are of course discreet and layered openings for nursing.

The new mom can carry out her chores, take a nap on the couch, or tend to her baby’s needs comfortably while wearing these jammies. And if a friend drops by, she would still look great. 

Throw in an Ekouaer Women’s Nursing Nightgown together with these jammies and add comfy slip-on RockDove Slippers. This makes a complete package of pretty new mom outfits!

And to present all of these items with a wow factor, arrange the jammies, dress, and slipper, inside a woven storage basket set. The basket set is in itself a wonderful gift, that would help the mom organize her stuff or the baby’s stuff!

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Lansinoh Starter Set for Nursing Mothers

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For under $25 you can gift your friend a nursing set from the reputable brand Lansinoh. The set will ease the pain and discomfort that comes with nursing, and make the process that much easier. Lansinoh is one of my favorite brands of nursing supplies, and I highly recommend them!

It consists of:

  • Lanolin nipple cream
  • 24 Stay Dry nursing pads
  • TheraPearl breast therapy packs
  • Latch assist Nipple Inverter.

This is guaranteed to minimize the new mom’s discomfort while nursing. And if you’d like to add a few more items like a manual breast milk pump, or milk storage bags, mom will be amazed! 

What do New Moms Really Need? 

Baby showers are often about the baby’s needs. Usually, the onesies, blankets, tiny socks, baby bottles, and even diapers are all covered. As for the nursery’s furniture, crib, stroller, and similar furnishings; the mom and dad take care of that well ahead of time. 

After the baby is born, a care package for new moms shows your thinking of mom, and not just her little one. A care package is a thoughtful gift that will make the mother happy and her hectic life easier. Here are a few more ideas.

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Something Wholesome to Eat 

Making good food is often at the bottom of the list, and mostly, it gets forgotten altogether. Takeout is the easy way out, but unfortunately, they aren’t always as nutritious and healthy. 

The new mom needs to recover her strength while taking care of her baby. And if there are other siblings in the house, her work is doubled. Dropping by with the traditional casserole is always great, and so is pitching in to help with the cooking. 

However, you can also give the mom a gift card to a health food store, or give her a care package of healthy snacks. You have no idea how handy easy snacks can be! You might be tempted to treat mom with goodies or salty-sweet snacks. But the new mom will appreciate healthy food that she doesn’t have time to cook or buy.

Lovely and Comfortable Leisurewear 

New moms spend most of their time at home, and they have to nurse their little ones every two hours or so. That’s why comfortable post-maternity leisurewear makes a great gift. 

But here’s the catch; staying all day long in the jammies ends up sapping the mom’s energy. It’s also not the most flattering look in the world, and this might drag down her morale, especially if lots of people are coming over to visit her and the baby. 

Balance is always good. And putting on comfortable loungewear that’s also stylish isn’t that hard. You can pick a couple of outfits that look and feel soft. And maybe even complement that with a pair of slippers too!  

Practical Nursing Gadgets 

Nursing is a natural activity that the moms and babies learn pretty quickly. However, they might need some assistance to make the process easier and more efficient. Plus, mom could likely use a bit of skincare to keep her breasts from becoming raw or inflamed. And there are several ways to keep the excess milk from spilling over the mom’s clothes.  

These items are quite often forgotten in the baby shower and in the routine nursery shopping. That’s why providing the nursing pads, latching assistant, nipple cream, and the rest of the nursing kit is such a thoughtful gesture. 

A Nice Relaxing Beverage 

Nursing, staying active, and recovery, all need staying well-hydrated. In addition to maintaining a bright mood, destressing, and unwinding at the end of the day. Herbal teas are among the best ways to achieve all that.  

You can check with the mom and her doctor, and prepare an assortment of nicely flavored beverages. Many of these drinks are beneficial for both the mom and the baby [source], so mom might also appreciate a book that explains their benefits!    

A Bit of Pampering and Self-care 

The journey from a carefree girlfriend, to a bride, to an expecting mom, to an actual mom can fly by. Within the span of a few months a woman’s world can change many times. Her body, mind, and emotions experience ebbs and tides. And she suddenly becomes responsible for a tiny little angel. 

Pampering and self-care in this case aren’t exactly luxuries. And luckily, new moms don’t need to take trips to fancy resorts to regain their mojo. Just a warm shower and a little nap can do wonders. Offering to babysit while mom relaxes is an amazing gift that goes well with any of the care packages for new moms on this list!

A Whole Lot of Love!

New moms are tired inside and out. They want to look joyful and share the excitement with their family and friends, but it’s not that easy.

Show your love for the new mom with practical gestures and gifts! And it goes a long way in making a new mom truly happy. Any care packages for new moms will be a welcome highlight in her stressful life!

In Conclusion- Care Packages for New Moms

8 care packages for new moms gift ideas pin

Care packages for new moms can be as simple as healthy snacks, spa products, nursing assistance sets, or elegant maternity wear. You can pick a ready-to-gift set, or put together any assortment you like. 

It’s the thought that counts!  

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