The 12 Best Boy Mom Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the best boy mom gift ideas, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best gift ideas for the new mommy. Whether you are looking for something sentimental, fun, or practical, you’ll find it here! So let’s dive in!

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Willow Tree Tenderness Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure Mom & Son

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The Willow Tree Mother and Son sculpture (click to check the price on Amazon) is a lovely and simplest gift to buy for a new mom with a boy.

It features a loving mother hugging her son, which is a great way to congratulate mom on her baby.

This hand painted figurine will remind mom of her special bond with her son. It’s reasonably priced and comes with a gift box and card that reads “Treasuring a rare, quiet and tender moment of motherhood.”

I’ve Waited 9 Months for This – Wine Glass

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This printed wine glass (click to buy it on Amazon) makes a funny gift! Pair this glass with a bottle of wine for any occasion, whether it’s mom’s birthday, mother’s day, or a gift for having the baby!

Mom Spa Gift Set with Tumbler

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Pamper a new mom after the long 9 months of carrying her baby boy! This boxed gift set (click here to check the price on Amazon) includes a variety of gifts.

First, the dishwasher-safe blue wine tumbler reminds mom of her baby boy, and says “Mom Est. 2021”!

In addition to the tumbler, the set includes a card that says “You got this, Mom”, plus handmade soaps and body butter.

If you really want to treat mom to something special, bring over a bottle of wine and offer to babysit her little boy while she enjoys her relaxing bath and beverage!

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier & Infant Sling

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If you’re looking for a practical gift, the Boba Infant Sling (click to view on Amazon) is perfect!

Mom can use it to carry her newborn baby boy in a variety of positions, and it can last all the way until he weighs 35 pounds.  

The gift is a great way for mom to bond with her new baby boy while keeping her hands free to do other stuff!

Personalized Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame

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This lovely handprint & footprint photo frame (click to check the price on Amazon) makes a magnificent boy mom gift!

Not only does mom get to make a keepsake of her little one, but she can also use the frame to decorate!

Additionally, this particular one comes with letter casts, so mom can also stamp her little boy’s name in the clay! 

Boy Mom T-Shirt

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A boy mom is proud of her son, so she will want to show off by wearing a shirt that says so! 

This 100% cotton Boy Mom T-Shirt from LUBERLIN (click to check the price on Amazon) is comfortable and available in a wide variety of colors. T-shirts make great practical gifts for new moms so they can be comfortable yet be ready for any visitors who want to see the baby, or to get out of the house!

Between Mom and Me: A Guided Journal for Mother and Son

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This journal with prompts is a fantastic boy mom gift! It gives the mother and son a chance to connect by giving prompts that they can work on together to share interests and stories.

Mom will love building a healthy relationship with her son! And once they’ve finished the journal, it makes a wonderful keepsake.  Click here to check the price of Between Mom and Me on Amazon.

Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You Book

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Another great book to consider for a new mom is Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You (click to check the price on Amazon). 

This book is specifically designed to guide moms on their journey to raise their boys in the best way possible.

The author features helpful checklists, profound thoughts, and relatable stories as well as parenting advice based on an excellent blend of long years of experience and research-based facts to equip mom with all tools she needs to help her son reach his potential.

Sterling Silver Infinity Circles Mother and Son Necklace

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There’s nothing more important to a mother than her children, and the bond between a mother and her son should last for life!

This special sterling silver necklace is shaped like an infinity loop, with one circle larger than the other. It signifies the unending love between mom and her baby boy! I have the girl version of this necklace and love that it’s simple, yet meaningful.

The EFYTAL necklace (click to check the price on Amazon) also comes in a nice box, so it’s ready for you to gift to mom, no wrapping needed!

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Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever

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You know those time capsules that people make so others can discover them later and find out more about the past?  

Well, this is a similar concept where mom writes letters for their new baby boy, so he can read them in the future.

“Letters to my Baby” (click to view on Amazon) includes 12 prompts and letters that invite mom to capture the memories of her baby’s first few years as well as share her hopes and dreams as he grows up! Mom will enjoy sharing this with her son when he’s older!

Love at First Sight Sonogram Photo Frame

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Many new moms treasure their baby’s first sonogram, so give mom a photo frame that’s specifically designed for that purpose!

This adorable frame (click to check the price on Amazon) has the words “love at first sight,” or you can choose the version that says “we love you already.” 

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Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men Book

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Last but not least, this great book makes a fantastic resource for boy moms. This helpful guide written by Meg Meeker, M.D. guides new moms throughout their parenting journey with their baby boys.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons (click to check the price on Amazon) walks mothers through different approaches to dealing with common parenting struggles and instilling habits to make her boy an extraordinary man!

Wrap Up- Boy Mom Gift Ideas

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There you have it! A brief guide that shows you 12 different boy mom gift ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a guide book that helps mom with her new parenting journey, a splurge for mom, or a clever and funny gift, this list has you covered!

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