The Best Infant Learning Apps for Android

The best infant learning apps provide visual stimulation for your baby. From 0-6 months,  your baby’s eyes are developing rapidly. These apps provide a variety of images to keep your baby entertained. These apps are free, do not have ads, and when possible, will lock the screen to prevent your baby from accidentally calling someone or accessing other apps.

best infant learning apps for android

When your infant is playing with apps, especially before two years old, it is important that you are involved. First of all, an infant probably can’t hold a phone or tablet. Second, it is a great opportunity for you to talk, sing, and help your baby learn, any time, even on a hot, cold, or rainy day when you are stuck inside. And finally, whenever your child is using the internet, you should supervise them to make sure they do not watch inappropriate content.

What can an infant see? 0-2 months

From zero to two months, your baby can primarily see in black, white, and shades of gray. At first, they are only able to see objects about eight to twelve inches away, like their parent’s faces.They find contrasting patterns fascinating. Around 2 months old, your infant can start tracking movements with their eyes. So the best infant learning apps and activities for this age are great for an infant almost any time. Some parents find their children enjoy looking at the images during tummy time. And some parents report their children were entertained by these apps until they were 18 months old!

So let’s get started with the best high contrast image apps for infants!

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Best High Contrast Image Apps for Infants

Mommy Saver by Purple Leaf Software

Mommy Saver infant learning app

Mommy Saver by Purple Leaf Software shows black, white, and brightly colored shapes moving while playing classical music. When your baby touches the screen, the shapes change colors. The screen automatically locks and requires someone to swipe left across the top of the screen to unlock and show the settings. The settings allow you to mute the music and choose different images to show. If you purchase the premium version, Mommy Saver Plus, you can choose more music, and you have access to a larger variety of different screens.

Baby Contrast Cards by Diwebsity

Baby Contrast Cards infant learning app

Baby Contrast Cards by Diwebsity shows static black and white images. The parent can set the timer to change the image every five seconds or more slowly, in increments of five seconds. Tapping the screen advances the image. Unfortunately, this app does not lock the screen, but it can be pinned with Android. Color images are currently under development. [can apple version be locked?]

If you are looking for “real” high contrast images for your baby to play with, check out this kit from Baby Einstein. The flash cards come with a clip so you can hang them above your baby’s crib or bouncy seat, or even prop them up on the stand. It also includes a mirror for your baby to look at their reflection.

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What can an infant see? 2-4 months

From two to four months, your child will develop the ability to distinguish bright colors. This change makes the high contrast apps and toys above still great for your little one, and expands the range of apps to include those with bright colors. They are also developing the ability to follow and track moving objects by moving their eyes and turning their heads.

Frankie’s Baby Fireworks by Mykaelos

In Frankie’s Baby Fireworks by Mykaelos, brightly colored fireworks explode on the screen when you tap it, and make a popping sound and vibrate! You can also set up a fireworks show that does not require your baby to touch the screen. The fireworks show, sound, and vibrations can be turned off in the settings. This app has no ads. It also locks the screen, requiring you to tap the four corners of the screen clockwise to unlock it.

For parents who want high contrast items for their baby to watch above their crib or play yard, this high contrast mobile is perfect! It is portable so can easily be attached to the crib, bassinet, play yard, or whatever place your kid is hanging out, and plays music

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What can an infant see? 4 months and beyond

Around six months, your baby can see almost as well as you. They can focus on objects up to about 30 feet away and distinguish a wide range colors.  As they gain mobility, their hand- eye coordination is improving, so that they develop the visual skills they need to crawl. This includes reaching out for items that catch their attention as early as three to four months. Apps that involve basic hand-eye coordination by tapping the screen are great for infants at this age range.

Up next, we have the best touch apps for babies!

Best Touch Apps for Babies

Baby Drum by Michael the Great

Baby Drum by Michael the Great shows brightly colored drums and cymbals. When you tap them, they play different sounds. The screen can be pinned to prevent access to other things on your phone or tablet.

Baby Rattle Toy – Child Lock by kiddoware

Baby Rattle Toy – Child Lock by kiddoware makes a rattling sound when your baby shakes the phone or touches the items on the screen. The objects also scatter around the screen when your baby shakes the phone, or dance when they tap the screen. Swipe left or right, or hitting the back button changes the rattle screen. To keep little ones entertained, the rattle also activates automatically after twenty seconds. The animal rattles make animal sounds when your baby taps them. When your baby taps the blocks with numbers and letters, the app will say “one!” or “B!” This app has two levels of keeping your phone locked down. Without setting up the lock screen, it requires parents to tap an icon in the top right corner of the screen, then choose “Exit” from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and finally, enter a pin. Enabling the child lock mode in the settings locks the home button once the app is launched.

Baby Rattle Toy technically has ads as they promote their other apps on the home screen and settings screen. However, no ads pop up while your child is playing with the app, so their fun isn’t interrupted.

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Additional Information: How to set up screen pinning for Android

Android systems have a simple setting that allows you to prevent your child from leaving the app screen. It is called screen pinning.

Go to Settings, then Lock Screen and Security. At the bottom, choose Other Security Settings. The option to Pin Windows is towards the bottom of the options. Turn on the option to pin windows.

Once this setting is enabled, pin an app to the screen by opening the app, pressing the Recents key, and then tapping the pin icon in the lower right corner of the window to keep the app on the screen. To unpin an app, press and hold the Recents and Back keys at the same time. This will take you to your phone’s lock screen. When you unpin the app, it will return you to your phone’s lock screen. So even if your baby manages to press the Recents and Back keys at the same time, they’ll still have to unlock your phone!

ConclusionsBest Infant Learning Apps for Android

Tell me about the best infant learning apps you’ve found! There are so many options out there, I’d love to hear which ones work best with your little one.

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